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What If The NCAA Finals Were Run Like The 2020 Election?

With all the chaos in America after the 2020 election results, many people have asked whether the election process was “fair”, as Democrats insist that it was.

Since it is now time for the Final Four, I thought it would make sense to look at a hypothetical National Championship game and see how the Democrats would create a new set of rules to ensure a similarly “fair” outcome.

Let’s assume we have two college basketball teams in the final game – Duke and Kentucky, and let’s pretend that the Duke Blue Devils are Democrat, and the Kentucky Wildcats are Republican.

Because basketball games can’t be influenced by Big Media and Big Tech, and they have clear rules that are applied equally to each team, the Democrats came up with three new rules. These are the new rules:

1. Because the Democrats (Duke) don’t have Big Media on their side to make every play easier for their team and every play harder for the Republican (Kentucky) team, each Kentucky player is required to wear a 10-pound ankle weight on each ankle. This seems “fair” to the Democrats.

2. Because the Democrats (Duke) don’t have Big Tech on their side to control biased information, they must control the referees: fouls will only be called on Kentucky, never on Duke. This also seems “fair” to the Democrats.

3. And finally, because the Democrats (Duke) can’t manipulate voter registration, do harvest balloting and provide funding for “voter education” in order to win the game ($350 million from Mark Zuckerberg alone – mainly spent in swing states), it seems “fair” to make the Kentucky hoop 18” in diameter with the Duke hoop being 36” in diameter. Making it easier to score if you’re a Democrat also seems “fair”.

So, in this hypothetical National Championship, with America watching, the game was very close, even with these rules! But Duke ended up winning, in over-time, 51-49. And they were crowned the National Champion!

Now we are left with these questions:

Did Duke steal the game, or win it fairly?

Did the Democrats steal the election, or win it fairly?

Who do you think would have won this game without these three new rules?

You decide.

Thomas W. Lewis is owner and CEO of the T.W. Lewis Company and author of “Solid Ground: A Foundation for Winning in Work and Life.”

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