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Investigate Biden Insiders For Crimes Against The Republic

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It was clear during the 2020 presidential campaign that Joe Biden was a man in decline. Yet the Democrats ran him as their candidate anyway. Was their obsession with removing Donald Trump from the White House worth turning over the federal machine, with its nuclear codes and ability to destroy innocent people, to a man whose faculties are failing him?

Biden’s cognitive challenges have been obvious to anyone who’s willing to make an honest assessment. In both public appearances and in controlled conditions, he’s slurred words, spewed gibberish, stumbled through remarks even with the aid of a teleprompter, and often had the look of a man lost. His lowlights of 2020 include calling the Declaration of Independence “the thing,” appearing to think he was still in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s running for the U.S Senate, and bumbling basic facts.

Ted Rall, a man of the left and no friend of Trump, complained a year ago – in March 2020, not in September or October – that Democrats were “conspiring to gaslight the American people by engineering the presidential election of a man clearly suffering from dementia, Joe Biden.” At roughly the same time, Eoin Higgins, no Republican he, tweeted that “Biden clearly has serious cognitive issues.”

Now safely embedded in the most important government office in the world for a little more than six weeks, and under the protective custody of a media that’s covered up his wandering wits and attacked those who would question his cerebral fitness, the man is no better off than he was. In fact, he might have grown worse. Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who was on presidential protective duty during both the Obama and second Bush administrations, said last week that his sources have told him Biden is “in real, significant trouble.”

The “trouble” was obvious just this last weekend in Houston, when Biden made what PJ Media’s Matt Margolis says might be the “most disturbing” of his verbal slips to date, struggling with names and looking as if he had zero comprehension of what he was reading off a teleprompter. Looking at the same “performance,” RedState noted that the president “is a man whose mental capacity appears to be rapidly declining before our eyes. You can watch videos of Biden from just five years ago and he’s a totally different person.”

Before leaving Texas, Biden sat down to a Univision interview. Notable about that event, Hot Air reports, “is how aggressively Jill Biden asserts herself to clarify and tweak Sleepy Joe’s answers.”

“Why is Jill Biden sitting in on these interviews?” asks Hot Air’s Karen Townsend.

“Is it that Joe’s staff is not confident enough in Biden’s ability to get through an interview? This one only lasted for 10 minutes and he was only asked basic questions. Can he not articulate his own administration’s policies well enough on his own?” 

A bit more than a week ago, the Democrats tacitly admitted that Biden can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. A letter, signed by more than 30 House members from his own party, asked him to “consider modifying the decision-making process the United States uses in its command and control of nuclear forces,” because “vesting one person with this authority entails real risk.”

The Democrats and their media “fact-checkers” are saying the request to change policy isn’t directed at Biden. The line both are feeding the public is the lawmakers simply want to be sure going forward that there are safeguards in place. 

It’s of course a pile of malarkey. The Democrats never tried to take the codes away from Trump, a man they publicly reviled and repeatedly claimed was out of his mind. Are we supposed to believe they’ve only just now decided that sometimes a president’s sole judgment can’t be trusted? They’re fully aware of the fog that clouds the president’s mind. According to Bongino, it’s the “worst-kept secret in the White House.”

Biden’s caretakers, and the party operatives who continued to support his candidacy when it was obvious the man was failing, should be the targets of a thorough investigation. They defrauded voters and helped install a puppet, putting the country in jeopardy.

How can a mentally compromised president adequately deal with the threats of Islamic terrorism, a cagey and dangerous Vladimir Putin, and a belligerent Beijing? Or will the tough talks be left to Vice President Kamala Harris, who is “making phone calls to overseas leaders without Joe Biden anywhere nearby”? Is that what voters were thinking about when they chose the Biden-Harris team?

Some no doubt were. Nevertheless, the country deserve to know what Biden’s handlers knew and when they knew it. There’s plenty of reason to believe the country was conned by a crooked cabal.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

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  • Kamala Harris was Pelosi’s choice for candidate, I believe however, she was not an electable candidate. So the plan which was laid out was one of these two things: put Biden forth as the candidate, make sure he got elected, then use the 24th amendment to get him out within the first year and put Harris in as president, then find a reason she shouldn’t be and remove her as well OR get Biden elected and then use him as a figurehead while Pelosi runs the country.

    I don’t believe Biden knows 3/4 of what he signed the first week. No clue at all. He’s certainly not in charge as evidenced by his lack of cogent responses and ‘speeches’. It’s frightening.

  • Is it just me, or after a news conference when reporters are shouting questions, President “Magoo” just goes shuffling off the stage muttering to himself?

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