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The U.S. Supreme Court Can Still Correct The Presidential Election

Chaos and conflict reign in the nation’s capital but by far the most important issue remains: the theft of the presidential election.  It is time the U.S. Supreme Court was asked to resolve this issue per its Constitutional authority under the 12th Amendment:  When the outcome of the Electoral “College” is uncertain, a vote (one per state) by the House of Representatives is required.

In the 2020 election, President Trump received millions more votes than in 2016, and the “red tide” swept congressional and down-ballot offices from sea to shining sea. It is simply not believable that he fairly lost the election.

To this day, evidence of election fraud continues to mount, despite the left’s attempts to divert attention to impeaching the president once again.  It seems they want to create a media frenzy to divert attention from the facts which are becoming more clear.

The bell-weather state of Ohio, for instance, which no winning president has failed to carry in that state’s history, was won by Trump by a larger margin than 2016.  Its next-door neighbor, Pennsylvania, was trending the same on election night until they stopped vote counting mysteriously in the wee hours of the next morning. Magically that state’s vote tally flipped for Biden by the morning. 

As if to add insult to injury, the city of Philadelphia blocked access to Republican poll watchers on election day — despite a U.S. Supreme Court order — to investigate the irregularity.  These latest reports of the magnitude of the deception show why. Similar stunts in Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Maricopa County, Ariz., were equal to that fraudulent task.

Similar new evidence is emerging in Georgia and Michigan.  More will certainly follow.  Is it any wonder why today’s Washington beltway news is all about impeachment and the potential for future unrest?

Yet, the Supreme Court does not need to resolve these election fraud claims in these six states where voter fraud and ballot mischief have been identified and were clearly rampant.  The Court merely needs to recognize and confirm that the slates of electors from each such state is unreliable, and therefore those delegates should not be included in the total. 

This would bring Joe Biden below 270 electoral votes and trigger an election in the House of Representatives with each state having one vote, per the 12th Amendment.  Since 30 states have Republican majorities it is likely that Trump would be re-elected.

The state of Texas raised a similar issue recently, but the U.S. Supreme Court did not take the case.  This action would be different if filed by the federal government through the newly acting attorney general on behalf of all the states.  It’s a duty not only to remove the stain of the earlier inaction of the court to hide behind a “standing” issue, but required to bring truth and clarity to the aggrieved half of the nation who know it’s been dealt a rotten hand.

Predictably, the corrupted national media and the progressive/Democrat social media platforms have focused on impeachment and the Capitol assault instead of pursuing the concerns of millions of Americans who believe – correctly – that the presidential election was rigged.  That is not a situation to take lightly for the future of our nation, its institutions, and our relations with other nations that threaten us, especially China.  The media ignored the Hunter/Biden scandal, but it cannot ignore the questionable outcome of the presidential race.  

The Supreme Court is the last and proper arbiter of this critical election issue.  Properly presented, we believe it is likely that even the newly appointed members of the court will react constitutionally to straighten out the presidential election mess.  That should be the focus of Washington now, not employing the 25th Amendment and pursuing another fatuous impeachment.

Lew Uhler is founder and chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee and the National Tax Limitation Foundation (NTLF). Uhler was a contemporary and collaborator with Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman in California and across the country.

Peter Ferrara served as a member of the White House Office of Policy Development under President Reagan, associate deputy attorney general of the United States under President George H.W. Bush, and the Dunn Liberty Fellow in Economics at the King’s College in New York.

Joe Yocca is NTLF’s policy director. A long-time political and policy consultant, Joe served in the California state Senate as chief of staff to the Republican leadership for decades, and directed numerous state wide legislative and congressional campaigns throughout his career.                                                               

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  • It is ludicrous to think any new attorney general will bring this before the court. We’ve already turned the corner on integrity under the law.

  • We all know USSC won’t do their Constitutional Duty, because they are afraid of Pelosi, especially Roberts, she must have something on him !

  • Do you know that you can’t have an Impeachment Trials for President Trump and an Inauguration Ceremony for Former Vice President Biden at the same time. What is the hold up with The Signatures from Courts to precede with the impeachment trials? They said that Nancey Pelosci has to submit these agreement papers of the Capital Hill’s vote of both the Senate and the Congress. There should not be an inauguration of any President until the impeachment trials are finished and finalized! Therefore it is common sense that the inauguration should be on hold until these impeachment trials are over!

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