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George Soros, socialist billionaire, kingmaker. Source: Sebastian Derungs, World Economic Forum, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Joe Biden’s Potemkin Presidency: Will Socialist Soros And Other Extreme Leftists Call The Shots?

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Joe Biden’s big selling point to both the Democratic Party and the American people was that, in a crowd of candidates standing far left of center, he was the moderate choice. Now, as he staffs a possible White House with far-left media re-treads and George Soros’ socialist acolytes, we’re seeing that his supposed moderation was just another of his endless lies.

No one should be surprised. President Barack Obama played the moderate in his first campaign, then became the most far-left president in our history. He, too, opened the White House doors to Soros-linked socialist apparatchiks. Their inept policies led inevitably to economic stagnation and the worst foreign policy disasters in decades.

Biden, Obama’s loyal, lap-doggish No. 2, is going with what he knows. He’s bringing in the hard-left legions for what he hopes will be his administration, just as Obama did.

“Joe Biden’s transition team includes several people affiliated with organizations bankrolled by the left-wing billionaire George Soros,” notes the Washington Free Beacon in a piece that lays out the shocking truth about Biden’s “moderation.”

This is not just political paranoia about the socialist Soros mafia.

“Sarah Cross, an advocacy director at Soros’ Open Society Foundations, received a seat on Biden’s State Department transition team,” the Free Beacon said. “Michael Pan, a special adviser in the executive office of the Open Society Foundations, will join the United States Mission to the United Nations team. Diane Thompson, who is listed as ‘self-employed’ and a member of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau team, is a current Leadership in Government Fellow at the Open Society Foundations.”

How does such clout come about? Soros spent $70 million pushing the fading Biden’s candidacy, nearly three times what he spent on Hillary Clinton in 2016. As bettors like to say, he had skin in the game, big time. Now he’s raking in his chips.

Soros is a co-founder of the Democracy Alliance, a laughably inapt name for a group of multi-millionaires and billionaires that collectively spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars to unseat Donald Trump.

But at stake are such economy-killing and liberty-denying policies as the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and a mandated $15 an hour national minimum wage.

And Soros is not the only extremist calling in political chits with the Biden White House. He’s just the richest, and most influential.

As American Thinker contributor Sally Zelikovsky wrote, a number of extremist groups are also laying claim to high-level policy posts they think they deserve. It’s not hard to see why: Biden is aging fast, and no doubt will defer increasingly to his extreme left vice president, Kamala Harris. It will be a Potemkin presidency, run by radicals.

“BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors penned a letter to Biden and Harris requesting involvement with the Transition Team, and reminded them that ‘(b)lack people won this election … BLM invested heavily in this election,’ and ‘(w)e want something for our vote.’ “

The BLM claim is of course laughably wrong. In fact, Trump did better among minorities, including African-Americans, than any Republican candidate in the last 60 years. But for leftists, the narrative means everything, the truth means nothing.

How about the media? They love to protest that they aren’t “biased,” and don’t favor one candidate over another. That’s obviously a lie. Study after study show that big media have an extreme left-wing bias, and they don’t really try to hide it much anymore.

Not surprisingly, just last week, MSNBC announced that four of its contributors would be joining the Biden White House (of course, assuming he wins). The Hill reported that historian Jon Meacham, legal analyst Barbara McQuade, political analyst Richard Stengel and Ezekiel Emanuel, formerly of the Obama administration, are moving over to work for Biden.

Expect more such announcements from MSNBC, easily the furthest left of any of the major networks. And remember that as MSNBC reports the “news”: Its reports aren’t really journalism, they’re job auditions.

But of all those now making claims, by far the most dangerous is Soros. He’s an inveterate collectivist, globalist true-believer, who will be happy only when the U.S. no longer has a Constitution or rule of law that will protect its citizens from tyranny.

He has been patient and generous in his support of local elections, especially district attorney races, seeding cities around America with far-left social-justice warriors disguised as prosecutors who have worked to defund local police, dropped charges against violent criminals, and made law enforcement nearly impossible in some cities.

They make up “a new crop of district attorneys who now preside over big cities with skyrocketing crime and frayed relationships with police departments,” the Washington Times reported recently.

Soros-backed DAs in PhiladelphiaSt. LouisSan Francisco and other cities have fired scores of experienced prosecutors and, as promised, stopped prosecuting low-level quality-of-life crimes such as disorderly conduct, vagrancy and loitering,” the Times added.

Americans beware. Bidenites will try to convince you through the big media and social media that they represent a “return to normalcy.” They don’t.

Many of those who will be forging and enacting policies under a Biden administration aren’t mere functionaries; they are in fact the next phase of a silent revolution of the far left. They seek no less than the dismantling of the U.S. as we know it. The 90-year-old Soros, still sharp as a tack and patient as ever, is their godfather, patron, theorist and tactician, all in one.

Average Americans, and the Senate, would be wise to watch carefully and be ready to act when the leftist outrages begin.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • First they have to get into the White House. Given how much cheating there is in the election, the 12th Amendment may assure Trump a second term.

    • Trump’s legal team has yet to provide any evidence of cheating. What are they waiting for?

      • You seem to have a very strange idea of what constitutes “no evidence,” Boris. Tell Vlad only the Democrats take him seriously.

  • Fear is useless! Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!

    Pray, and do not look at MSM, which is trying to “gaslight” us. There are 5,000,000 rosaries being said per day (at least) in the USA to right the theft of the Presidential election from Donald J. Trump, who won in a landslide. Let your prayers be joined to our RC prayers.

    In all your petitions to the government to “true the vote,” ask the representative you write to refuse to certify the fraudster election results in their states. That will throw the election into the House via the 12th amendment, where Trump wins by a 26/24 vote. Write your state and fed representatives each day, especially those living in the swing states of MI, WI, PA, GA, NV and AZ, where the most brazen and wholesale theft occurred. If GA steals the Senate on Jan 5 (Stacy Abrams promises to get both Senate seats for the Left), then the US Senate will also be stolen. The SCOTUS will then be packed, thereby also stolen. Poof! There goes our rights to free speech, assembly, religious practice and the right to bear arms. We will not only lose all our Constitutional freedoms, we will never again have a free and fair election. Instead, we will instantly become a vassal state of China, being led by President XI of China (with Biden or Harris as useful lackeys).

    Enclosed below is an admission of election fraud by Biden himself (and Obama before him). (Include it in all email to Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader, and all others you write daily) Yes, I know it’s a typical Biden “gaffe,” but God has a way of making our gaffes “truthful statements” when He’s had enough. And God has had enough, but even God cannot push on a string. So let us not be limp strings, but steel wires that will bind our leaders to the truth. Prayer leaders: Taylor Marshall, on all social media platforms, and of course, Rev. Franklin Graham. “His truth is marching on.”

  • Try to wait until a few paragraphs in before starting with the Soros references: most people who aren’t already firmly in your camp will roll their eyes at the first-paragraph invocation of the right’s favorite all-purpose bogeyman. (In fairness, the left did the same with the Koch Brothers; less so now that Charles is gone.)

    • Thank you for your support of Nazi collaborators. President Xi will give you his nation’s highest award.

  • High fives, smiles and good fellowship are all the rage now that frail and forgetful Joe Biden is the capo di tutti capi of the Democratic mob, er, Party. The various factions vying for the ear of the new boss include very loud and persistent far left progressives, especially Sens. Warren and Sanders, along with many organizations and officials financed by George Soros and other wealthy know-it-alls. Will top-down autocratic progressives emerge as the boss’s consigliere or will more reasonable people have his ear? After all, shackling successful Americans by imposing confiscatory taxes and demonizing profits will not bring the promised land any closer, as the false progressive idea that a perfect man can be fashioned if only we devise the correct legislative prescription and then enforce it autocratically, will remain as elusive as ever. Better to resile the idea that progressive man can make the larrikins among us perfect. Otherwise the poor will become even poorer and the wealthy just a tad less wealthy, the injury thus imposed on the poor logarithmically greater.

  • Long on emotion and labeling, short on level-headed analysis. If this is an example of conservative push-back on the coming Biden administration, it’s doomed to failure.

  • I wish conservatives would use the term DPM for Democratic Party Media for what is commonly called the MSM. That would accurately reflect what they are, and drive the media crazy to be outed so clearly as the propagandists they are. Conservatives often mindlessly use leftist terminology in their own arguments. What’s the opposite of the word mainstream? That’s what conservatives are implicitly calling themselves.

  • What’s disturbing is how the Big Tech giants are now controlling all social media. Trump was going to try to introduce legislation that would FIX it so that moderators could not control narrative and ban those who dare to voice politically incorrect dissent. Google, Reddit and too many other platforms have become WAY too controlling. Their zero tolerance policies have made honest and open public discourse a complete impossibility!!! Well, we can all expect that to get worse and worse and WORSE now!!! There will be nothing holding the social ( now “socialist” ) media back in it’s relentless crusade to silence pro-freedom and conservative views. What a shame, what a SHAM!!! We’re in for one very long and painful roller-coaster ride!!!

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