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Joe Biden campaigns in Pennsylvania (C-SPAN)

Democrats Deny Voter Fraud Exists As They Plot To Steal Pennsylvania

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For years, the left has denied that voter fraud is a problem by setting a curious standard: It’s not “widespread.” Never mind that voter fraud never is “widespread.” It’s always targeted at key races.

Case in point is Pennsylvania, which could be, if you will pardon the pun, the keystone state of the 2020 elections, and which Democrats have carefully laid the groundwork to commit targeted fraud.

Let’s assume that President Donald Trump takes the toss-up states where he is currently ahead in the Real Clear Politics average, and that Trump takes Florida and Arizona (where Joe Biden is barely ahead in the RCP averages). The electoral map would look like this: Biden, 260 and Trump 258. (See below.)

Real Clear Politics

That would leave Pennsylvania as the deciding state, which Trump won in 2016 by just 44,292 votes.

Biden clearly believes it to be key to his victory, spending the past two days there.

Well, guess what Biden’s fellow Democrats have managed to pull off in Pennsylvania. They’ve practically rolled out the welcome mat to voter fraud.

The rules put in place by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for 2020 allow:

  • Mail-in ballots to be received and counted up to three days after Election Day if they were postmarked on or before Nov. 3.
  • Ballots that arrived late without a postmark must be presumed to have been mailed before Election Day “unless a preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that it was mailed after Election Day.”
  • Signatures on the mail-in ballots don’t have to match those on record to be counted.

Pennsylvania’s high court, by the way, is elected in partisan elections.

“The Democrats on the state supreme court have effectively stripped Pennsylvania election officials of any practical way to challenge mail-in ballots of whatever provenance before they are counted,” notes George Parry, a former federal and state prosecutor, writing in the American Spectator. “Consequently, the outcome of the presidential election will come down to a post-Election Day ‘knife fight.’”

Don’t expect that to be fair, either.

Not only has the state’s supreme court tilted the scales, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has all but promised that Biden will win the election, tweeting on Monday that “If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose. That’s why he’s working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from this process.”

In another tweet, he told Trump’s lawyers if you “want to try us, we’d be happy to defeat you in court one more time.”

Shapiro sounds awfully sure of how Pennsylvanians will vote, doesn’t he?

Trafalgar Group pollster Robert Cahaly recently said of Trump that “I think he’s going to need to win Pennsylvania by four or five (percentage points) to overcome the voter fraud that’s going to happen there.”

Cahaly’s firm correctly called elections in battleground states in 2016 that other pollsters had going for Hillary Clinton. This election, Trafalgar has Trump ahead in several battlegrounds that other polls are showing in the Biden camp.

You gotta hand it to Democrats.

When anyone brings up concerns about voter fraud, they scream that it’s a myth and accuse those who point out the system is rigged of trying to suppress the vote, or worse. Then Democrats effectively make voter fraud legal in a state that could very well decide the election.

There is always the chance that Biden or Trump wins by a landslide, which would make committing fraud in Pennsylvania pointless. But if the outcome of the 2020 elections is disputed because of that state, let’s make sure the blame is directed at the right people.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Just like the Republicans are doing in Texas?? Don’t worry, if Texas doesn’t save Trump, the Supreme Court will steal the election for him.

    • False claim. The reason the courts ruled in favor of the Republican plan is that the public had numerous options for submission of their ballots.

    • Poor thing. You’re still not over 2016, are you? Try putting raw onions in your socks when you lie down. That may ease the pain.

      Or not.

    • No evidence of that at all. Whistling past the graveyard only dries out your mouth.

    • Its not like Texas has been red for the past few elections. Liberal apes are so hilarious, it makes me wonder if they ever got a proper education

  • Of course they deny it. However, “denying” does not equal “debunking”, as many liberals seem to think.

  • President Trump will win Pennsylvania by enough to overcome the fraud. He will also win Wisconsin and Michigan for extra certainty

    • God put President Trump in office to Drain The Stinkin’ Swamp.. AND HE AIN’T DONE YET ! Isaiah 54 v. 17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD. ………… REMEMBER.. God Is Still On The Throne !

  • In Summary, you want the PA supreme court to make up new laws on the fly and become activist judges?

    “It is not our role under our tripartite system of governance to engage in judicial legislation and to rewrite a statute in order to supply terms which are not present therein, and we will not do so in this instance,” the court wrote.

    Unfortunately there are many bad/incomplete laws, you don’t get to choose when judges should be activist b/c you don’t agree with it.

    • “Unfortunately…”
      Wow, how sincere. And then go on to basically say “yeah, crummy law. Whaddaya gonna do? Too bad so sad for you”.

      S.C. judges in PA are elected which means they are partisan. Politicization of a court with powers of judicial review encourages the legislature/congress to pass “bad/incomplete” laws, deflecting blame to the Court as it fills in the blanks in some arbitrary fashion on the scale between ‘letter of the law’ vs. ‘intent of the law’ vs. ‘popularity of the law’. The Court absolves itself from blame by basically saying it was a “bad/incomplete law” but it was what we were given and we have the final word which you all have to obey.

      State courts, appellate courts and the Supreme Courts routinely fill in law “holes” in accord with the spirit and intent of the law in question, or with precedent from other laws, with tradition, or even with their own political outlook. Roe v. Wade is an excellent example. There is no explicit mention of abortion in the US Constitution, yet somehow the US SC deemed it to be a protected ‘right’ based upon some self-serving and tenuously extrapolated definition of ‘privacy’.

  • democrats have been stealing elections for generations, without consequence. if they steal this election, there will be consequences.

  • Extending access is not fraud. Trying to stop a vote based on an arbitrary deadline is fraud. Trying to stop a ballot, not because the signatures DON’T match, but not knowing whether they do or not, is fraud.

  • The PA Supreme Court clearly dishonored itself with this decision.

    At a bare minimum they ought to have ordered the following data to have been kept by every location receiving mail ballots:

    1) Number of mail ballots received each day.
    2) The specific postmark date distribution on each day (including no postmark or illegible).

    For each location counting mail-in ballots they should have ordered:

    1) Subtotals on all election races for each day of received mail-in ballots.

    You can imagine the interest that PA citizens (and the whole country in the event that PA’s are the electors needed for either candidate) to discover things like:

    1) Ballots received peaked on October 27 and went down steadily, but that downward trend reversed on November 5 and 6.
    2) The postmark dates exhibited a predictable distribution until November 4, when it stopped looking like the prior 20 mail days.
    3) The “no postmark” ballot ratio increased for November 4,5,6 by 380% over the prior 20 days.
    4) The above data was extremely concentrated in 5 locations in or near Philadelphia and 1 in Scranton.
    5) The pre-November 4 vote split 62% Biden and 38% Trump, but the November 4-6 vote was 88% Biden.12% Trump and that even a 75%/25% split would have made Trump the winner.

    The Court had it in its authority to require a data set around this to inform the electorate of what happened because of their order and that they did not require this is a shocking green-light to cheat.

  • When a Democrat asserts there is no evidence of vote fraud I simply point to sanctuary states like California where at least 15 million were not born in America i.e. more seats in House of Representatives than 22 states combined.

  • If Trump wins Pennsylvania by a wide margin, look for the Democrats to undo all those rule changes that might have helped him.

  • Democrats are planning hundreds of thousands of fraudulent vote to steal PA, and up to 5 Million across the nation. 2020 will see the most massive voter fraud in the history of the USA, and 100% of it is from the Democrats. Millions of illegals will be voting, millions of dead, and every other trick. Democrats engaged in at least 3 Million fraudulent vote in 2016, but they did most of them in CA where Crooked Hillary didn’t need them. This year they are aimed at MI, WI, MN, PA. States that they can’t carry without fraud.

  • Democrats just keep getting caught cheating all over the country as they reassure us that there’s no such thing as election fraud. It’s absurd. I hear they’re chasing Republican observers out of polling places in Philly and other places. Doesn’t seem very legal…or ethical. Not that we expect legal or ethical behavior from the Party of Fraud and Corruption.

  • You all forgot to add the state supreme court in PA voted to keep the Green Party off the ballot decided on party lines. The Green Party had 50,000 votes in 2016 enough of a difference to win the state for Trump. Those votes will almost certainly now go to Biden this time around.

  • Hmmm. If Trump carries either Wisconsin or Michigan, both of which are quite possible, he wins. I also think that the obvious voter fraud going on in Philly,the interference of the PA Attorney general, and the closing of polling sites in the state in predominantly Republican areas will also be issues for the courts afterwards if Trump doesn’t carry the state..These, BTW are felonies. And Trump also has a shot at Nevada and New Hampshire.

  • “What?!? Can’t cheat!? That’s no fair!!!”

    don’t laugh, that is exactly precisely what they think.

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