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Is America Going To Let The Party Of Riots, Re-education Camps, Coups, Intolerance And Segregation Win The White House Tuesday?

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Tuesday’s election is without question the most important in most of our lifetimes. America can pick the soft tyranny, guaranteed to grow harder, of the Democrats, or stand athwart history, to borrow a phrase from William F. Buckley, and yell stop. Voters must choose wisely. There’s a future at stake.

President Donald Trump is not a perfect man, nor is the Republican Party a faultless institution. But the Democrats, as constituted today, are flawed beyond repair. Their leadership mutters at times about patriotism and American values, but only to pander to select audiences. Today’s Democrats are defined by policy choices and actions that are not consistent with liberty and independence. They are the party of:

  • A coup attempt.
  • Re-education camps.
  • Riots.
  • Intolerance
  • Segregation (through its support for Black Lives Matter and racially divisive policies in higher learning).
  • Marxist indulgence. (see BLM again).
  • Election fraud.
  • Using government to punish political enemies.
  • Reparations.
  • A modern serfdom.
  • The cancel culture.
  • A job-destroying $15 minimum wage
  • Dependence on government. 
  • Campus and workplace speech codes.
  • Crackdowns on dissenting political views.
  • Apologies for America being America.
  • Coastal elitism.
  • Crony capitalism.
  • Miserable health care.
  • More bureaucracy.
  • Second Amendment infringements.
  • Mandated masks.
  • Nags, scolds, and shrill ideologues.
  • Court packing.
  • Smothering regulations.

The Democrats’ plans also include robbing workers of their freedom; dictating Americans’ choice of automobiles; forcing on the country a crackpot green energy plan that will severely damage the economy while providing zero environmental benefits; transforming the country into a socialist “paradise”; and establishing single-party governance.

Democrats don’t wish for a civil society but a political society, coercive (and rotten) to its core. They want Americans to live as the Democratic Party requires them to, not as emancipated citizens who make their own choices. The European model of the collective before the individual is the paradigm.

Our main point: The Democratic Party no longer believes in a nation liberated from government reach. Its objective is to use the political power of the state to supervise, bully, and plot against a people who were meant to be free. Simply put, it does not believe in America.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • “But the Democrats, as constituted today, are flawed beyond repair. Their leadership mutters at times about patriotism and American values, but only to pander to select audiences.”

    You’ve got to be kidding. Trump has spent the past five years speaking and catering exclusively to his base, and showing open contempt for any American who isn’t part of it. Glass houses, I&I, glass houses…

    • Designating funds for HBCU’s, criminal justice reform, massive tax cuts. I think these are things that benefit all Americans and the first two are things that you would have expected Obama to accomplish in office but he did not.

    • Joe Cogan, REALLY?

      The 8% of the Black vote that Trump got in 2016 was his base? He’s done yeoman’s work for that demographic, and is making significant inroads for that directed effort!

      Ditto for the gay community!

      Ditto for the Hispanic community that ISN’T hear contrary to immigration laws!

      He is bringing our troops home from overseas, and has started no new wars!

      He has renegotiated trade agreements to the benefit of the American worker, so that the globalist Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Biden so they can continue their mutual corruption.

      Trump has transformed the GOP into a Big Tent people’s party. You’re still stuck in the past!

    • Mr. Trump hasn’t called his opponent’s supporters ‘chumps’ (Biden), ‘really horrible people’ (Biden), ‘deplorable’ (HRC), ‘Irredeemable’ (HRC), ‘bitter’ (Obama), ‘clinging to guns and religion’ (Obama), etc.

      He instead presided over job growth Obama called impossible, real wage growth that benefitted lower incomes the most, the most groundbreaking Middle East peace deals in 30+ years, reduction of illegal border crossings by 80% or more, tax reductions for most Americans (the least-benefitted being the wealthy in high-tax states), the renegotiation of trade deals to terms more favorable to working people in this country, and the promotion of LGBTQ rights internationally.

      So while the Democrats call us names, Mr. Trump tries to put in place policies that help everyone, not just his supporters. If this is ‘catering exclusively to his base’, then I hope he gets to keep at it for four more years.

  • All the above is true…but may I register the smallest, best-intentioned quibble? It’s with a word that really doesn’t belong in any political discussion, and probably not in any discussion of persons either. Yet it appears in this editorial, and in countless other places where it muddies waters that would otherwise be far clearer.

    The word is “perfect.”

    “President Trump is not a perfect man,” you say. Well, who is? What’s the standard? Christ? That’s a tough one; He was, after all, the Son of God. If you were to say that Donald Trump has done a few things you find fault with, many would agree with you…but surely that’s true of any public figure either of us could name. So please, enough with the “not a perfect man” stuff.

    It can be worse, of course. I’ve many times encountered the statement that “America isn’t perfect.” Again, what’s the standard? Are you sure everyone would agree with that standard? Isn’t it rather arrogant for any mortal man, however highly placed, to suggest that he knows what would constitute perfection in a nation?

    As much as I love Issues & Insights, I simply had to register this tiny criticism. And no, I’m not perfect either. Why, I often end a sentence with a preposition — and I don’t always brush after eating. That having been said, do have a nice day!

    • Christ is not the standard. That is for sure. Here is the standard: Do the President’s character flaws prevent him from executing his duties? Trump’s character flaws exceed the limits of being effective, and that’s the problem. Donald Trump will not “Make America Great Again” if he cannot put together and pass a legislative agenda to address America’s challenges. He simply lacks the focus, discipline and diplomacy to get laws passed through a mixed Congress. It does not matter what his stated policies are if he can’t implement them. You cannot Make America Great Again by executive order. That is just not going to cut it.

      • (chuckle) My comment was about the use of a particular word — “perfect” — in describing a man or a nation. You ignored and bypassed that to deliver a political diatribe filled with venom and left-wing talking points. Typical for a humorless leftist.

        Have a nice life.

      • Seems pretty effective to me. Three peace accords between Israel and Muslim countries. Best economy I’ve ever seen. Lower taxes. Border security. Constitutional judges. Ended the bullying of nuns. Stopped using tax dollars to fund abortion.

  • The republicans have all the guns. How would the Dems stage a coup? Stupid. It is the Trump administration that has brought out all the fringe radicals on both sides. That is what a divisive presidency will do. It is all his fault. And everybody knows it. They admit that Trump is flawed. Trump is so flawed that it is unsustainable. How on earth would Trump get a legislative agenda through Congress? You can’t Make America Great Again by executive order. It takes a very sophisticated White house to deal with a split Congress. And sophisticated Trump is not.

    • And yet he has delivered on his campaign promises of 2016 bigly, despite your team’s best childish efforts to #resist and smear and even a faux impeachment.

      Remember that really nasty, bitter taste in your mouth when you first learned Hillary had lost? Expect a lot more of that.

  • So much misinformation, facts;
    1. Just recently the Boogaloo Bois were charged in a police officer’s murder and violence/riots in MN. 2 months ago another right-wing group was arrested preparing to use Molotov cocktails at a peaceful rally to encourage more violence.
    2. Intolerance… yet right wingers want to tell people who to marry, love, have sex with and when, …. and the list goes on.
    3. Coastal elitism, hmmm… so Trump, Kushner et al aren’t the epitome of coastal elitism, then what is? It doesn’t get much more coastal elite than a NY’er inheriting $300-400M with not a single verifiable charitable act in 76 years, or inheriting billions and squeezing thousands of renters for $ to buy a $5B overpriced NY building that is bailed out by a middle eastern government.
    4. Cancel culture, Dixie Chicks, GM, Goodyear Tire, …. the list goes on
    5. Miserable healthcare, yet 70% think Obamacare is an improvement, though by no means perfect
    6. Court packing, like withholding consent on court openings for 4+ years so as to pack the courts with ideologues later. Not to mention the whole Garland thing.
    7. Shrill Ideologues, like when the White House had a purge where staff had to essentially swear allegiance to Trump, not America? That kind of shrill ideology.
    8. Too much regulations, that is why as an example, Formosa polluted Texas for 20+ years with little oversight, until a community-launched lawsuit won $50M+ in damages?

    • Oh, boy, here we go again.
      1. By looking really, really hard you found one act of violence by a group that isn’t even right wing. In contrast, we had 30 cops injured by violent leftists in just one night.
      2. You cannot marry 12 year olds, I don’t care how many tantrums you throw.
      3. Being purposely obtuse does not make you credible.
      4. Yes, the left is all about cancel culture. We will cancel that.
      5. The only thing wrong with our health care system is the ACA. As soon as the SCOTUS decides to either reject the appeal (simply not take it up), or takes it up and upholds Robert’s original reasoning that without the mandate the whole thing is unconstitutional, it will be 100% dead and we will again have the world’s best health care. Sorry if you’re a crack addict in need of a new heart, your continued existence simply isn’t worth compelling every decent, hard working person in America to work in servitude to you for an extra decade of the best years of their lives just so you can gasp a few more years. The term, “The General Welfare” means the betterment of conditions for ALL Americans, not the betterment of your nonproductive life at the expense of those who produce.
      6. Senate confirms, or chooses not to. Elections have consequences. Had Obama nominated a judge loyal to the Constitution instead of to his Progressive agenda, the Senate would have confirmed him or her. If you are afraid of Trump’s Textualist/Constructionist judge picks, it can only be because you are intent on circumventing the Constitution. Tough – if you really think you are right, get 3/4 of the States to ratify an amendment. Good luck, Sparky, you are in the minority.
      7. You Democrats have a lock on shrill ideologues. Trump is draining the swamp, and it makes you cry. Get used to it – we’re in the process of eradicating 70 years of leftist abuses of power.
      8. Yes, for real polluters we have and always have had a court system as a deterrent and a remedy. Trump did not repeal any regulations about dumping toxins. CO2 is not a pollutant – it is essential to life, and the extra CO2 in our atmosphere due to burning fossil fuels has been proven to be beneficial, not harmful, to the world.

      Please feel free to let us know if there are any other issues you are confused about. Happy to set you straight as a public service.

  • “The urge to save humanity is often the urge to rule humanity.” — H.L. Mencken

  • Today’s Republican party would consider Reagan a “RINO”, if not an outright commie. That’s not a viable, demographically sustainable alternative to the Democratic party.

    • Utterly incorrect. I frequent many Republican message boards and work in Republican politics, and President Reagan is revered and admired. The Republican Party has moved slightly left in the last 30 years. The Democrat Party has bolted left. The reason Democrats think Republicans have moved right is because Republicans have, slowly, over the last 10 years or so, started finally standing up to Democrats. We’re not good at it, but we’re getting better. And Democrats, like children being told ‘No’ for the first time, can’t understand why we’re being so ‘mean’…. ‘They must have moved right!’ they say, but no, we’re just (finally) demanding the brakes be put on the headlong rush into statism in a real, meaningful way.

      • If you start with an utterly objective description of “left” and “right,” you will see that both parties are far left.

        “Centrist” would be a government which taxes at levels a bit lower than the inflection point at which tax revenues are maximized without crushing jobs, and government spending each year is no more than revenues.

        When you consider that simple and obvious truth, you must conclude we have moved politically well past “far left” and even “radical left” to “insane left.”

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