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The Stunning Gullibility Of ‘Republicans For Biden’

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On the eve of the Republican convention, more than two dozen former GOP lawmakers endorsed Joe Biden for president. Trump Derangement Syndrome is spreading faster than COVID-19.

Retired Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake makes his case for supporting Biden by claiming Trump “is not conservative,” that Biden “will approach his constitutional role with the reverence and dignity it deserves” and “reach across the aisle.”

This is the same argument John Kasich, a former congressman and Ohio governor, made at the Democratic National Convention, when he reassured the public that Biden is “respectful” and won’t “turn sharp left” when he gets in office.

None of this makes any sense, yet a growing number of Republicans are buying into it.

First, how do these Republicans know Biden will “reach across the aisle”? They don’t. Their gullibility and naivete are a wonder to behold.

The truth is, there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe Biden would stay in the center.

A Biden win will surely bring with it a Democratic-controlled House and Senate. We already know what will happen next, since it’s happened before. After Bill Clinton ran as a moderate, he immediately veered left upon taking office, raised taxes he’d promised to cut and tried to impose HillaryCare on the nation.

After Barack Obama wooed Republicans with his calm demeanor, his seemingly sensible positions, and the sharp crease in his pants, he spent the first two years imposing ObamaCare and the economy-crushing Dodd-Frank on the nation.

Heck, even Lyndon Johnson, who portrayed Barry Goldwater as a radical in 1964, enacted Medicare, Medicaid and the disaster known as the “Great Society” the first chance he got.

Worse, while Clinton and to a lesser extent Obama positioned themselves as moderates, Biden has swallowed the far left’s agenda hook, line and sinker. As we pointed out in this space more than a month ago:

FiveThirtyEight noted … that “The Pandemic Has Pushed Biden To The Left. How Far Will He Go?”

Around the same time, New York magazine reported that “Biden Is Planning an FDR-Size Presidency.”

One Democratic consultant told The Hill that Biden has moved to the left on issues such as bankruptcy policy and college affordability, and that a Biden win, along with Democrats regaining control of the Senate, “could lead to a New Deal era of progressive policies.”

Biden isn’t trying to hide his plans. They’re right there on his website. Gun bans. Amnesty. Green New Deal. A fantastically large tax hike (and not just on the “rich”). More taxpayer subsidies for college indoctrination factories. An end to right-to-work laws. A fast-track to Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care. A hard left turn in the courts.

As they always have done, Democrats will seize the opportunity to wed Americans more tightly to the federal government, assured that years later Republicans will be the strongest defenders of these new “vital” programs.

Flake calling Trump not a conservative is particularly rich, given that Trump has done more to advance the conservative agenda – on economics, foreign policy, social issues – than any president, including Ronald Reagan.

In fact, while Republicans like Flake vowed repeatedly that they would overturn ObamaCare the first chance they got, they caved. Now Flake and Co. are trying to run out of town the guy who has consistently fought to get rid of that law.

Job one for Joe will be to undo all of Trump’s successes as quickly as humanly possible.

Even if Biden did try to “reach across the aisle,” does anyone seriously think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Sen. Chuck Schumer wouldn’t be there to slap his hand away?

One of the worst features of the “Republicans for Biden” contingent, however, is the fact that they are excusing the Democrats’ behavior over the past four years.

Trump may be boorish – the country knew that when it elected him four years ago. But that’s not why Democrats refused to acknowledge his presidency, tried to railroad him on bogus Russia conspiracy charges, and condoned violence against Trump supporters.

Flake and Co. are like Portland’s mayor: They think that by appeasing the mob they will somehow calm it down and get it to see reason.

Should Biden win, the left will be emboldened to apply the same techniques to every other conservative politician, always counting on the Flakes of the world to provide it with cover.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Gullible??? LOL! I’d love to see a forensic accounting of Jeff Flake and his fellow “Republicans for Biden.” It has become painfully obvious that Beijing Biden has enriched himself enormously through financial dealings that benefit China at the expense of the American people. Of course Flake supports Biden! RINOS for Biden support the same globalist policies that corrupt Democrats follow. This election is not a contest between Trump and Beijing Biden, it is a battle between Americanism and globalism. China believes it will lead the New World Order of a one-world government by exploiting the greed of corrupt American politicians on both sides of the aisle. Follow the money -> always follow the money.

  • It has long been obvious that Flake is a fool. His tactic is to appeal to Democrats and gain enough of their votes to cling to power. Too bad his mouth is so much bigger than his brain.

  • Flake fills me with desires of retribution on his and his ilk that are not describable on a family website.

  • The stunning gullibility of conservative columnists to actually believe NeverTrumpers are gullible instead of just obsequious opportunist swamp creatures.

  • Boorish ? That’s the deep swamp clinging to their coup attempt no matter the truth & writers who try to balance articles , like OTOH Trump is “boorish”. Fighting the many lies is not for sissies .

  • Why is this supposed to be SO staggering? There are always RINOs and there was a Democrat speaking at the Republican convo last night. Who cares? Both sides have turncoats. It’s such a non-story.

  • Mr. Flake is a fool, aptly named. Many politicians are stupid, but this man is a milquetoast standout among them.

  • At the Democrat’s convention Kasich stated that Biden was a Moderate.

    Joe Biden disagrees with Kasich’s:

    2019 Joe Biden: “I’m Not a ‘Moderate,’ It’s Just That ‘Progressive’ Became ‘Socialist’”

  • These people are not gullible; they are part of the Deep State and have much to hide.

  • If one looks closely at Kasich, Kristol, Flake, Hayes, Steele, Walsh, Schmidt, etc. one thing pretty much explains the verbal and mental gymnastics that occur for them to endorse Biden and or oppose Trump. Follow the Benjamins!!!

  • I am surprised you think this is in anyway related to “Gullibility”. This has to do with corrupt GOP/RINOS that are worried about being prosecuted. This is like a bobcat’s last attempt at survival after being cornered.
    The real gullibility is journalism like this.

  • I consider these people useful idiots for the radical left! The key word here being “idiots”!

  • What is actually happening here is a disclosing of the “deep state” Republicans. My question is; when will both parties realize that real Americans don’t care for the party system. We just want elected officials to do as they say they will do and provide rational reasons when they don’t or if they disagree. Simple!

  • They aren’t gullible, they are stupid; and they aren’t Republicans, they are Democrats; (lying Democrats–like usual–claiming to be Democrats. One thing is clear, they are not worth all the attention they get. This lot of pseudo-intellectuals cannot continue to get a pass for their pseudo-conservative pretense.
    Forget them, please.

  • They’re not ‘gullible’. They’re treacherous.
    The only way a putatively conservative Republican could support Biden & Co is if he is acting entirely from self-interest.
    I don’t buy the notion that they are not seeing things clearly.

  • A few other things to ponder:
    1. Biden will not be the POTUS for more than a year (likely b4 6 months into office if elected)…this is the Harris-Biden run for POTUS

    2. Harris is one of the farthest left POTUS candidate to run for the office:

    Compared ICE to the KKK in the questioning of Ronald Vitiello, an ICE nominee for the position of assistant secretary.

    Stated that she favors public education, public health access and Medicare for all illegal aliens.

    In her first term as a senator, co-sponsored Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” single-payer health care bill in 2017 and 2019.

    Co-sponsor of Sanders’ Green New Deal, which is estimated to cost $16 trillion over 10 years. She recently introduced a climate equity bill incorporating elements of the Green New Deal with New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    Co-sponsored a bill with New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker to set up a federal commission to study providing reparations to African-American descendants of slaves and “make recommendations on reparation proposals for the descendants of slaves.”

    There is much more but will not bore you with that which you likely know but we need to keep exposing who she is and not the “moderate” many suggest she is.

    3. What drug is Biden presently being prescribed that provides a semblance of clarity and what are its longterm effects, ie, a reasonable teleprompter reader at the convention v. the incoherent babbler with the wandering trail of thought during the DFL primary and basement interviews.

    4. Why does he always shout? See Tom Hanks interview on YouTube:

  • There is nothing gullible about these Swamp Rats. They know exactly what they are doing and are doing it to keep their power, influence, income and butts out of jail.

  • so, what should we use to emphasize words? if you are going to tell us what not to do, you are obligated to tell us what to do as well. that is what a nanny would do.

  • I saw Flake coming out of the garden department of Walmart’s on McKellips in Mesa AZ. He was wearing white slacks and a pink sweater tied around his shoulders. He is old money, rich, building a new home and out of touch, except he still shops at Walmart.

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