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If We Fight Each Other, The Bad Guys Win

Last night, I was karaoke-ing the night away with a group of young friends in an undisclosed location in the great state of New Jersey. The Neil Diamond song America came up and it made me cry. What the hell is happening to us, I thought? What are my young friends and my children going to have to endure?

What happened to:

Only want to be free…
We huddle close…hang on to a dream
On the boats and on the planes
They’re coming to America
Never looking back again
They’re coming to America…”

There is a battle being waged, my friends, and it is not as organic as it may seem. As our president well knows, it is fomented by the likes of George Soros and foreign governments and the New York Times who want nothing more than to destabilize and divide us. That’s how Soros made his fortune and why he is not allowed entry to countries including his native Hungary (for being an “Enemy of The State.” Seriously).

I hope that soon he will be declared a major funder of terrorism due to his Antifa funding (an about-to-be declared domestic terrorist group) and be banned from ours if and once that happens, all assets seized. These words are my thoughts, not those of the publisher, and based entirely on facts. 

This is why I like our president. While highly imperfect, he will do such a thing, just as he boldly saved the life of my friend and colleague Roger Stone recently. Mr. President, please get Soros the hell out of here like other bold nations have. Now. I’m tired of this guy getting away with what amounts to sedition.

We, as neighbors, friends and family are losing our way. We are hating each other over ridiculous things. Just. Stop.

Don’t let them win. Just don’t. These days we are all struggling. We are changing quickly, we are cranky and things will get better if we don’t let B.S. get in our way. They must. It will not happen overnight, but it is happening. If we fight each other, the bad guys win. If we reconcile, recognizing and respecting our differences, pledging to be better, we save the country and ourselves. Plain and simple. 

I swear the next “media outlet” navel gazing about a civil war…I’m gonna lose my mind. There will be no civil war, as long as We The People take control of our own destiny and kick the lemmings to the curb.

It’s not that hard: 

1) Pray. To the higher power of your choice.

2) Don’t be an idiot. 

3) Be kind to everyone you see. 

4) Look inward. Do you need to change? Does your company need to change? Then effect the change. As I said to a client today, posting #blacklivesmatter to make yourself feel better really gets us nowhere and it’s becoming super annoying because it has become a platitude. This is not a time for platitudes. Of course Black lives matter. And if you believe it, as I do, Act , don’t spew. Do things, don’t say things.

Hang on to the dream, my friends. Huddle close. If we do so, we will survive, but divided? We will fall. And we will fall hard. Come on people, now…

Christian Josi is a veteran of international center-right / libertarian politics and a frequent columnist for a variety of publications. He is the founder and managing director of C. Josi & Company, a global communications resource firm based in Virginia Beach and Washington.

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  • We are incompatible, when all one party has is hate, envy and greed it is impossible to reconcile. I do not care who wins this election,the Brownshirts of the Left will be coming after anyone who does kneel, and even those who kneel will not be spared.

  • You do realize that the hard turn to the left in this country is a by-product of excessive immigration, don’t you? (See: California) The left no longer has to fear a backlash from the (white) “Silent Majority” because it basically no longer exists and they have a substantial lock on the racial bloc immigrant vote. At a deeper lever the old population of America is being replaced by a new population, and it’s only natural that the symbols, laws, and traditions of the old will disappear. It’s why you don’t wear a feathered headdress. It’s unintentional irony that a Neal Diamond song promoting the primary thing driving these changes is quoted in this article.

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