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Trump protest in Chicago on January 20. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Do Burning Cities Mark Start Of Democrats’ ‘Civil War 2.0’?

I&I Editorial

The upsurge in rioting, looting, destruction and violence in cities across the country won’t just peter out, as many hope. Sadly, mainstream media outlets refuse to cover the actual news, while Democratic politicians actually express solidarity with those who are burning down our cities. It’s become obvious to one and all: The left media and so-called progressive Democrats would rather see urban bonfires than lose to Donald Trump in November.

Asked recently about 59 straight days of protests and violence in Portland, New York Rep. Jerry Nadler called reports of Antifa rioting there a “myth.” Not to be outdone, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi likened the federal police sent to quell the disturbances to “Nazis.”

This is today what passes for leadership in the Democratic Party, which since losing in 2016, has undergone an extreme makeover to become the most radical “mainstream” party in the U.S. in modern times. To find its equivalent, you’d have to go back to … let’s see, 1860 and 1861, when the very same Democratic Party convinced 11 states to secede from the union, thus setting off the Civil War.

Plus ça change, as the French would say.

Egged on in 2020 by that same radical party, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other extremist groups have gone on an unchecked spree. Vandalism, looting, murders and politically motivated beatings have metastasized across the nation, making city after city into unlivable hellholes.

And that’s the idea.

Why do Democrats do this? As we’ve noted before, they’ve been taken over by their extreme-left wing, which includes disgruntled socialist followers of Great Left Hope Bernie Sanders.

Democrats are desperate to get rid of Trump and regain control of the Senate. So they’ve stashed Joe Biden in his basement, while letting slick media surrogates try to sell the socialist-inspired Sanders-Biden election platform that cemented far-left control of the party.

To get rid of Trump, they’re willing to divide America once more along race, class, religious, ethnic and income lines and create another civil war. They’ve embarked on a campaign of nonstop out-of-control demonstrations and disruption, holding literally hundreds of anti-Trump gatherings to cripple his presidency.

They appear ready now to take another step: open insurrection.

And no, this isn’t a fantasy. Both left and right have pondered whether we are headed for a cataclysmic cultural clash that will fatally divide the nation into a Blue America and a Red America.

Indeed, even now, the left seems absolutely convinced Trump will refuse to leave the White House if he loses in November, touching off another conflict. There’s even a hashtag for it: #SecondCivilWar.

If so, it will be the Democrats’ doing. The far-left rioting on our streets isn’t waiting for the election, as shocking examples of urban chaos pile up:

  • In Minneapolis, the Wall Street Journal reports, “residents in some areas still recovering from rioting and unrest are forming community watch and security groups, some bearing firearms, to fight a surge of crime in the wake of the George Floyd killing in May.” No doubt they took little encouragement from the city council’s decision last Friday to partially defund the police.
  • Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best warned that her department now has “NO ability to safely intercede to preserve property in the midst of a large, violent crowd,” after a new law went into effect that forbids police to use even non-lethal means of crowd control, such as pepper spray.
  • In Denver, “demonstrators pushed down a fence, threw objects at police officers, broke windows and started a fire inside the city’s courthouse on Saturday night,” according to Denver’s KCNC-TV.
  • When a man who took a rifle to a “protest” in Austin, Texas, approached a car, the driver shot and killed him. Maybe the man carrying the rifle didn’t expect the driver to be armed.

We could go on. The list of cities tormented by left-wing violence is growing, with more than six cities last weekend convulsed by riots, looting and property destruction.

None of this would be happening if congressional Democrats had taken a bipartisan stance to reject all violence and extremism, in the interest of our nation’s well-being.

As Nadler and Pelosi show, that’s not going to happen.

They, and others among their party’s deeply cynical and America-loathing leaders, along with their Big Media handmaidens, believe average Americans will become so intimidated, fearful and demoralized by the chaos that they will vote to oust Trump and the Republican Senate majority, and give power to the Democrats.

Think that’s an exaggeration? Here’s former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham on MSNBC, courtesy of the Washington Examiner: “If you want to end this reign of terror … you’ve got to vote. And the idea that somehow or another because you think – one thinks that Trump is an idiot or he’s, you know, he’s a racist, whatever you might think … it’s not going to matter if what happened in 2016 happens again.”

Get that? Trump wasn’t elected; his is a “reign of terror.” The unhinged nature of the debate almost precludes Americans from coming together.

Once the Democrats regain all the levers of power, as they last did after the 2008 elections, they’ll do to the nation what Blue State governors and mayors are now doing to their own states and cities: Clamp down on law-abiding citizens and taxpayers and impose sweeping new indoctrination in both schools and the workplace.

Meanwhile, they’ll free up their radical-left shock troops and Social Justice Warriors to do whatever mischief they wish to intimidate ordinary citizens, especially once they’ve defunded local police and shut down prisons an jails.

Trump says he’ll soon send federal reinforcements to Seattle, Chicago and New York to retake the streets from the thugs and to protect federal property and workers. It’s a good start.

But state and city officials are obliged by the law to uphold the Constitution within their jurisdictions. That means protecting the basic constitutional rights, property and lives of those whom they were elected to serve. Right now, they’re failing miserably.

Only you can stop this insanity. It begins in the voting booth, but doesn’t end there. All Americans need to recapture an appreciation for the preciousness of their constitutional rights, and also the history that underpins our nation’s great success.

If not, they will deliver our nation into the hands of leftist ideologues who won’t hesitate from cleaving this country in two. That would be bad for all of us.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board.

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Don’t even think of it! To write and think in such terms is to fall exactly into the trap the neo-Marxists are setting for us. Marxists believe in violent revolution, conservatives believe in evolution with justice (cf Edmund Burke). To be prepared to answer violence with violence except as the very last resort is evil. I’m Jewish not Christian, but I say to Christians that according to your faith the devil must be at work among you if you allow hatred and contempt, tempting as they may be, to tempt you to take up the gauntlet of civil war. Most people in this country are reasonable and would abhor civil war.

    The place of dedicated conservatives must be to convince the mainstream of people that, while the residuum of racism must be addressed by sensible policies, America is not a guilty nation and political violence will destroy the country rather than repair it. We are about to lose in 2020, we should concentrate on a message that can win big in 2022 and 2024 and perhaps start restoring the country to an even keel.

    • “We are about to lose in 2020, we should concentrate on a message that can win big in 2022 and 2024 and perhaps start restoring the country to an even keel.”

      I’m sorry, but I don’t follow losers.

      Second, as you must know, you HAVE to know unless your head has been firmly buried in the sand, or somewhere else deep and dark, that if “we lose in 2020”, there will be no more free elections. California’s last Senatorial elections featured two Democrats on the ballot, and no Republicans. California had at least 6 seats which were won by the GOP on election day, only to have the will of the people reversed days or weeks later, with fraudulent, manufactured votes. Nationwide, 22 Congressional and 2 Senate seats “flipped” from GOP after votes were counted on election day, to Democrat after manipulation of the results.

      No, November is it. If Trump wins and the GOP holds the Senate, then the Communist Democrats will escalate to IED’s on interstates, to assassinations, to bombings (ask Bill Ayers about that), and other terrorist activities. If the Democrats win, then they will arrest, charge, and imprison anyone who significantly interrupts their Communist agenda, as we saw happen with the Obama/Sessions DOJ and Mueller’s leftist Democrats.

      You go ahead and go the Bob Michel’s, comfortable, permanent House minority route. It’s not like anything really important is at stake. /sarc

      Me? I’m a fighting patriot, who took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies foreign and domestic. I’ll meet the Communist Democrat’s force with superior force, so help me God.

    • I’m a Jew, an American and a Vietnam Vet, and I say that if you are not willing to fight for your country, then you are part of the problem and not the solution. Tikkun Olam doesn’t work, and the Dems have already decided that they are going to try and take this country by force, whether or not Trump wins or not. It is up to us on the right to stop them, and if that means using violence, then so be it. It is what it is. You’d be better served learning how to defend yourself, because the time for talk is long over.

  • The Democrats have championed Jim Crow 2.0 under the guise of gun safety while surrounding regions have been arming. Democratic strongholds, the cities, are utterly dependent on easily interrupted supplies of food, fuel and power. The cities are often bound by easily defended geography. Klantifa, BLM & NFAC can make things messy where they have a monopoly of force but appear to be hollow threat when the monopoly is challenged.

    Any civil war will end rapidly. Think the quarantine was bad? Add no HVAC, food, water, electricity, internet or cell phone service. What you will have is starvation and misery in the cities. Rural areas will still have access to food and fuel as well as being the better armed and accustomed to outdoor life. I’d say that the war is already won. The losers haven’t realized it yet.

  • America, it’s been nice. So sad to see you go. But, where do WE go to get away? This was the last and best refuge for people yearning to be free.

  • “To get rid of Trump, they’re willing to divide America once more along race, class, religious, ethnic and income lines and create another civil war.”

    Nice use of Saul Alinsky’s advice to loudly accuse your opponents of that which your side is guilty…

  • Planned Chaos per Ludwig von Mises; put to spray painted words on the WW2 memorial “Y’all tired yet?” No solutions and constant chaos until Americans simply are simply too tired to resist at which time the Constitution will either become a social justice blank check by construction…or simply replaced.

    Unfortunately for the false religion Marxianity the God of Sinai is not sitting this one out and eventually, at their own insistence, the tree of liberty will be fertilized with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

  • I disagree. You would have to believe that all of the police agencies will go along in every part of the nation. That will not happen. Maybe the cities will have these issues but not the red parts of every state. I could see many people getting deputized. The real war is indoctrination through academia, MSM and social media. It is working but it will take longer. All of the media needs to be treated like a public utility or broken up by antitrust, and if need be, by force.

  • The Democrats today are doing the very same thing they did in the early morning hours
    of April, 12, 1861 when they fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. It was the opening
    shots of the Civil War. That didn’t work out too well for them in the end.

    Today, they are burning their own cities to the ground. Same thing. Same results.

  • My answer to the Democrat imposed violence is to let Antifa and BLM burn their blue cities to the ground and refuse taxpayer money to rebuild. Let the Dems reap what the sow.

  • After months of endless unrest, we can no longer assume local mayors, governors, and state attorneys are simply “coddling” the protesters. We must now assume they are full collaborators with them. This is civil rebellion and should be put down by all legal means possible. The silence of the voters in supporting these elected officials is a far more troublesome situation. It indicates people no longer wish to be part of this country.

  • How many dead lefties do they want? Sad to say but these idiots want a violent revolution. Be careful fools what you ask for…

  • 1. Burning cities are Dem cities. 2. The nation may well tire of the Left’s violence by November. 3. If not, see # 1. No great loss. Let the BLM +Antifa Marxists burn their cities down, then make them live in the ashes. Businesses are leaving, people are leaving. Even if they win in November, it’s a Pyrrhic victory, the damage they have done to those Dem cities and their cause will take decades to repair if ever. The left has actually thoroughly sabotaged their effort to move everyone into cities that they control. The opposite is happening, everybody who can is abandoning them. 4. No, nada, zip, zero, nothing no federal $ should go to rebuild / repair any of the cities destroyed by the mob. It was a willful act by their citizens and their leadership and nobody need help them repair it.

  • There are those who look at politics and elections as a team sport. The News media has spent half a century to get you to think of it that way. They’ve also schooled you to think this Nation, is split 50/50. That is the greatest scam ever. The actual split is Americans 70%. Progressives 29%. The Parties have mascots, just like a sports team. Elephant/Donkey. The Parties have colors, assigned by Tim Russert, a Democrat hosting ‘Meet the Press’, years ago. Red was appropriate for the Democrats, because Red is the emblem of Communism. Russert knew he had to assign that color to Republicans. When people are asked what is their favorite color, they say Blue. Democrats were assigned ‘Blue’.

    In Ferguson, MO, 2014, a guy strong armed a convenience clerk, took what he wanted, and the clerk called the cops. The criminal then tried to kill the cop who responded. Thankfully the criminal was killed.

    The Open Society Foundation immediately sent ‘organizers’ to convince the Protesters (who had been lied to) to start looting and burning.

    Silly white girls of the Democrat News media went on TV holding up their hands, saying, “Hands up. Don’t Shoot.

    The most racist Attorney General in American History, Eric Holder, Obama’s wingman, sent the most racist investigators he could find in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ to bring this filthy cop to Justice. (disclosure: I worked in the Civ Rts Div at the DOJ in 1983. No one ‘serves’ there. They use their power to bring the Marxist utopia to fruition. I worked there.).

    Even Racist Eric Holder could not fault the policeman. It was a righteous shoot. The low-life scumbag was deserving to be sent to God.

    Still..silly white girls of the Democrat News media went on TV holding up their hands, saying, “Hands up. Don’t Shoot”.

    This is no longer about elections. Forget the ‘yay team crap’. For the last half Century, Democrats have used deception and voter fraud to maintain power. Republicans have gone along because being in the minority is so cool. The swamp is kept at a lovely 72 degrees, and you can have anything you want. Women? of course. Boys? of course? Money? That’s the easiest.
    Our Capitol City, Washington, DC is a 24 hr a day cesspit of corruption. $4 Trillion dollars flow through that city every year. Everyone wets their beak.

    Where we are now, is not about an election. Hard times comin’. That is not a bad thing. Americans love a challenge. Hint to future Free Men. Never create a Department of Education. Parasites are drawn to that like they are to Capitol Cities.

  • Complete garbage article. Totally biased and exaggerated claims. Not even a hint of being fair or balanced. Have you ever stopped to think that one of the reasons that there has been an increase in protests, rioting, etc is from the deep divisions Trump has cultivated since getting into office. I have never seen a President completely do away with bipartisanship and lash out daily and make the opposing party the enemy. Thank God he will be gone in November so this nation can begin to heal from his administration and his making of anyone that does not agree with him “the enemy”. Very sick man

    • If you never saw a president do that before I guess you weren’t watching anything the previous president did for 8 years. Democrats no longer have a political party; they have a religion. Everyone who doesn’t drink their Koolaid is a heretic.

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