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George Floyd riots in Philadelphia. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Are We In The First Days Of A Lawless Era?

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A nation founded on the rule of law appears to be yielding to the rule of the mob. Not everyone has surrendered. The trend, though, is worrisome. Too many of our “leaders” and institutions are failing us.

In 2020, law enforcement officers in this country are being treated not just with disrespect but in many instances are being abused verbally and physically. Rioters and looters are going unpunished, not because they can’t be identified or the cases against them are weak but because prosecutors (several of them backed by George Soros) refuse to uphold the law and charge the offenders. Violent gangs have been allowed, almost encouraged, to take over city streets, sidewalks, and private property; shut down the free movement of others; and topple public monuments.

Civilized people don’t behave in this way. When some portion of a society goes beyond the law, the larger portion has historically made the course correction. Today, it’s a far smaller segment than it has been in the past.

Right here we’re going to say something that might seem over the line. We believe that “the mobs of tearful, angry students,” as the Washington Post put it, who raged after the 2016 election, the current convulsion of violence, as well all the unrest in between, wouldn’t have occurred if Hillary Clinton was president. What we’re seeing is an extended tantrum over the Trump election.

If she had been elected, and her party took the majorities in Congress, the troublemakers, and their political and media divisions, would be comfortable and smug, and not looking for reasons to foment riots, loot, burn, vandalize, attack police officers and innocents, and take over public and private property.

The unwinding of civilization would be taking place internally, through the Democratic White House and Congress, and the Democratic state houses, governors’ mansions, and city halls across the country. Some from the party on the left would gladly aid the cause, since it reflects their own anti-America, anti-West view, others going along because they hope they will be consumed last by the reign of terror.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter would have had little reason to continue rampaging under Clinton because of her solidarity with those who truly seem to be bent on pulling down society. She would have given them everything she possibly could have.

Expect Joe Biden to do what Clinton had no chance to even start. Already he’s kowtowing to the extreme left of his party, which appears to have hijacked his presidential campaign from the inside.

While a Democratic administration would be quieter than a second term of Donald Trump in regard to mob behavior, it would be much more lethal to civil society. The American legacy of liberty, independence, and charity will be ceded by political institutions, universities, local schools, and faithless businesses to a voracious mob if Biden moves from his basement to the West Wing in January.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Some two years ago I expressed the fear that the time would come when we’d have to choose – either partisan cooperation or military law.

    I think the moment is nigh.

  • They maybe wining the battle, but I do not think they will win the war.

  • I agree with your opinion.

    The problem we have is that the Republican party is not interested in countering the left. The RINOs bellyache and complain about the left, but they never actually do anything.

    We The People are stuck between a rock and a hard place. When Democrats run things we lose ground quickly; when Republicans run things we lose ground more slowly. Or as in the case of the W administrations assault on our liberty, we lose it quickly for patriotic reasons.

    We The People don’t need more “excellent articles” about what is wrong, we need a plan of action, and people who will lead the charge to retake our nation from the fringe. If you are a thinking human being, you already knew that this entire wave of “protests,” and the scamdemic was just an extension of the Russia hoax, and the failed impeachment / coup attempt.

    So thanks for the Insight, but how about something useful, like what to do?

  • Combine the “long march through the institutions” with the Cloward-Piven theory, and here’s what you get.

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