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Biden Admits Obama Was A Failure As President

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Tweeting Sunday from, presumably, his basement, Joe Biden promised that if elected this fall, “we won’t just rebuild this nation – we’ll transform it.” Did he forget that he was for eight years vice president in the administration whose chief executive said just before the 2008 election that we were “five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”? Apparently, Barack Obama didn’t get the job done.

So it’s up to Biden, or so he supposes. The man who was not only No. 2 for two terms, but was an elected federal lawmaker for 44 years, will have to plug the holes left by Obama.

It’s up to him to guide the Democratic party through its full transition to the party of the deranged; ram through a soul- and economy-shredding New Green Deal; fan the hate-America flames; encourage the cancel culture; emasculate males; make the federal tax system as punitive as possible; appoint a Black Lives Matter co-founder to a top federal post; further insulate our institutional elitists who have long lived in a bubble; regulate, regulate, regulate; violate then try to repeal the First and Second Amendments; mainstream The Squad’s lunatic policies and Marxist views; prosecute a war on plastic; and give the country more Venezuela.

If by hard-left standards, Obama’s was a failed presidency, it also came up short in terms of any constructive work he could have done.

For instance, the former community organizer, and the “new Kennedy,” oversaw the weakest, slowest economic recovery in America’s post-war history. He frittered away public money on a financial stimulus that had the opposite effect. He widened a racial divide that had been closing for decades. His foreign policy took America from a position of strength to one in which the White House’s “red line” was a backtracking marker, a soft spot that invited bad-faith leaders of other nations to exploit. The national health care program named after him has been a debacle.

Never missing a chance to lowlight the country that provided him with an opportunity he’d have nowhere else on Earth, Obama said the U.S. was nothing special. His administration overflowed with scandals, from the IRS targeting conservative groups that opposed his policies, to gunwalking weapons to drug traffickers in Mexico and the U.S., to the 2012 attack on an American facility in Benghazi, Libya, in which four Americans were murdered by terrorists, including the ambassador to the country, to Obama’s leading role in the attempted coup of President Donald Trump.

It’s neither crazy nor racist to say Obama was the worst president of our lifetimes, maybe the worst in our modern era. It’s simply the truth. But that could change. If Biden is elected, he just might even be worse.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Under Prez Obama:
    12 MILLION private sector job were created and the stock market tripled.
    I guess a cherrypicked line from a speech can make him a failure though.

    • Talk about cherry picking. Part time jobs, lowest labor participation since Carter and free money to Wall Street. Nothing he did improved the lives of the working class.

    • For the first time in history the middle class shrank under Obama. The middle class is America! I guess the left wants the country to look like California., super rich or homeless. That’s what happens when politicians send our jobs to Mexico and China.

    • Tripled? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👌

    • 12 million private sector jobs given to the illegal aliens that invaded our country during the same time. You live on the teat of government, don’t you?

    • Using Google I cannot find where Obama created anywhere near 12 million jobs. In fact your post fails to deduct or mention the millions of jobs lost during the first two years of Obama’s reign. Twisting facts into a pretzel is not helpful. When considering ALL factors such as the cost of food, housing, transportation, etc., the improvement in my standard of living was negligible under Obama and I was one of the lucky ones compared to my friends. All the while the nation increased it’s debt by 9 TRILLION! President Trump will have a nearly impossible task of turning that around without destroying our way of life. Both political parties share in the blame for the debt, while Trump is not your typical politician and has been in both parties. If you haven’t figured out that he loves America and every American, then that is your problem. Trump’s love for America IS HIS GREATEST ASSET!

    • Umm when you start low (which the economy was due to the mortgage crisis brought on by Barney Frank ) its easy to create jobs.

      Obama also said getting unemployment to 4.5% would take a magic wand. Trump did a percentage point better than that.

  • Biden’s mind is too ravished by disease for him to be held responsible for anything he his saying. If he committed a crime in New York he would fail a 730 exam and be institutionalized for what’s left of his sad life.

  • If we’re talking about worst president of our lifetimes, the current president is winning that prize.

      • Ideology is all they have. I certainly don’t see reasonable proposals coming from the left, unless you consider defunding the police reasonable. President Trump left the WHO and Biden says he will put us back in. Those types of opposing viewpoints (just to oppose) could be considered far more negative than positive. You were kind in using the word silly.

  • Though I voted for Obama twice-yes-twice, i consider him a mediocre President who betrayed the ideals I thought I was thereby supporting.

    But George W. Bush is surely the worst President of my lifetime, and it has been a profound source of disgust that our former War Criminal-in-Chief is now Michelle Obama’s best buddy. That told me everything I had not already figured out for myself.

    I am very liberal, but not a Democrat; I remain a Sanders supporter though I’m not a Democratic Socialist either. I’m not pleased to be expected to support, now, a mediocrity who’s been on the wrong side of every important issue of our time, and who will more than anything else resemble the Cryptkeeper-in-Chief should he be inaugurated in Jan. 2021. I do not know if I’ll achieve the required stomach to do it by Election Day.

    But Trump is a disaster as a human being and for the ideals I’d think you support, especially the defense of the secular foundations of our democracy. A man who believes in nothing but money yet installs Christian cultists in every level of government is someone even people of faith who consider themselves patriots ought not to be able to endure.

    And—psst–even conservative libertarians ought to desire clean water and air, and unpolluted ground, and safe working conditions for all who live within our nation (and for the rest of the world too, of course). Capitalism is the natural inclination of human beings, sure, but businesses can make anything; they need not make and sell poisons. There’s good chemistry, and bad.

    • Ive seen a lot of presidents come and go. I’m 60. Narcissism is not a dis-qualifier, but a fraud pork-barrel democrat will spend us into oblivion.

      • Well, sure–narcissism is inherent in politicians.

        But I’m old enough to remember when “Republican” was not synonymous with “Evangelical Christian” or, for that matter, “crazy person.”

        As I said in my original comment: I’m not happy. I recognize that Biden’s VP pick will be the de facto President; I can handle that if it’s Liz Warren but not if it’s Harris. Stock tip: invest in Pepto Bismol.

  • Let us not forget that Obama had 50+ ‘czars’ to work his will while he was hopping from one golf date to the next. Biden? He’ll have god-knows how many advisors acting as co-President while his staff makes sure he has a steady supply of crayons, and young females to sniff.

    ‘Disaster’ will be a pale word compared what awaits the Republic at the hands of that man.

  • Biden if elected, will be one of the shortest term presidents in American history. He will be ousted under the 25th Amendment and a radical Vice President will take over the Presidency. Thus a coup will be completed and we will be headed either into revolution against the leftist radicals or a falling of the US Constitution into anarchy.

  • Jeff,
    You mean “12 Million PART time jobs”, don’t you?
    …talk about cherry picking…

  • Reading between the lines, but not that much, I’d say he means 8 years wasn’t quite enough time to get the death camps going. 4 more years should do it.

  • Biden has to get through the debates first. I see a train wreck happening there.

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