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Rush Limbaugh Cites I&I On Democrats’ Hatred Of Capitalism

Talk radio overlord of the universe Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday once again read from an Issues & Insights editorial, this time beginning the third hour of his show with I&I.

Rush said, “ has an editorial today, and the headline, the title of the piece: “COVID Confirms It: Dems Don’t Understand Economics.” He pointed out that we said, “Bernie Sanders’ rant is typical of most if not nearly all of today’s Democrats. Their view of profit is that it is an evil that must not be allowed. This is at odds with what we know: Profits are necessary to human lives. When profits are not being pursued, an economy can never develop. We can’t all work for non-profit interest groups and expect to move forward.”

As I&I’s J. Frank Bullitt noted, “Democrats are unable to understand that the potential to earn profits is what drives companies to make lifesaving and life-enhancing drugs, as well as every other good out there.” Rush then launched into some fascinating explorations of the “democratic socialist” mind.

“The Democrats oppose capitalism,” he said. “Capitalism to them is the root of all evil because it’s the epitome of unfairness, you see. It’s the epitome of inequality. It’s epitome of racism and bigotry and homophobia. Capitalism is the evil of all evils. Socialism is the answer, communism is the answer because nobody gets laughed at, nobody ever loses, nobody’s better than anything else, nobody has any more than anybody else, and there’s no competition. And so there’s no hurt feelings. And the people that run the show have all the money. They’ve got everything in the world they need and they bleed everything else dry until everything goes south like Venezuela or Cuba.”

Rush further quoted I&I:

“While Andrew Cuomo is not necessarily taking a party line when he says he believes an economic shutdown is necessary to save lives, it’s not a big leap for Democrats, given their leftward orientation, to characterize an eventual reopening of the economy as a conflict of ‘lives vs. money.’”

Rush had plenty more to say: “This is what scares the hell out of me. The idea of reopening the economy during this, the Democrats are gonna oppose it, and they’re gonna pitch it as lives versus money. You know, when we went to kick Saddam Hussein, Iraq, out of Kuwait, they said, ‘You can’t do this. This is blood for oil.’ The free flow of oil at market prices is what allows everybody to eat in this country and the world. The free flow of oil at market prices is the bedrock foundation of economic activity.

“And look how cheap oil is now because of the arguments going on between Saudi Arabia and Russia, 99 cents-a-gallon gasoline. Do you realize what a big tax cut equivalent that is? It is huge in terms of people having more disposable income elsewhere.

“But this is what bothers me, folks, the Democrats are gonna pitch this as lives versus money, and they’re gonna do their best to make sure this economy stays shut down because that’s the fastest way they think to beating Trump. And the people in the Democrat Party urging this have got their money — Feinstein, Pelosi, they’re uber-wealthy. They’re not gonna be hurt nearly as much as other people by this. So they’ve got theirs. Lives versus money. When in fact it’s lives versus lives. It’s not lives versus money. Money is not an enemy of lives. Money is not an enemy of life. But to the modern-day Democrat Party and media acolytes, it is.”

We urge all I&I readers to read Rush’s full commentary at — as well as regularly check out all the other valuable and relevant information you’ll find there from the fertile mind of El Rushbo.

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  • The Democrats, lacking the insight of ‘unintended consequences’, have this death wish to create a level playing field, not realizing that, if that is to be a permanent condition, it will kill ambition and motivation – there is no UP in an equal society.

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