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Rahm Emanuel: Don’t Let This Chance To Trick Voters Go To Waste

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Before he engaged in the perpetual crisis management of being mayor of Chicago, below-the-belt Democrat operative “Rahmbo” Emanuel did stints in two White Houses, as Bill Clinton’s enabler and Barack Obama’s consigliere.

He’s most famous for saying, “You never want a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that: it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” But writing in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, with the Iowa caucuses beckoning, Emanuel let the cat out of the bag on how the more-radical-than-ever Democratic Party agenda will not be acceded to by the American people.

Emanuel’s candor was astounding. “In an autocratic system, those in power have a free hand to enact an agenda without considering the electoral implications. But because the Constitution guarantees regular elections, progressives are compelled to build agendas that balance policy and politics.”

That pesky Constitution of the United States; if only Democrats could govern as “autocrats,” they would have “a free hand to enact” all the things that are for Americans’ own good but which they would never vote for. It would be all leftist policy, no politics.

Instead, according to Emanuel, Democrats must look for opportunities to enact their socialist schemes by stealth. In the meantime, as they wait for such chances to pounce, Democrats must restrain themselves and shut up about their true intentions.

“Reform is often more effective than revolution,” Emanuel warns Democrats. “Amid the heated rhetoric now blowing through Iowa, Democrats appear to be losing sight of that.” If they practice self-discipline, however, the prize could be great, he is convinced. “The next nine months will present our raucous coalition a rare opportunity to establish a new Democratic ‘metropolitan majority’ that could last for years … The country appears poised for the sort of political realignment Messrs. Clinton and Obama could only dream about.”

The “revolutionary strategy” advocated by the most extreme elements among elected Democrats – presumably New York City Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad,” and other supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy, although Emanuel doesn’t name names – “would have tanked in 1992 or 2008.”

Flip the coin. Imagine if some conservative anti-matter/reverse image of Rahm Emanuel were offering much the same advice to Republicans. Think of a Lee Atwater or a Roger Stone remarking in print that “In an autocratic system, those in power would have a free hand to cut tax rates drastically, protect the unborn, and aggressively oppose Iran militarily.”

Unfortunately, the strategist writes, Republicans can’t enact such a a boldly conservative agenda “because the Constitution guarantees regular elections.”

Can you picture how berserk the establishment media would go? Hours of airtime on CNN and MSNBC would be devoted to the front page news that a major GOP strategist has admitted that what the party wants is diametrically opposed to what the people want.

Republican operatives don’t talk this way, of course. Because they know they’re offering policies people like – especially when they’re explained with clarity, and put to the test after being passed into law. Witness President Donald Trump’s booming economy, America’s newly respected standing in the world, and the grassroots enthusiasm gap between this GOP president and his predecessors.

— Written by Thomas McArdle

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  • You’re just figuring it out now? Geesh. Everyone knows the difference between Democrat voters and Republican voters is: Democrats know their candidates lie. Republicans pray theirs are telling the truth.

  • It is already happening, upstate NY vs NYC, Northern California vs Southern California, Northern Maine vs Southern Maine many more examples out ther

  • Gruber has confirmed this axiom. Democrats (and the general electorate) need to be lied to in order for them to allow policies that are counter to the electorates needs and desires to be passed into law. (eg. ACA, CFPB, and a thousand other devious deeds)

  • Disagree with you completely. 42% of Americans like Trump and his policies. Less now then when he was elected. Which means about 58% can’t stand him or his policies. And according to Fortune Magazine the Middle class is doing worse every year. The Economic boone is an illusion
    powered by 2 trillion in tax breaks for the rich. And about 1.5 trillion in overseas corporate money brought back into the country induced by another huge tax cut. Your comments are so divorced from reality your real agenda becomes transparent; To protect the power and policies of the conservatives at all costs. No matter how much it damages our country.

    • John…..your rose colored glasses of hate are fogging your knowledge and judgement.
      You quote trump approval is at 42%… That is not true at all. It’s about 49-50%. And, those that don’t approve of Trump certainly do not fall into that scientific column “can’t stand” him. Me thinks your bias is playing out here.
      Since you quote these stats as an argument for your feelings of hate toward Trump…answer this: Just say, for argument’s sake, Trump were to win every state except Hawaii, California and New York… 47 states come November. Would you concede that most voters then support Trump? I wonder just what would it take for you to see your are in the minority on your anti-Trump rhetoric, and on the wrong side of history?
      Sad for you, man. America has made a historical turn away from longstanding democratic policies…and you are clinging to vapor for happiness. It’s going to be a long decade ahead for you….

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