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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a Putin loyalist, in 2010. Kremlin photo.

Pelosi’s And Putin’s Remarkably Similar Abuses Of Power

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Jan. 15, 2020, a date which will live in infamy on two continents. How oddly coincidental that the world witnessed massive abuses of constitutional power in both the United States and Russia on the same day.

In Moscow, Russian ruler Vladimir Putin suddenly unveiled changes to the Russian constitution that will for all practical purposes render his unrestrained rule permanent. He was prime minister from 1999 to 2000, president from 2000 to 2008, prime minister again from 2008 to 2012, and now president again since 2012. The changes will transfer to parliament Putin’s presidential powers, which he is expected to give up in 2024, as law requires.

But in crime syndicates, titles bend to the will of the boss; in the Kremlin Crime Family that’s Czar Vladimir.

Putin tapped Russia’s little-known tax chief to become prime minister and he will likely ultimately succeed Putin in a diminished presidency. Like Dmitry Medvedev, who has resigned along with the entire cabinet to facilitate Putin’s restructuring, he can be expected to be essentially a Putin lackey.

Whether in a formal capacity, or pulling this puppet’s strings behind the scenes, Putin has arranged to be Russian ruler for life.

In America, such a sweeping shift would require a constitutional amendment, which means years of convincing three-quarters of the state legislatures (or convening a new constitutional convention). In Russia, it means Putin waving his hand.

As freedom in the former Soviet Union slipped further from the grasp of the people of the Russian federation, however, the speaker of the House in this country was simultaneously misusing the awesome power of impeachment provided by our Constitution.

Like Putin, Pelosi has timed her move for purposes of aggrandizing power, waiting until mid-January to let the Senate begin its trial – after insisting last year that the impeachment inquiry and subsequent House floor vote had to be hurried to take place before Christmas. Her hope was that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would be intimidated into skewing the rules of a Senate trial to presume President Donald Trump’s guilt, and guarantee that House Democrats’ criteria for witnesses would be accepted. Despite a Republican Senate majority, this would improve the longshot odds of a trial spiraling out of control against Trump, and picking off a GOP senator or two. It would thus hurt Trump’s reelection chances, and help Democrats’ electoral fortunes overall.

McConnell prevailed. But also similar to Putin, Pelosi used a veneer of legitimacy to thwart her nation’s voters. Putin remains in power thanks to widespread ballot-stuffing, repeat voting and other manifestations of election fraud. Pelosi is using the rarely employed, extraordinary power of impeachment not to remedy “high crimes and misdemeanors,” as the Constitution directs, but to undo Trump’s lawful 2016 election – if not in actually removing him from office then by blemishing him enough to prevent his reelection. Or if that proves not possible, then by sabotaging Trump’s second term.

The smiles and ceremonial pens featured in Pelosi’s ill-considered signing ceremony that sent two articles of impeachment to the Senate – aping presidential bill signings – exposed the corrupt motives underneath.

Putin is indeed interested in disrupting U.S. elections, as the establishment media so often remind us. But opening fake social media accounts to spread disinformation, or promoting political rallies and fraudulent political articles, as Russia undertakes, are practices that are no match in influencing voters to one of the chambers of the U.S. Congress conducting a full-blown charade, our hallowed Constitution be damned.

The strongest interference in American elections is from within. If voters recognize that Pelosi and Putin are applying the same debauched principle for purposes of wielding power, they will mark the common date of their deeds come this November as the day of infamy it was.

— Written by Thomas McArdle

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  • If reports are true that Paul Pelosi Jr. was employed by an Ukrainian energy company, then Nancy Pelosi has a major conflict of interest concerning the impeachment process based on charges that Trump requested an investigation of ugly Americans involved in influence peddling, official misconduct, possible mail/wire/bank fraud, and 2016 election interference.
    VP Biden committed the impeachable offense – not Trump – when he coerced the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor investigating the company (Burisma) that employed his son Hunter. Schiff coordinated with a “whistleblower” who worked with VP Biden’s office on the tainted Ukrainian deal. The Obama/Clinton plumbers apparently coordinated with Russian/Ukrainian operatives in Ukraine to throw the 2016 election and have continued coordinated even now.
    The Senate does not have to obey the rules of Pelosi’s Kangaroo Kourt Kommittees. That is a good thing!

  • Ridiculous. The House has the sole power to impeach, and Pelosi operated within that framework. The timing was necessary because Trump was trying to rig an election in his favor with the help of a foreign government, an act that is illegal, unpatriotic and un-American.
    Putin is rigging his country’s constitution to keep his hold on power.
    Even if the improbable occurs and Trump is removed by Senate, Pelosi remains Speaker.
    There’s no legitimate comparison between this elected American representative and the Russian dictator. And I’m saying this as a Republican.

    • If you spatially believe this drivel you are not just not a Republican you are a highly suspect American who obvious has not read the constitution.

      • Pelosi gets hate because she outfoxed Moscow Mitch and Trump by using the rules against them, allowing more evidence of Trump Corruption to surface. It worked.

        Was Trump right to extort dirt on Biden for their much-needed weapons to protect them from Trump’s buddy, Putin?

      • I’ve been a Republican for 34 years, and it’s ridiculous to compare a Russian dictator to an elected official who has the Constitution on her side, even if she’s a Democrat.
        What I do question are all those adoring Trump loyalists who share this president’s affinity for Putin, a guy who has consistently worked against American interests for years.

    • Wrong. Trump was trying to get to the bottom of corruption by the Obama administration, led by the officious Joe Biden. He bragged, on camera, about “persuading” the prosecutor to drop the case against his son’s company. Don’t drop the case and you don’t get the money. Joe got what he wanted and the case was dropped. Quid pro quo, at its best. Trump was required by treaty, signed by Clinton, to get to the bottom of corruption, which runs rampant in Ukraine.

      • No, Trump wasn’t interested in corruption. After all, the only country that Trump ever expressed concern about corruption was Ukraine, no other nation, despite plentiful other countries with bigger corruption problems. Not only that, the only corruption in Ukraine Trump talked about was Crowdstrike (which is FakeNews) and the Bidens, despite there being numerous oligarchs who stole money from the Ukrainian people (there’s an oligarch right now awaiting extradition to the US, and he’s being legally defended by Trump allies, Toensign-DiGenova). And what a coincidence, VP Biden just happens to be Trump’s chief rival in the upcoming election.
        No, Trump’s alleged concerns about corruption aren’t believable.
        Second point, you’re wrong that Biden persuaded “the prosecutor to drop the case against his son’s company”. What actually happened is that Biden threatened withhold loan guarantees until their corrupt chief prosecutor was sacked.

  • “[Pelosi’s] hope was that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would be intimidated into skewing the rules of a Senate trial to presume President Donald Trump’s guilt, and guarantee that House Democrats’ criteria for witnesses would be accepted.

    The only person who threatened to change the Senate’s Impeachment Rules was Mitch McConnell. He said the rules (dating from 1868 with minor changes in 1998) ought to be changed, but (so far) hasn’t followed through on that threat. Nowhere in those rules does it say that the Senate must defer decisions regarding witnesses until later in the trial. Pelosi never made any demands regarding the Senate’s rules. She did delay the release of the Articles of Impeachment, but the timeline for their delivery isn’t specified in the Constitution. Of course, she was hoping that public pressure would build against McConnell’s plan to hold a highly abbreviated trial without witnesses or documents. Why would it impact the presumption of innocence? If Trump is indeed innocent, he and McConnell should welcome witness testimony. Every Senate Impeachment Trial to date has featured the testimony of witnesses. And the decision on who to call to testify is entirely in the hands of Senate. If the GOP majority calls for testimony from people who don’t possess knowledge that can either prove or disprove the charges–turning the proceedings into a circus–they can.

  • From the transcript of the Helsinki Press Conference:

    REPORTER (Jeff Mason from Reuters): President Putin, did you want President Trump to win the election and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that?

    PUTIN: Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Because he talked about bringing the US/Russia relationship back to normal.

  • Mr. McArdle’s point that both Putin and Pelosi (two Ps in the same pod) are communists is an excellent observation. My focus is on Pelosi’s KGB tactics.

    Because the partisan impeachment charge is based on a lie, Pelosi in turn has violated her oath of office as Speaker of the U.S. House. Many attorneys have gone on record stating that she is guilty of the Abuse of Power.

    In addition of her illegal decisions to allow her chairmen to deny Due process to our president, Pelosi herself has violated federal laws by her insistence that she rules & dictates the rules of the U.S. Senate. She is on video making a list of demands that her rules should be implemented in the Senate. Her fellow lawmakers just excused her misconduct has a severe case of senility.

    Equally illegal is Pelosi’s demand that more witnesses testify in the Senate trial that never existed during her impeachment hearings in the House. Majority Senate leader Mitch McConnell is rejecting her tactic of holding the U.S. Senators as her hostages.

    Pelosi’s demand for a Do-Over has 2 flaws in the law. First, she is creating a Double Jeopardy violation by insisting that the trial re-do the work that has already been done by the House. And second, adding new witness is her acknowledgement that the Charges are invalid.

    My point is that Pelosi has no problems in breaking laws to enforce her main agenda to remove a president elected by 52 million voters.
    But what Pelosi is blatantly ignoring is that the Constitution does not allow her to wipe out the votes of any election.
    For this action alone, Speaker Pelosi needs to be prosecuted as a TRAITOR to Democracy.

    Adam of CA.

    • Like it or not, the House has the sole power to impeach the president, per the Constitution, so Pelosi did nothing “illegal”.

      • You are correct. Neither did President Trump. So why send the entire country down this dangerous slope?

  • And, Pence better be looking over his shoulder – Pelosi plans to get rid of him right after Trump, if she prevails.


    Then, the Dems will continue going down the Order of Succession, until they find a compliant person, or one that they can blackmail. I’m assuming their first idea (a crackpot one), that they can just do a take-back on the 2016 election, and coronate HRC, has been discarded.

    How DARE these Citizens try to elect their own president!

  • This latest impeachment fiasco leads me to believe that the current house of representatives could, like a renegade Prosecutor, impeach a ham sandwich.

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