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Climate Hysteria Is A Backdoor For Imposing Personal Interests On The Public

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The “fight” against global warming is not a selfless movement wholly focused on saving our world but a means for activists to impose their personal desires on the rest of us. They want to shut down farms, stop homebuilding, dictate what we can eat, and are eager to financially reward politically favored groups.

Our first stop on this tour of private crusades is in the United Kingdom, where Ian Boyd, a former chief scientific adviser for the government, is claiming, according to a recent British Guardian report, that “half of the nation’s farmland needs to be transformed into woodlands and natural habitat to fight the climate crisis and restore wildlife.”

“We need a large, radical transformation and we need to do it quickly, in the next decade” said the good professor.

Continued Boyd: “If anybody asked me: ‘If there is one thing I can do to help save the planet, what would it be?’ I would say just eat a lot less meat. It’s the easiest thing to do. I’ve done it.”

And we are therefore supposed to be impressed by his commitment and inspired to follow the great man.

Of course he’s not making the sacrifice alone. Others have chosen to cut back or eliminate their meat intake in the name of saving us from global warming. None were easily found at the last United Nations climate conference in Madrid, where “U.N. bureaucrats chow(ed) down on burgers – while attacking meat.”

While some alarmists have gone to war against meat consumption, a UCLA urban planning professor apparently wishes housing was a communal rather than an individual or family affair.

“If we want to keep cities safe in the face of climate change, we need to seriously question the ideal of private homeownership,” says the subhead of piece published in The Nation two days before Christmas.

Professor Kian Goh, who is teaching young minds vulnerable to radical thinking, is also critical of property rights in general. He prefers “government-planned and -built public housing,” as well as “new or reconstituted forms of cooperative housing.”

“The idea of cooperative living,” (which clearly means “communal” living and therefore is socialism-based) “in both financial and social terms,” writes Goh, “needs room to breathe and grow.”

Obviously there’s no room for the freedom to choose in Goh’s world.

Finally, we move on the reparations crowd, which skipped the steps of Eric Hoffer’s progression of causes and jumped directly to the racket level.

“Shout out if you want to destroy fossil fuel capitalists,” a woman described as an “environmental strategist” told the crowd gathered last week at Fire Drill Friday, a Capitol Hill climate protest held each week.

“We will demand reparations for the harm that they caused,” she tweeted. “Together we will redistribute trillions of dollars to fund a #GreenNewDeal.”

According to Townhall, the woman – who was given a microphone and stage clearly to stir up emotions, and has common ground with Joe “Put Fossil Fuel Executives In Jail” Biden –  also said “let me hear your vigor for ending racism while you do it” and “we need to make them pay today.” So again we find evidence that the goal isn’t to stop Earth from overheating, but to fulfill a left-wing wish list.

Even Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen who is supposedly a prophetess warning that we’re burning through our blue rock, has tapped into the wider agenda. Last month, she told her thrilled-to-be-scolded followers that “the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice and of political will. Colonial, racist and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all.”

Sounds much like the warming alarmists who dream of taking down capitalism without firing a shot.

We should be appalled at the dishonesty that’s at the rotten core of climate fanaticism. But we’re not, because its disciples learned from some of the most deceitful and vicious characters throughout history.

— Written by J. Frank Bullitt

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  • I wonder where Professor Goh lives. I would be willing to bet serious bucks it’s not in communal housing.

  • Solutions proposed to “fight climate change” are simply taxes that empower big government. Economic effects are designed to redistribute income having zero effect on climate. The movement is illegitimate making no economic analysis of the result of their plans, claiming the situation is dire and we must act. Just like building the Tower of Babel to reach heaven, fighting weather disguised as climate is a pointless exercise poised to cost trillions of dollars.

  • Even with the rapid growth of electricity generation via renewables, the oil and gas industry is projected by the EIA to remain the main player for world energy through 2050, so why are U.S. politicians and environmentalists so anxious to thrash it and seek its demise in America? The industry is not just isolated as an American industry, as it’s an international industry. Without an oil and gas industry in the USA, the world will incur more emissions as most refineries outside our country, have significantly less environmental controls than here in our homeland. Our entire country would become a national security risk being dependent on foreign countries for our existence.

  • This appears to be part of a concerted effort to distract from the science by focusing on statements by a few activists, most of whom are not scientists.

  • Face it. We will all soon be communist without question. Daily, the Left is growing more and more powerful.

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