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The Deep State Comes Out Of The Shadows

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Two news stories published over the weekend had the same message. The State Department was out to get President Donald Trump after suffering years of “frustration.” At least these denizens of the deep state are being honest.

Politico’s 2,000-word story – titled “The Revenge of the State Department” – begins by reporting on the fact that “current and former Foreign Service officers have defied Trump administration orders and trudged to Capitol Hill to testify before House committees investigating whether to impeach the president.”

These officials, the story says, are “furious,” “terrified,” “incredulous,” “disappointed,” “fed up,” “livid,” with a “deep well of resentment,” in an “unbearable” situation.

Some of them, Politico reports, are using the hearings as a “platform to air long-held grievances over Trump.”

And their colleagues are “hailing them as heroes.”

What, exactly, are these career State Department bureaucrats angry about?

They’re mad that several of them “were demoted or sidelined following attacks by the conservative media.”

They complain about what they see as Trump’s “dangerous brand of diplomatic malpractice.”

They’re upset that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo didn’t publicly support Marie Yavonovitch after Trump removed her from her post as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, and that Pompeo “is willing to sell out the department to keep favor with Trump.”

They’re also enraged that Pompeo gave a speech to the American Association of Christian Counselors and talked openly about the importance of his faith. That, according to Politico, “troubled many diplomats.”

William Burns, deputy secretary of State under President Barack Obama, declared in an article in Foreign Affairs said to have “turned heads” in Washington that Trump’s treatment of State Department officials was akin to Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s “savage campaign against ‘disloyalty’ in the State Department.”

Burns conveniently overlooks the fact that there were communists in the State Department. And Pompeo remarked that he appeared to be auditioning to be Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s secretary of state.

The AP story is more of the same. Diplomats are fuming because of Trump’s push to cut budgets and staff, and this is “a moment of catharsis.”

So what we have here are career bureaucrats who don’t like the way Trump is conducting foreign policy. Why? Because they know better than some outsider who doesn’t play according to the rules. There is no question that many of them would be delighted to see Trump removed from office, not because he did anything impeachable, but because they can’t abide by the 2016 election results.

Trump Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney had it exactly right when he said that “career bureaucrats … are saying, ‘You know what? I don’t like President Trump’s politics so I’m going to participate in this witch hunt.’”

Add this to what we’ve learned about how the intelligence community and the FBI have tried to undermine the Trump administration – events chillingly recounted in Andrew McCarthy’s must-read book “Ball of Collusion.” In it, he shows how the liberal Washington establishment “exploited its control of law-enforcement and intelligence to help Clinton and undermine Trump. This is a scandalous abuse of power.”

Trump’s critics say that his claims about a deep state are the result of his paranoid delusions. But after what the country has witnessed over the past three years, and now the bragging by State Department officials bent on getting Trump out of Washington, it’s the denial of the deep state that is delusional.

— Written by John Merline

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  • As 8f being “frustrated” with their boss justifies participating in an insurrection.the beurocrats weren’t elected. He was.

  • The State Dept. is a liberal haven. I work there. When I where my MAGA hat to the office, people have to whisper to me ”Love the hat!”. They are literally afraid for their careers. Just like Soviet Russia I think.

    • I get that here in WA state or someone gives me a thumbs up. I need to get my Trump 2020 bumper stickers on my car. I have a low deductable on my auto insurance. You really find out that liberals really aren’t for free speech.

      • The word libeal, is just another name for Communism, or Socialism,

        perpetuated by George “NAZI” Soros, Hillary Rotten Clinton, and

        Black 44. By the way, has anyone out there viewed the birth

        ceretificates of Michael Robinson and Michelle Obama?

    • Freedom of Speech is not a Privilege !! It is our right to speech under God and the first Amendement, Understand?
      This is all bs. The Democrats are taking our country in the direction to Revolution. Trump is like Teddy Roseivelt. One of the Ruff Riders.. He has done more for this country in 3 years than Obama did ruining it.
      Guess when you post here, your posting on a Liberal Blog with
      there Unconsitutional rules.

    • Hey Lionel, as a member of the State Departrment, I was not impressed with your

      use of the English Language. Wear, not where. Where did you attend high school?

      What is the level of your education? Have you ever worn an American military

      uniform? TRUMP for life.

    • Hey Lionel, as an employee of the State Department, I was not impressed by your

      use of the English Language. Wear, not where. What is the level of your education,

      and have you ever worn an American military uniform? And that is a “STAR


  • The ongoing DS coup being perpetrated by stakeholders in corruption will go kenetic if political legerdemain fails to “legally” and “peacefully” remove Trump.
    The criminals currently posing as public servants have no intention of ceding the stage. No way. No how.

  • So they’re upset that Pompeo’s willing to sell out the State Dept to curry favor with the president. He was supposed to sell out the president to curry favor with them, you see. The tail wagging the dog.

  • Not one of these people were ever elected to the position they hold they were appointed and their ” job ” is to further the policies of the current administration not the policies they believe we should follow. If they want a say in policy then quit your cushy overpaid job and get elected to Congress or the white house and then and only then do you have a part to play in what policies America puts forth around the world.

  • They are angry and afraid that the standard that he is setting is a standard that they can’t measure up to and I hope that he keeps raising the bar so future politicians will me challenged and measured by the progress that he has and will continue to make.
    Look at his record of accomplishments, Under Fire, while not collecting a salary.

    • Yes, think of what our brave president could have accomplished had he been not been persecuted as no other president in history has been… we would probably have freedom and prosperity all over the world!

  • The law was made for the lawbreakers. Trump is innocent. The Democrats are guilty and are also hypocrites. The Clinton’s should be in jail. Also all top leaders in the Obama administration are guilty of treason . Lock them up.

  • It’s high time to clean house. Too bad it hasn’t happened sooner. Such corruption is devastating to the USA. Black mail could become rampant if it isn’t already.

    • ” Clean house? ” Never gonna happen.We would need more than just the President.

    • Blackmail is what needs to be used to chase the dims out of the door. It should be very easy.

  • Frustration exists for those who did not, do not, understand why Repubs for the last three years never investigated the Bidens in Ukraine. The reason is due to the fact that everyone on Crapitol Hill does it in both parties, including Repubs. Mitt Romney’s son is involved in Ukraine, so is Nancy Pelosi’s son, and so on.

    Ukraine is not just about heavy energy business, but also about illegal weapons sales that bypass the Congress. Many of them know about it, of course, but they’re paid to keep quiet by having money funnelled into their wives/family’s foundation accounts. Check on 99% of Congress and they all have them. And while weapons are sold to Ukraine itself, the main use for the country by the elites in our intelligence agencies (DNI, CIA, etc.) is to hold the weapons at a depot in country, waiting sales to other points in Africa, Asia, and so on. If you want to look into this kind of information, google “Uploads from George Webb,” as he is the only investigative journalist worthy of the name on these topics. One of his colleagues was murdered awhile back, and he has said himself he is ready for it if they come after him (they will). Avail yourself of:

    Uploands from George Webb

  • The Good Of A Country is being sold with its standard’s 😤 and robbed from the people while we stair on its been chip and cut away by the very people in Congress WHO are LIE-ING back stabbing Crock’s gained wealth and befriended the country’s Enemies ! Far and widely !! Well we just sit on our hand’s ! Until this was exposed and a true wealthy business Man came on the seen with alive for a country like no other before 🙌🙋 he’s Every day trials and painful moments since he’s Presidential Day ! Many we’re token BACK WITH HIS SPEECH ! AMERICA FIRST !
    I NEVER WILL FOR GET IT’S IMPACT on me ! And SO WILL THE OTHER OF MILLION’S OF AMERICAN’S AROUND THE WORLD ! No one come vlose to ever saying a statement like this before !! It woke up every American ! It did me about our politicians I was never involved with our country’s politician in Congress White House my constitution rights as much as I am now and I feel that this truth also lies on every other American across the globe !! Every corrupt RAT and desperate world leaders were running with their heads cut off 🙅 and those in the White House ! Started there planned ordeals😎 into removing its power from a sitting president that won fair and Square we see this as A desperate move for the last 3 year’s ! Now its here and its time that Americans place that Oder of removal of all those that are in this coup starting with everyone in boomers 8 years in the White House ! And all those that served hillbilly 8years and hillbilly while she was Secretary of State those that worked under her !! Its not hard to see who is corrupt pay-for-play the news media all those were in it and other countries as well its no longer a cover up there HATE FOR OUR PRESIDENT !! IS SEEN ACROSS THE CONGREGATION SOME Republicans and most democrat’s need to be place in prison !! And let THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT TRUMP LIVE TO fulfill his position as Millions voted for him to do…. Justice will be done evil will never ever take over good as we are seeing it witnessing IT 🙅 today !!!!! they are being exposed !! Every syep is a hard fight 🙅 this evilness 😈 is just shameful to wittiness 🙇 that I have to live and see and witness ! my own country sold us out 🙅 it is a disgraceful shamefulness lawlessness evilness that OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP EXPOSED ITS ROOT OF SIN HERE !! 😤😤😣 BUT NOW WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND MORE OF ITS COMING 😵 PRAYETS ARE NEEDED FOR THIS MAN OF GOD !😞 no mistaking this 😠 he is protected by God almighty and he is being used as God’s tool to expose the corruption 😈that’s been going on for years and years and years we are thankful to almighty God he has a plan for America and until then Donald J Trump is not going anywhere 😠 God Bless America and made in America people continue to pray for him and his family and those are working for our president to end all this corruption once and for all God Bless America🙌🙋

    • My first awakening moments included that His will be done. I as you believe that His will includes President Donald Trump. Many are puzzled the He often uses flawed people for His purposes. If indeed I’m of His image He too has a sense of humor.

  • This is just what I have been explaining to the President Trump for six months. Even when I first stared and meet him. ‘My statement to him were Mr. President they don’the like you or your name. And it’s getting worse by the days, please watch yourself and keep body guards on Hand!
    How did I know cause I came to him for the same type of help. Only in my case I’m being staked and they use deadly chemicals, and threads to kill me after my grandson turns eighteen in three to four years, yet we live through this daily and being bruned with Greman type electronic rolling fork, melts the bones, darken the skin and takes everything you pay including cloths, shoes, underwater, everything. He is blessed to be the President it could be worse!

  • These state department bureaucrats work for the Secretary and the President, and ultimately for We the People, not the other way around. In private industry, with attitudes like that, they would be quickly shown the door. They sound like a bunch of spoiled brats. President Trump made one big mistake in 2016; he should have fired the upper 5 – 6 layers right at the beginning and had them reapply after undergoing an “attitude evaluation”. I suggest that he does that in Jan. 2020 and clear out the rot.

  • “These officials, the story says, are “furious,” “terrified,” “incredulous,” “disappointed,” “fed up,” “livid,” with a “deep well of resentment,” in an “unbearable” situation.”

    Too bad. He is the lawfully elected President. The arrogance of these people is breathtaking.

    • Most of these people serve at the will of the President. If they are not happy get off of the gravy train and find a job.

      • I am a retired Foreign Service Officer (FSO) who spent most of my career overseas, often in difficult and dangerous places like Iraq, While FSOs are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Congress, when we are commissioned we take an oath of loyalty to the Constitution of the United States, not to any particular person. When we see gross violations of the Constitution taking place we are honor bound, like Ambassadors Marie Yavonovitch and William Taylor bravely did, to reveal these abuses. FSOs are not elected but they are selected through a highly competitive process in which only one out of a hundred applicants becomes a Foreign Service Officer.

  • None of these useless bureaucrats were elected to whatever position they are overpaid to hold. If they are so upset by the “brash & amateurish” moves by President Trump then they should quit! That’ll teach him!!

    Meanwhile, the amateur President Trump is knocking them out of the park – deeds that have eluded you professionals for decades, so kick rocks you fools!
    That’s MY President! TRUMP 2020

  • If you didn’t believe there was a “deep state” this now proves it. We have corruption in our Federal Government and it didn’t start with Obama. We have had it all along. Non-elected bureaucratic officials who believe they have the right to run our Federal Government their way. If Hillary had been elected in 2016, none of this would have been revealed.

    It’s time to “drain the swamp” called Washington, D.C.

  • YES!!! SoS Mike Pompeo spoke very clearly of his Christian faith and was well received by about 7000 professional counselors, psychiatrists, and others..Mr. Pomoeo was one of about fourteen other plenary speakers who were all presenting encouraging and powerful messages. The American Association of Christian Counselors is a fine organization and always presents the best of the best in its workshop speakers and plenary orators. As a Christian and a U.S. military veteran I am one hundred percent in agreement with Mike Pompeo’s views as presented… I was there.
    Tom Van Etten.

  • I’m glad these morons are coming out of the woodwork. It’s hard to know who the enemy is until they show their faces.

  • The Politico article is clearly a hit piece on the Administration. So many involved in the ongoing, outrageous coup of a sitting President – elected by people that those in power do not respect.

  • So, this “Ball of Collusion” shows how the liberal Washington establishment “exploited its control of law-enforcement and intelligence to help Clinton and undermine Trump? Terrific! Now I’d like to read some book (I don’t mean the U.S. Constitution) which would show me, why President has no control of liberal Washington establishment, be the traitors in law-enforcement or intelligence?

  • Thanks to J W the wheels are coming of the Deep State Bus. Go get’em. Expose the truth the American people need to see and decide for themselves.

  • The President is touching the “untouchable” tribe. Astonishing to these folks!

  • We often see these complaints about “the deep state is out to get Trump” but, nothing else but talk. Why then doesn’t the Republican s or even President Trump do something about it? Is there no recourse for the President?

  • I am constantly reading about the “wonderful” results that Judicial Watch is regularly getting by suing for this document or that document that reveals the breaking of this law or that law. Yet, I see nothing close to this indictment or that indictment, this arrest or that arrest. It leaves me to believe that this is all just some more of the Washington games politicians play with our minds in order to gain power, prestige or money. If no one is going to be indicted or arrested, then stop wasting money and move on to less important things (in the minds of our politicians) like doing what is best for this country.

  • Given the mischief caused by the politically weaponized State Department, CIA, NSA, and CIA, it is long past time to cut their individual budgets by 20% each.

    As they exist today, the people running these organizations are much more of a threat to the constitutional rights of ordinary American citizens than they are to the enemies of our country. Cut their budgets. Indict all those who have broken our laws. Then, fire,retire, or relocate all those in power within these deep state offices who have helped to create this ten year scandal.

  • I can find only one definition that expresses the intent of the Framers of The Constitution. It is in the Naturalization Act of 1790, and research indicates it to be the result of a “hint” from John Jay to George Washington that the “Command in Chief” be a Natural Born Citizen. It clearly states that where a child is born is not relevant. However, the child must be born to “citizen parents.” Pretty simple……so why isn’t that definition being used anymore?

  • The voting patterns of DC and its surrounding suburbs are a matter of public record. We all know what is going on in the multitude of departments, agencies, bureaus, etc. The Civil Service System has become the enemy of the people. Of course the perpetrators of the attempted coups to remove President Trump must be prosecuted. But it can’t stop there. The Civil Service laws must be repealed, and Federal Employees labor unions must be abolished. The unelected bureaucrats are blatantly obstructing the President that we elected. The structure that enables them must be dismantled.

    • That’s a very tall agenda. The entrenched bureaucracy survival instincts and actions will be very tough to defeat. That’s not to say such a noble effort shouldn’t be undertaken…for the survival of our Republic!

  • Pres.Trump campaigned on a pledge to “drain the swamp ” . He can’t do it , the only way to drain the swamp, is for the people to do it in Nov. 2020. That is where the power is. People have to rethink the ” Not my representative ” thought. That is what the swamp is made up of….

  • These people have gotten away with their corrupt behavior for so long, that it has become the status quo. They think they are above the law. I pray that Justice prevails, and all those found guilty be brought to account, and given long prison terms. We ask for no less.

  • “were demoted or sidelined following attacks by the conservative media.”
    “So what we have here are career bureaucrats who don’t like the way Trump is conducting foreign policy.”
    Pompeo, a Trump appointee, asks Taylor to come out of retirement to provide subject matter expertise in Ukraine, after the firing of Y for not cooperating with Giuliani’s private US foreign policy extortion/corruption.
    You turn this situation around to fault the motives of the individuals who are in it to further stated American policy (bipartisan votes in House and Senate) of goodwill toward the Ukrainian people? In your world no-one does anything for country except when Donald Trump says he is doing it for the country and hugs the flag? Every one else’s motives are suspected deep state haters of Trump and his agenda. This is what is turning American opinion against Trump. We know Americans do public service for the reason to serve and place our lives on the line in service to our country – in fact the state is deeply committed to the Oaths of office taken to serve. The POTUS just said yesterday “Phony Emoluments Clause”. A POTUS just uttered out of his own mouth disdain for the US Constitution that he swore an Oath to serve under and protect. The author attempts to destroy the character of others, but quietly accepts open contempt for the US Constitution? For what power – money – influence? Lord help us.

  • In 1952 I had two jobs lined up one in Philly, one in DC. I chose DC because at age 16 I was already a history-political junkie. DC had The Library of Congress and Congress it’s self, The White House and much more. The boarding house where I stayed had people only a little older than i, a couple of retired government ladies and a couple of middle-aged men who were drunks ejected from their homes by the law at the request of their wives. The men were both Gov. employees, one from State who may have been on Sen. McCarthy’s list.
    At that time most Gov. employees didn’t consider the Hatch Act to be a joke so it was hard to get one to engage in political discussion. But, as I got to know quite a few it was clear that many if not most were bitter hard left people no different than today’s employees, just not as in your face. The Reflecting Pool is calm, only a few feet deep, The Swamp is deeper and it’s currents treacherous.
    Donald J Trump is such an anomaly here, that his being The President is for old hands here inexplicable. For some it’s the Devil’s work, for many out in flyover land it’s God’s.

  • It seems we have offended vanity here. They are People of the Book in Campbell’s phrase, and require that others yield because they are backed by some sort of Divine Afflatus, or perhaps that Tides of History.

  • Donald Trump is the right man at the right time for this Constitutional Republic. God has had a hand in this just like he did with our founding fathers. Pray for our president he has more to do.

  • No wonder they are trying to oust him. He has single handedly destroyed their march towards socialism and they don’t like it. I say “More Power to you President Trump”. Don’t give them an inch.
    James Lowder. Dunsmuir, CA.

  • George Soros should have his citizenship revoked and be deported as an un-desirable alien.

  • What we have seen for decades, is a consequence of big government and the concentration of power.
    Unelected bureaucrats serve their political kinsman and work to protect their own self interest. Trump has threatened the status quo, they know he must not succeed.

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