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  • Stop calling Bernie a socialist. He’s a communist. ‘Bout time it was said. Over and over again.

    • There is no difference. Communists call themselves socialists and then portray socialism as “communism without the gulags and mass executions”, which is a flat out lie.

    • Thanks for feedback. We’ll look into changing how that info shows up in the site.

  • Yes, HSA accounts are very popular; but cannot be used to pay insurance plan premiums – except premiums for Long Term Care insurance.

    HSA accounts cannot be used to pay medical plan premiums, but HRA accounts can so employees can use these funds to pay premiums & the money they save can be deposited into a separate account to help offset out of pocket expenses; if their health plan is a qualified HDHP they can use those funds set up an HSA to complement the HRA. Not bad!

    And employers get the tax deduction to boot!

    Nicely done Mr. Trump!

  • Mr. Roosevelt’s rules regarding benefits were not mistakes. They were early steps in a long plan.

  • I would very much like to post this article on my fb page, but remove all references to Trump. Sadly, I believe it would be more widely accepted.

    • Write up a summary and give a citation and hyperlink to this article. As long as you give your source, it’s not considered plagiarism or intellectual property theft.

    • Thanks to Trump of course! and I believe its already accepted! who cares about your article!

  • To disconnect the employer-sponsored system, I’d rather see regional buying groups offer group insurance to individuals. These would have much bigger communities than any single employer, meaning higher comm. ratings and lower premiums.

  • Party membership in America seems to depend on the amount of empathy one has.

    I think conservatives love money and power and hate people. It is my observation over 75 years.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I would disagree with your caricature of conservatives, however. I personally know many generous, loving conservatives of modest means. I also know well-to-do, stingy, unloving liberals.

      • Well, gosh, there are good folk everywhere, and my post was a gross generalization. Thanks for that response.

        But conservatives really seem seem to be that way by their policies, do they not?

    • In reality, the Dem empathy is fake as the results of their “empathetic” programs leave the the focus of their empathy worse and more dependent. Is tough love, hating people or actual empathy seeking solutions leading to improvement in the lives of the poor.

    • No, what conservatives love is individual freedom, and that implies respecting the ability of people to make their own decisions.* Those of he Left, on the other hand, seem to be willing to sacrifice individual freedom in order to be taken care of by government. Basically, the Left has nothing but contempt for the ability of people to make their own decisions.

      *Except when it comes to abortion, an inconsistency that mystifies me.

      • But abortion is making a decision for someone else. It’s a human being, in or out of the womb. What’s the limit before we shouldn’t kill it? One week old? One year old? How about the profoundly retarded? They probably have little more awareness than a new-born. Or as we’re seeing in parts of Europe, euthanizing grandpa because he’s become inconvenient?

        That little clump cells is inconvenient – better to get rid of it. And if its a fully developed baby ready to be born – well, just a bigger clump of inconvenient cells. And that’s really the word, isn’t it? The USSR, the Nazis, Mao, Pol Pot, and that ilk had the solution for people who were inconvenient. You folks who support abortion should realize that once you start down that road you’re at risk of later being found inconvenient yourself.

      • Until cognition kicks in, there is no “someone.” Granted, the point in ontogeny when that occurs is open to question, but there’s no question that no single oocyte or spermatocyte, no 8-cell embryo, is capable of cognition or self-awareness.

        “I think therefore I am.” implies that, in the absence of thought, there is no “I.”

    • Funny how virtually every study of personal donations to various causes or to aid others, has show that Conservatives are consistently far more generous than “liberals” ! Liberals are only “generous” with other people’s money, not their own!

      Since when is “empathy” the measure of anything? But if you hold that is the case when it comes to personal contributions made in support of others, then at least get your facts straight, George, about what types of individuals actually contribute or donate more of their personal fortunes as Conservatives are clearly shown to do!

  • I agree that a government run health care system would be a disaster. However, all of these reforms are about insurance cost, not health care cost. Patients can not be wise consumers for many reasons. The first of which is that there is no real means of comparison. In the auto market there are many independent evaluations of cars. Consumers have the ability to make choices based on the ability to pay. There are big cars, small cars, new cars, used cars, prestige cars, functional cars and so on. So too with most other items available in the market place. Second, no one want to buy the Kmart of health care as a substitute in the market place. (my apologies to Kmart) Worse yet, no one really knows who is providing the Kmart of health care. There is very little useful public data comparing quality. Now, all of this is true, in spades, of a government run health care system.

    I am not arguing this is a bad reform. It is a good reform. It is not however, transformative in terms of health care cost or quality. Self insured employers, with their ability to evaluate some health care outcomes in their own market place, do have the ability to affect cost and quality. They can shift their business from one health care system to another when cost or quality becomes an issue. I believe it will take pricing transparency meaning full disclosure on deals the health care systems have cut with employers and useful, transparent data on quality before health care costs are under control.

    • Or, one could argue the original overreach was the Roosevelt decision to make health care benefits non-taxable.

    • Do you mean like when Obama care required Americans to buy something whether they wanted it or not?

  • When will everyone learn there is a difference between health care and health insurance? Health care is the service of providing care to patients. Health insurance is how most cover the cost of treatments, etc.. The MSM often focus their wrath on Pharmaceutical companies due to the cost of medicines, but not cite the cost of their alternatives. When will they look into the insurance companies? I pay $6K and my employer $12K per year for health insurance. I barely use more than $2K per year in care services and medications.
    Compare the cash flow and asset requirements between the two industries. Pharma companies need to invest in R&D for new medicines and facilities to produce them. Insurance companies only need an office building. Who are the real robber barons?

  • “The Democrats’ response? Attack these changes as another attempt by Trump to “sabotage” Obamacare.”

    Which is highly ironic since the intent of Obamacare was to sabotage private health insurance.

  • While the idea is very good, ACA individual policies typically are very narrow network PPO/HMO plan designs. As soon as the owner sees that limitation, they will stay drawn to typical employer based health plan. Maybe this will work for a business where the owner is covered through their spouse’s employer sponsored large network plan design, but I don’t see this as a dramatic solution to the healthcare mess we are in. Theoretically, someone could purchase a 3 year short term medical policy via the HRA–those have large networks. The problem with that solution is states such as Illinois limit short term policies to 180 days. 30% of our lifetime healthcare costs are spent in the last 3 months of our life–if you figure out when someone is in the last 3 months of their life and changed healthcare to comfort management, you just knocked a big chunk of cost out of healthcare. Additionally, the medical industrial complex has been built up to the point of substantial over capacity–you need an x-ray? You are getting a MRI! We have to keep that $250,000 machine generating revenue!

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