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Canada’s National Treasure: A Much-Needed Dissenting Voice

No Canadian has been knighted since 1919, when the House of Commons stopped the practice of allowing foreign governments to bestow titles on the country’s citizens. If the custom ever returns, Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore should be the first to be honored.

Moore, who calls himself the “Sensible Environmentalist,” is to the global warming narrative what University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson is to political correctness: A voice of reason who rips through the nonsense that’s treated as irrefutable truth by a party listing heavily to the portside and a media machine that actively collaborates with the party.

It’s not a role one that would think would be filled by a Greenpeace founder. Yet there’s Moore, who was once also the organization’s president, having parted ways with Greenpeace in 1986 because it had taken a hard left turn, and had been “hijacked by political and social activists who learned to use green language to cloak agendas that had more to do with anti-capitalism and anti-globalization than science or ecology.”

For daring to challenged the radical environmentalist orthodoxy, Moore was “disappeared” by Greenpeace, which purged him from its website about a dozen years ago.

It takes no deep thinking to understand why Greenpeace would pretend, in a truly Stalinesque way — no such person ever existed, comrade — that Moore was not a part of the group. A quick reading of his Twitter account explains that:

  • “CO2 up to and beyond 10,000 ppm is absolutely harmless to animals, and plants thrive in it. It was once higher than that and life continued to evolve.”
  • “There has always been a tendency to blame bad weather on ourselves, so we sacrifice virgins and do silly rain dances. Especially when elites can blame the populace for the coming doom it gives them power. And they tend to use it.”
  • “Carbon taxes are regressive, they hurt the poorest and the rich don’t care because for them it is a pittance.”
  • “Yes, sad @Greenpeace was hijacked by politicos on extreme left and abandoned science and reason. I did not. They have done nothing useful for many years.”
  • “The White House Committee on Climate and Security will drive a volley of nails into the coffin that the ‘climate crisis’ deserves to rest in. There is no climate crisis. It’s called ‘bad weather’ and it has been happening since the beginning of time. Ask any farmer.”
  • “Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau family vacation emitted as much CO2 as average Canadian for entire year. He just brought in a regressive carbon tax. We will pay for the carbon tax on 9,200 liters of jet fuel he used.”
  • “Anyone who continues to support Justin Trudeau is ignoring what he has done to Alberta. He is an eastern snob, and a dishonest one at that. Throw the bum out.”

If Moore is never knighted, he should at least be counted as a national treasure. His courage to dissent is exactly what his country and the U.S. need.

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