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What We’re Reading: Springtime For Hitler, Ramirez Censored, Leftist ‘Crazy Train’ … And More


Johnson Announced His Pitch To Avoid A Shutdown.  It’s Already Hitting A Wall — Politico

‘Honeymoon’s’ Over New Speaker Faces Same Old Problems: Budget, Unruly Caucus — Off The Press

Antisemitism On The March

Springtime For Hitler At Penn — Powerline

Ivy League School Shuts Down Anti-Semitic Palestinian Student Groups — Daily Wire

Half-Million Anti-Israel Protesters March In London; Thousands March On Biden’s Home — New York Post

Amazon Continues To Sell ‘River To The Sea’ Merch Despite Mantra Being Condemned As Antisemitic — Just The News

Islamist And Leftist Mobs Run Wild, In NYC Tear Down American Flag And Raise Palestinian Flag — Legal Insurrection

EVs Are In Trouble

The Return Of The Edsel? — The Pipeline

Sounds Good To Us

Sweeping Raids, Giant Camps And Mass Deportations: Inside Trump’s 2025 Immigration Plans — New York Times

New York Times In A Panic Over Trump’s Promise To Uphold U.S. Immigration Law — American Thinker

Michael Ramirez Gets Censored

WaPo’s Shipley Hand-Selected Hamas Cartoon He Pulled Amid Woke Blowback, Cartoonist Ramirez Says — Washington Free Beacon

Ramirez On The Record — Powerline

Still More Evidence That Bidenomics Is Working

Moody’s Downgrades U.S. Economic Outlook To Negative — Breitbart


The ’24 Race Enters a New Stage as Primaries Loom — Andrew Malcolm, RedState  

WATCH: Bill Maher And Ted Cruz Find Surprising Agreement In Ripping ‘Crazy Train’ Left — Redstate

Florida Lawyers Work To Put Fauci Behind Bars — Townhall

Biden Loses Ground With Young Voters, Prompting Dem Concerns — The Hill

Michigan Aims For 100% Clean Energy By 2040 — CNET News

Republicans May Still End Up Controlling Virginia State Senate — PJ Media

Opinion: Kids Have Been Used Like Guinea Pigs On Big Tech’s Platforms. How Much Harm Will We Tolerate? — Los Angeles Times

Massive Blimp Hangar Fire Shuts Down Schools, Parks Due To Toxic Chemicals — Straight Arrow News

One Year Later, The Washington Post Quietly Lets It Slip That Ukraine Blew Up Nord Stream — MSN

Biden’s ‘Movable’ Border Wall Plan Hit By Fierce Backlash — Washington Examiner

Pope Fires Bishop Strickland, Conservative Critic Targeted — Newsmax

Gen Z’s Support For Gay Marriage Has Dropped Dramatically: POLL — Daily Caller

San Francisco Rushes To Hide Homeless, Scrub Away Poop, And Plant Trees Ahead Of Biden/Xi Visit — Legal Insurrection

The FBI Needs Downsizing, Not $3.5 Billion For A New Headquarters — Reason


The Week In Pictures: Weimar America Edition — Powerline

Ohio Officials Warn Pregnant Women Not To Smoke Their Legal Weed Before Getting A Legal Abortion Because It May Be Harmful To The Fetus — Genesius Times

Trump Swing-State Lead Expected To Hold Until 3 A.M. On Election Night — Babylon Bee

Donald Trump Indicted For Obstructing DOJ’s Effort To Frame Him — Glorious American

WATCH: Joe Biden’s Senior Moment Of The Week (Vol. 68) — Washington Free Beacon

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