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What We’re Reading: Dems’ Antisemitism, Israel Under Threat, Border Chaos . . . And More

Headlines and issues that caught our eye.

The Democrats’ Split Over Antisemitic Terrorism

Don’t forget: The protesters supporting the Hamas mass murderers are all Democrats — Behind the Black

Liberal Jews Have No Reason To Be Surprised By Progressive Antisemitism — The Federalist

Democrats Splinter Over Israel as the Young, Diverse Left Rages at Biden — DYNUZ

The Inevitable Fracturing of the Democrat Party — American Thinker

David Mamet: Jews Should Stop Voting for Democrats, Sending Children to ‘Antisemitic’ Colleges — Breitbart

How the Democrats betrayed the Jews — Unherd

The Death of Democrat Jewish Innocence — American Thinker

Israel’s Existential Threat

A Different Concept of Death — Quillette

Genocide: The true roots of Islamic Jew-hatred — Front Page Magazine

Israel’s ambassador to the UN wears Nazi-era yellow star as he slams Security Council ‘for staying silent’ as Jewish babies are burned by Hamas — Daily Mail

Death Of Shani Louk Confirmed, Was Kidnapped And Driven Through Gaza Streets Mostly Naked To Jeering Crowds — Legal Insurrection

Hamas and the Holocaust — American Thinker

America’s Clear And Present Immigration Danger: Terrorism

More Terror Suspects Reaching the U.S.: Here Are the Known Unknowns of the Biden Border Crisis — Real Clear Investigations

Law Enforcement Intel Report Warns of Terrorism Coming to the US, Biden Admin Does Nothing to Prevent It — RedState

Feds Warn That Hamas, Hezbollah Could Be Crossing Southern Border — Daily Caller

Lawsuit: Biden’s DHS Withholding Information on Terror Suspects Caught Crossing the Border — American Greatness

100 Syrians, 50 Iranians Cross Biden’s Open Border in October, Says Source — Breitbart

Venezuela’s worst gangsters have crossed into the US illegally and are unleashing chaos in Dallas, Chicago and Miami — UK Daily Mail

The Culture War With No End

The Crisis of the West Revisited: Self-Flagellation and the Great Liberal Death Wish — The American Mind

Premodern Diversity vs. Civilizational Unity — VDH, Real Clear Politics

Samuel Huntington was right — cultural and religious clashes are driving war today — National Post (Canada)

Accept That Savagery Is the True Nature of the World – and Deal With It — Townhall

Climate-Change, Net-Zero Narrative Crashes Into Reality

California Having the Darnedest Time With Electricity — Hot Air

The Great ‘Green Energy Transition’ That Wasn’t — Stephen Moore, Hot Air

Joe Biden’s Green Energy Flop: Automakers Realize Americans Are Not Buying Electric Vehicles — Breitbart

The Climate is Indeed Changing – Grab a Warm Jacket — American Thinker

Corruption Probe Finds More Evidence Of Biden Crimes

Archives locates 82,000 pages of Joe Biden pseudonym emails, possibly dwarfing Clinton scandal — Just The News

Grassley letter shows pathetic DOJ desperate to hide Biden corruption — New York Post

Anatomy of a Biden family ‘cover-up’ executed by our own FBI and DOJ — New York Post

What Must the President Have Known? — Real Clear Politics

Is The ‘Woke’ Corporation Trend Ending?

ESG’s Reign of Tyranny Wanes, as More People Learn What It Is and Investors Return to Prioritizing Profit — mrcTV

Net-Zero For ESG? — Morningstar-New York Times Chart, via Powerline

Victoria’s Secret Ditches the Woke to Stop Going Broke, Will Embrace ‘Sexy’ Again — Red State

Ex-Marvel boss Ike Perlmutter joins forces with Nelson Peltz in Disney battle — New York Post, via MSN

Don’t Forget China

Why China’s economy won’t be fixed — The Economist

China Is Facing Housing Market Disaster — Newsweek

China’s fighter jet fleet is growing in size and appears to have made a big jump in capability, new Pentagon report shows — Business Insider, via Yahoo

The Bane Of Big-Government

Demographic Doom And The Welfare State — Freedom and Prosperity

Rethinking the Civil Service — Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit/Substack

Civil Service Failures In A Nutshell (see link above) — Mark Tapscott, Instapundit

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