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What We’re Reading: Hamas Revealed, Rampant Antisemitism, Immigrant Flood . . . And More

Headlines that caught our eye, with added terrorist coverage.

With New Evidence, World Sees The Real Hamas

Hamas torture confirmed as Israeli forensics institute identifies victims — Jerusalem Post

Hamas Terrorists: We Became Like ISIS, Admit To Beheadings, Stomping Heads, Sex With Dead Women — Legal Insurrection

More Than 500 Rockets Fired By Palestinian Terrorists Have Fallen Inside Gaza — The Daily Wire

Israel says it found Hamas files with instructions for making cyanide-based weapon — Axios

Guess Where Hamas Hid A Military Headquarters? — PJ Media

Hamas Chief: Israel is Only the First Target — Front Page Magazine

IDF shows foreign press Hamas bodycam videos, photos of murder, torture, decapitation — Times of Israel

Who Supports Terrorism And Antisemitism?

The Day The Delusions Died — The Free Press

Young Adults’ Views on Middle East Changing Most — Gallup Blog

Poll: Muslim-Americans Say Hams Justified Attacking Israel; Majority Of Americans Want Iran To Be Held Accountable — Cygnal

Hamas’ attack and the left’s support aren’t about Israel; they’re about the Jews — American Thinker

The Sickness of Our Universities—and the Cure — VDH, American Greatness

Americans support Israel, but young adults more likely to support Hamas – poll — Jerusalem Post, via MSN

Pro-Palestinian Activists In NYC Chant Nazi Sentiment At Anti-Semitic March: ‘There Is Only One Solution’ — The Daily Wire

The European Union Rewards Terrorism — Gatestone Institute

Have Obama-Biden Policies Made Terror Attacks Inevitable?

How the Biden administration tried to slow Israel’s invasion of Gaza — Washington Post, via Stars And Stripes

Obama, Iran and the Road to Gaza — Front Page Magazine

Walter Russell Mead: The Obama-Biden Policy on Iran Led to Hamas-Israel War — Breitbart

The Biden Administration Tries to Hide What It Knew About an Impending Massacre, While Leaving U.S. Backing for Iran Untouched — Tablet Magazine

Are Obama’s ‘Fingerprints’ On Biden’s Foreign Policy? — The Last Refuge

How the Biden Administration Helped Iran’s Mullahs Try to Fulfill Their Dream of Annihilating Israel — Gatestone Institute

Pentagon CFO’s Chief of Staff Has Family Ties to Islamic Terrorism — Front Page Magazine

Biden’s Decades Of National Security Failures And Military Endangerment — American Thinker

Biden & Obama are wrong: Hamas, not Israel, is responsible for every civilian death in Gaza — New York Post

Thanks, ObamaCare!

Average annual family health insurance plan has soared to $24,000 – the cost of a small CAR – as inflation pushes up premiums — UK Daily Mail

Time to get rid of Obamacare — American Thinker

Obamacare Is Dead National Review

The Immigration Flood

Biden’s 2023 Flood: One Migrant for Every American Newborn Breitbart

Feds Warn That Hamas, Hezbollah Could Be Crossing Southern Border Daily Caller

3 Million Border Invaders in 2023 — Front Page Magazine

Majority of New Yorkers Agree with Mayor Adams: Migrants Will ‘Destroy’ NYC — Hot Air

Is The American University Dying?

How Campus Politicization Fed Today’s Hatred — Wall Street Journal

Ain’t No Privilege Like the Harvard Privilege — Hot Air

Leftist Campus Embrace Of Hamas Barbarism: “We’re in the ‘suddenly’ phase” of Higher Ed collapse — Legal Insurrection

US universities lose millions as donors pull funding over Hamas stance — Real Clear Politics

America’s Energy Disaster

Alarm on Energy — The American Mind

E.V.s Are Out of Control — The Pipeline

Congress Raises Alarms About $27 Billion Green Energy ‘Slush Fund’ — Washington Free Beacon

Boo! Bidenomics Still Haunts The Economy

Cost of candy going up 13% this Halloween — ABC7Chicago, via Instapundit

Two economic indicators with spooky significance — CNN

Joe Biden’s war on oil and reckless economic policies have imperiled national security — New York Post

‘China Model’ Is In Tatters

Why China’s economy won’t be fixed — The Economist

China Dynasties — Strategy Page

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