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Oh, Feminists, Come Out … Come Out … Wherever You Are!

You’d expect that a movement to destroy women’s sports by men pretending to be women and to essentially erase women (and mothers) would have driven tens of thousands of ferocious feminists out in the street foaming at the mouth. Past events have demonstrated that they are superbly organized as only leftists can be (and conservatives are incompetent at).

But, now, where are they?

They are nowhere to be found, except in areas where they continue spewing hatred against men and the mythical patriarchy.

Feminists have always claimed to be pro-women, furthering the rights and safety of women and going to great lengths to prove it. There have even been times when they have been insufferably obnoxious and paranoid to both men and women, demanding conformity and screaming over microaggressions, real and imagined.

Seriously, where are the feminists?

And I am not the only one asking: where is the feminist outrage?

That was the same question posed over the issue of admitting Muslim men immigrating into Western countries coming from bona fide rape cultures.

(True, one solitary feminist wrote extensively in the Brownstone about how wonderful feminism is both in society and in her personal life, then voiced some very mild objections to the transgender travesty, nothing like the venomous hatred that has been poured on men for decades. But that mild objection is the exception to the rule of indifference in feminists)

Take, for instance, women’s sports. Men who were mediocre athletes when competing against other men then declared that they were women and won in the women’s division of that sport, whether mixed martial arts, weightlifting, track, golf, cycling, skateboarding, or swimming. In doing so, they have effectively stolen fame, honor, money, and scholarships that should have rightfully gone to deserving women. Furthermore, by setting new records in those fields, they have erased the achievements of past women. For example, a man who lost a marathon race in New York City competed in London as a woman, beating 14,000 women, while wearing a sports bra that covered up . . . nothing.

And the competing women are expected to smile and approve of the travesty.

(At least all this proves that whatever a woman can do a man can always do better.)

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

It is important that we all conform and agree to that stance, the premise being that if only everyone goes along and pretends that there are no physiological differences between transgenders and women, everything will be fine.

Those who object have been attacked: (1) a Vermont school was banned from future sporting events for objecting to the presence of men in the opposing team (2) Riley Gaines was physically attacked by transgender activists (3) weightlifters complained about a man competing against them and were told to shut up (4) when an athlete’s mother objected to the transgender, her daughter experienced retaliation (5) a journalist who interviewed a swimmer over the participation of a man in her sports was banned by Twitter (6) a student at University of Cincinnati wrote a paper of her track experience and how transgender participants were unfair and was given a zero by the professor (7) the Mayo Clinic suppressed a doctor’s free speech when the administrators ordered him not to speak on the advantages of men in women’s sports (and on his views on COVID). (8) a biology professor was fired for teaching biology and (9) there are many other instances of retaliation.

“It is certainly ironic how liberals who posture as defenders of science when it comes to global warming (a sentimental myth unsupported by evidence) flee all reference to biology when it comes to gender.”  — Camille Paglia

We are ordered by leftists to be tolerant. We must be tolerant. We must submit. We must not question our overlords.

Although initially women did not object and went along with the charade (aside from threats, I suspect they were in shock), the passivity slowly ended as more and more women (and men) have publicly objected to the unfairness and the absurdity of it all, by both the athletes, their families and spectators. Recently, women have finally decided that they’re not going to take it anymore and stay silent (although one female athlete has predictably come out supporting men who pretend to be women competing against real women).

Some female athletes have resigned in protest while other women — athletes and non-athletes — have voiced disgust at the travesty. Lately, some have taken a more dramatic approach.

Some female athletes have realized if they boycott an event where men participate in, they will triumph. One man who won a cycling event found himself alone on the podium.

Worse is the fact men participating in women’s sports have on occasion badly injured women (in hockey, in volleyball, MMA, rugby). Yet, a Democrat spokesperson has dismissed such concerns as being trivial and voicing those concerns as dangerous in themselves.

And, throughout, the feminists are nowhere to be seen.

And on top of everything, women have been told they have to submit to the indignity of a man in their changing room. Lia Thomas, the swimmer who claims to be a “woman” with a penis doesn’t bother to cover himself (as one wag put it, “You mean if I look at a woman the wrong way it’s ‘sexual assault’ but if I flash my junk in her locker room, she has to ‘get over it’?”)

The women should sue the institutions. They should file criminal charges against the man for fraud. They should file charges for sexual harassment and indecent exposure when men are in changing rooms. If you will pardon the pun, women need to grow a pair.

But, once again: where are the feminists?

“The most powerful country in the world is being held hostage by the machinations of the tiniest of minorities in cahoots with the leftist mainstream media.”  — Taki

The transgender supporters not only make a mockery of women’s sports, they also make a mockery of science, claiming that, according to “science,” men do not have a fair advantage when it comes to sports (I suspect these are the same persons who claimed that face masks prevent COVID transmission, ivermectin was useless, and herd immunity was pointless — according to “science”). In other words, if only everyone agrees to go along and pretend there are no physiological differences between transgenders and women, everything will be fine. Others disagree. And actual science proves otherwise.

This ideological idiocy has spread overseas. A hulking Italian track runner has been defeating women time after time. When one of the females objected, the man replied on the internet that such objections were — what else? — Nazism, that it was a throwback to when Jews were not allowed to compete. And that she was Hitler.


“Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles.” —  F. Dostoyevsky

Nor is the travesty confined to sports. A nude spa for women was ordered by a federal judge to admit a repulsive man who says he is a woman. We have also seen men wearing women’s dresses being chosen by the elites as cheerleaders or winner of beauty pageants (I hereby predict that in the Miss Universe contest the elites will order the winner to be a transgender), another chosen as homecoming queen, a man being awarded the Woman of the Year Award, another nominated for NCAA ‘Woman of the Year’ award, another nominated for a supporting actress Emmy, another hired as a model for Victoria’s Secret, likewise with women’s clothing brand Anthropologie and Honey Birdette lingerie, Bridal Magazine,  Adidas, cosmetic giant Maybelline, Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, Son de Flor, The North Face, and Nike. British Glamour Magazine had a pregnant “man” on the cover. And check out the transgender admitted to the Royal Academy of Dance. (And what is interesting is that although these companies are in business to sell a product, i. e., to make money, they insist on insulting and alienating their customers.)

These are all jobs that should legitimately have gone to real women, not men in womanface for the modern minstrel shows.

As an Irish teenage girl so eloquently stated, “I am not a dress,” meaning that simply because a man puts on a dress, he is not a woman. Along those same lines, someone else stated that “Womanhood is not a dress.”

But if the above was not enough, women’s entire identity is now being erased and women are now being referred to in dehumanizing terms. The underlying premise is that women’s identity should be erased for the sake of some perverts’ feelings. Towards this end, John Hopkins University refuses to use the word “women,” so they are referred to as “non-men,” and lesbians as “non-men attracted to non-men.”

“There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”  — George Orwell

And let us be honest. All of the supporters of transgenders (and of defining or de-refining women) are strictly from one side of the political spectrum, the same side that previously championed the cause of women while women’s defenders are now conservatives. According to the White House and numerous other Democrats, a mother should now be called “ a birthing person.” Another Democrat refers to herself as a “menstruating person.” And CNN replaces “woman” with “individuals with a cervix” while the New York Times prefers the term “menstruators.” And then there is the term . . . “egg producer.”

That’s right. Women are just like chickens.

Remember when feminists fulminated against men seeing women only as their bodies?

Some Democrats prefer to not give the definition of a woman at all — or are unable to do, becoming tongue-tied when asked to do so, while non-leftists have ridiculed the whole idea of renaming women and mothers.

And remember when liberals — led by the elitists in Hollywood — started a smear campaign that the Florida governor’s idea was to “don’t say gay” when the real intent of the law was clearly to prevent grooming by pedophiles?  Well, liberals officially say, “Don’t say mother” and “Don’t say father.”

However, it’s official! The Cambridge Dictionary defines a woman as “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.” In the U.K., the National Health Service refers to women as “chest feeders.” Not to be outdone by the Brits, the American NIH uses the term “people who want to provide milk.”

So, where are the feminists?

The Conundrum Briefly Explained

The rebirth of feminism in the 1970s had a frankly Marxist basis, stemming from the inept Marxist uprising of the times. The Queens of Hate, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Bela Abzug, and Andrea Dworkin were all Jewish Communists who had taken part in the revolt and had been sidelined by their male counterparts.

Their ideological foundation was, therefore, (A) strongly anti-family, since according to rigid Marxist writings the family was a microcosm of capitalist society wherein the husband was the exploiter of his wife and children whom he saw as his property; eventually, even men who did not have a family became demonized by feminists which demonization continues to this day (B) a Lysenkoist outlook that mandated that men and women were indistinguishable from each other and therefore equal in everything, including sports.

Thus, on the surface, it seemed that this new feminism that, from benevolence, it advocated for women in vocational areas where they had little presence in reality it was due to the doctrine of total equity (“biology is not destiny”). At one time, they even tried to promote an unappetizing androgynous look which went over like a lead balloon. Feminists insisted that women could be just like men: ignore having a family for a career, indulge in hookup culture, etc. And they told women that they did not need men (“a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”).

Another thrust of attack by the feminists was on protection from sexual assaults by evil capitalist-like men. As time went on, however, this outrage became very selective and took a political overtone. For example, Gloria Steinem waved away the sexual assault of Bill Clinton, who was a serial rapist, Tara Reade’s assault by Joe Biden has been ignored as well as his propensity for showering nude with his daughter, and Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers (full of contradictions and very obvious lies) were promoted as truth while his supporting female coworkers were ignored by both the feminists and the leftist media hivemind.

So, when they remain silent about transgenders replacing women, it is because they dogmatically believe there is no difference between men and women — even though the pretend-women keep winning sports competitions. One feminist has come out and stated the transgender movement is an outgrowth of the feminist struggle against sex stereotypes and gender roles. It is a matter of dogma, of faith. This is why they, among other leftists, insist that men can get pregnant, that men can give birth, that men can use tampons. They don’t give reasons. They insist. They repeat.

You must believe.

You must conform.

Armando Simón is a retired psychologist and author of “Fables from the America” and A Cuban from Kansas.

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