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What We’re Reading: Iran Helped Hamas, Excusing Terrorism, 2024 Election Cheating . . . And More

Headlines and issues that caught our eye.

Iran Looms Large In Terrorist Attack On Israel

Iran’s Role in Hamas’ Attack on Israel — Daily Signal

Iran’s Final Solution For Israel — Powerline

The Ayatollah’s Plan for Israel and Palestine — Amir Taheri, Gatestone Institute

A 50th Anniversary War? — VDH, X (formerly Twitter)

Did Hamas attacks have a hidden target? — Peter Bergen, CNN

Terrorist Apologists Among Us, Even In Government

Violent clashes break out at pro-Palestinian rallies across the US in wake of Hamas terror attacks on Israel — New York Post

They Kill, While Our Government Tweets And Deletes . . . — VDH, X (formerly Twitter)

Echoing Carter Years, Iran-Backed Militants Hold U.S. Citizens And Threaten Televised Executions‌ — Zenger News

Barack Obama’s silent on Israel war because he paved the way for it — New York Post

WWAD: What Would Americans Do? — CDR Salamander

Democrats support Palestinians over Israel, GOP overwhelmingly stands with US ally: 2023 poll — Fox News

The Specter Of Barack Obama’s Deeply Held Anti-Israel Ideology Hovers Over Israeli Attacks — The Federalist

The Rhetorical War for Israel — American Thinker

Joe Biden Bears Responsibility for Hamas’s Terror Attack on Israelis — Breitbart

Biden’s BBQ and Blinken’s blindness: Let’s have a cease-fire — Hot Air

John Kerry Has Stayed Silent On Hamas Terror Attacks — Daily Caller

What’s Left of Biden Admin’s Foreign Policy? — The Epoch Times

Leftists Come Out in Support of Hamas Massacres, Send Money to Palestinians — PJ Media

Meanwhile, The Earth’s Still Warming, Or Something

Biden Admin in the midst of crisis: climate change still the biggest threat US and world faces — Hot Air

Book Review: Climate Uncertainty and Risk, By Judith Curry — Real Clear Energy

The Climate Change-Industrial Complex is an Existential Threat — American Thinker

Climate ‘experts’ assure us they weren’t wrong, it was just a ‘miracle’ year — American Thinker

Biden Corruption Saga Won’t Disappear

Investigations are exposing the Bidens’ influence-peddling dynasty — The Hill

Burisma Bribery Just the Beginning, Biden Family ‘Doing Deals in at Least Half a Dozen Countries’ — Breitbart

Hunter Biden cheated on his sister-in-law with hookers funded by his daughter’s college fund — Washington Examiner

Biden-Appointed Prosecutor Refused To Cooperate On Potentially Charging Hunter Biden, Testimony Confirms — Daily Caller

FBI Knew New York Post’s Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Real Ahead Of 2020 Election, FBI Form Shows — Daily Caller

Election 2024: Will It Be Fair?

10 Ways Democrats Are Already Rigging The 2024 Election — The Federalist

America Needs — But Won’t Get — a Cleansing 2024 Presidential Landslide — The Messenger

The Impact of Third Parties on the 2024 Election — American Thinker

Don’t Be Fooled: RFK Jr. Is a Radical Leftist — PJ Media

Had Enough Bidenomics?

Why Nearly Half of Higher-Income Households Say They Are ‘More Reliant on Credit Cards Than Ever’ — Foundation For Economic Education

Bidenomics: National Debt Increases By Another Half-Trillion In Just 20 Days —, via ZeroHedge

Grocery store prices are rising due to inflation. Social media users want to talk about it — USA Today

Yellen and rest of Bidenomics team ignore middle-class misery their policies create — Fox News

U.S. housing market is so expensive that income would have to jump 55% to make buying ‘affordable,’ real estate executive says — Yahoo Finance

Is COVID A Threat?

The COVID Coverup — City Journal

Rand Paul’s Expose Of Anthony Fauci Reads Like A Bioweapon Spy Thriller — The Federalist

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