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What We’re Reading: Dems’ Deep Corruption, Climate ‘Narrative’ Shifts, Immigration Disaster . . . And More

Some headlines that caught our eye.

Evidence Of Biden’s Corruption Deepens

Biden ‘Organized Crime Ring’ May Have Taken In $50M — Fox News

James Comer to Subpoena Biden’s ‘Mystery’ Corporation that Collected $10M in 2017 — Breitbart

Dems Are Jumping The Biden Ship — Glenn K. Beaton, The Aspen Beat

Is This the Most Pathetic Defense of Joe Biden’s Impeachable Offenses? — PJ Media

There’s Plenty of Evidence of Corruption Around Biden — Reason

Trump Saddled With Rap That More Accurately Fits A Corrupt Biden — Paul Gottfried, American Greatness

Is The Climate Change Fever Starting To Break?

Devastating risks of transitioning to ‘green’ energy — UK Daily Mail

‘Devastating’ cost of EV industry takes center stage in two news stories this week — American Thinker

Even Bill Gates is backtracking — the air’s gone out of the climate-crisis balloon — Glenn Reynolds, New York Post

Good News: Shock delay to net-zero pledges turns UK from climate leader to laggard — Nature

Microsoft is plunging ahead on nuclear energy — Mark Nelson, X

Kerry Acknowledges Need For Nuclear Power As Climate Diplomacy Dominates New York City —The Epoch Times

ICYMI: 10 Reasons Not To Own An EV — Issues & Insights

A Look at the Fundamental Hypothesis of Global Warming — American Thinker

It’s Not Just Biden: Democratic Party Steeped In Corruption

Menendez Refuses To Resign Amid Bribery Scandal, Claims Seized $480K Was For ‘Emergencies’ — ZeroHedge

Quid-Pro-Quo: The earmarks Adam Schiff delivered for donors — Politico

Left’s Hypocrisy: ‘The Rules Don’t Apply To Us’ — Powerline

Widespread Allegations of Government Corruption Highlight an Age-Old Problem — Foundation For Economic Education

Immigration Nightmare: Our Unprotected Borders

¡Conquista! Illegals plant Venezuela’s flag on Texas soil — American Thinker

Biden Administration Knew Border Surge Was Coming, Internal Documents Show—And Did Nothing — Washington Free Beacon

Border Bypass: Biden Admin Lets 221K+ Migrants Fly Directly Into U.S. — PJ Media

Border Patrol Reports Over 7.5 million Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. During Biden Term, 5.18 Million are Single Adult Males — The Last Refuge

Economy’s Knees Buckling Under Weight Of Bidenomics

You Now Have to Earn Over $100,000 to Afford a Typical Home in the US — The Messenger

Global Trade Nosedives: Fastest Fall Since COVID — Cryptopolitan

Why Do The Poor Countries Always Stay So Poor? — Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian

This week in Bidenomics: The president’s unpopularity, explained — Yahoo Finance

The Multiyear Decline in US Economic Freedom — Richard M. Salsman, American Institute for Economic Research

Target, citing retail crime, set to shutter nine stores — Fox Business

US consumer confidence tumbles in September as American anxiety about the future grows — AP

The China Challenge

China just stopped exporting two minerals the world’s chipmakers need — CNN

China Is On A Mission To Spread Deflation Worldwide — Cryptopolitan

Russia’s dependence on China is deep and widespread – it may even be irreversible — World Crunch, via Taranga News

China’s quest for human genetic data spurs fears of a DNA arms race — Washington Post

Far-Left’s Destructive Takeover Of American Education

How Race-Preferential Admissions Policies on Campus Hurt Minority Students — study, SSRN

Education Secretary doesn’t ‘respect’ parents thinking ‘they know what’s right for kids’ — Just The News

Chicago Teachers Union Boss (“School Choice Is Racist”) Sends Son to Private School — Reason

Our Suffering Constitution

A Dictatorship, If You Can Keep It — Michael Walsh, The Pipeline

The Real Threat to Our Democracy — American Thinker

More Than One-Third of Democrat Voters Think Americans Have ‘Too Much Freedom’ — Red State

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