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Think Impeachment Will Help Biden? Then Why Is He Behaving Like A Cornered Rat?

Over the weekend, we came across a story warning Republicans about their decision to start an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

“It may well ensure that Republicans lose control of the House in 2024,” the story says. “And it could also give Joe Biden a boost as he runs for reelection, presumably against Donald Trump himself.”

In just the past few days we’ve seen a multitude of such warnings. Here’s a small sampling:

  • “Impeaching Biden Is a Desperate Gamble That Will Backfire”
  • “Republicans would love to impeach Biden. It would backfire on them.”
  • “How Republicans’ Push to Impeach Joe Biden Could Backfire”
  • “Could the Biden impeachment inquiry backfire on Republicans?”
  • “Will the House GOP’s Biden impeachment probe backfire?”
  • “This is the White House’s Dream!”

Here’s the strange thing. Every one of these headlines appeared in leftist newspapers, were penned by leftist authors, or were uttered on leftist cable news programs.

It’s almost as though these outlets all got their marching orders from a single source. Which, it turns, out, they did – the Biden White House.

An Aug. 31 story in The Hill – headlined “White House warns GOP Biden impeachment will backfire” – says that “the White House remains steadfastly confident that if the GOP goes forward with an inquiry … it will hurt Republicans more than it could hurt Biden.”

The story quotes White House spokesman Ian Sams saying that:  

This baseless impeachment exercise would be a disaster for congressional Republicans, and don’t take our word for it: just listen to the chorus of their fellow Republicans who admit there is no evidence for their false allegations and that pursuing such a partisan stunt will ‘backfire.’

Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y, added “It’s vitally important for congressional Democrats to be in sync with the White House and the Biden campaign.”

Israel didn’t specifically mention the corporate media, but why should he? The press knows what team it plays for and is more disciplined about staying on message than most liberal politicians – as evidenced by the headlines above.

Still, why all these warnings that an impeachment inquiry will backfire on Republicans?

If the White House, the Biden campaign, and all their sycophants in the media really and truly believed that, they’d be cheering impeachment on.

It’s far more likely that team Biden doesn’t believe it will backfire on Republicans, that it will do serious damage to Biden’s reelection hopes, and that they are terrified by the prospect.

The left desperately wants Republicans to think an impeachment inquiry is self-defeating in hopes that it can convince enough of them to oppose voting to formally move ahead with an inquiry. That is the goal. To derail the impeachment train.

Let’s dial the clock back four years, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formally announced an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Back then it was Trump who was claiming that impeachment would backfire on Democrats. But the left was having none of it.

“Trump himself has done a lot of work to seed this narrative that impeachment will help him,” Salon wrote at the time, “although it’s unclear why people actually believed him, rather than seeing that as the ham-fisted attempt at manipulation that it obviously was.” (emphasis added)

That Sept. 27, 2019 Salon article – titled “Think impeachment will help Trump? Then why is he behaving like a cornered rat?” – quoted New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie, who tweeted at the time that “no one has been able to explain the mechanism by which impeaching the unpopular, widely disliked president makes him more popular.”

Today, Biden is more unpopular than Trump was at the time. And while the evidence against Trump in that first impeachment was always flimsy, the case that Joe used his position as vice president to enrich himself and his family is mounting day by day.

Whatever your views are on impeachment, the fact that so many on the left are acting like cornered rats is a pretty good reason for Republicans to carry on.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • I look forward to the Senate Trial. We may lose, but the evidence will show that Dems acquitted on the basis of politics only.

  • Trump is/was clean. he sucked at hiring people but his policies are correct.
    o’biden on the other hand is owned by the highest bidder and is minimally guilty of treason

    • Trump, like any good executive, took advice from people he trusted. He needs to vet those people much better next time.

  • Why do these Democrats automatically assume that an impeachment inquiry will be bad for Republicans, other than to show their connection to the White House on this issue?

    While I am not necessarily a good judge of human behavior in the voting booth, I only see the deniers as trying to prevent the truth from coming out. I guess the next word of the year will be “impeachment deniers,” since that will describe the majority of the Democrat Party that will say that any evidence coming forth in these hearings will be fake evidence. But all that means is that Democrats are consistent about one thing: their inconsistency.

  • Because bidumb is guilty of everything President Trump has been indicted for. And every voter with a brain knows it.

  • Don’t get the cart before the horse. Biden hasn’t been impeached yet, and may not be ever. He could slip on the stairs or fall off a stage long before the House amasses the evidence required. But the House is going to follow the money trail down every rabbit hole they can find, and even if Biden isn’t impeached, or ever tried before the Senate, the evidence is likely to show he is a crook. He will look bad, and he might have to bow out at the Dem convention next year and hand the nomination to someone else – if he lasts that long.

  • If voters actually cared about Biden the Left’s wishful thinking might hold some truth. But Below Average Joe is truly reviled and seen as infirm, incompetent, incontinent, dishonest, and corrupt. This very well may be the perfect base from which to defend their torch bearer, but the Democrat Party is also really good at self-deception.

    GOP: Impeach the stupid SOB
    Trump: Go for the jugular early and often. Old Dumb Joe is a moron and everybody knows it. Never stop reminding the Democrat/Media Complex.
    MAGA: Make the Democrats explain why Making America Great is a bad this. How are lower taxes, greater freedom, cheaper energy, better national security, fair elections, controlled borders, and greater prosperity for all a bad thing?

  • There’s always one key word in these democrat stories……”backfire” is todays key word

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