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What We’re Reading: Biden’s Bad Week, Blue-State Fail, More Trumped-Up Charges . . . And More

Some headlines that caught our eye.

Biden Corruption Charges Multiply

‘My guy’: Hunter Biden partner Devon Archer says Joe Biden was on calls with foreign patrons for ‘the brand’ — New York Post

Hunter Biden told Archer that Chinese chairman loved him for his ‘last name,’ posse of ‘godlike Aryan men’ — Fox News

Devon Archer Testifies Joe Biden Met with Moscow Mayor’s Wife Who Wired $3.5 Million to Hunter And Then Joe Biden Kept Her Off Sanctions List — Gateway Pundit

Comer: ‘Why Did Joe Biden Lie to the American People About His Family’s Business Dealings and His Involvement?’ — RedState

Are More Hunter Biden Associates About to Blab? — PJ Media

Biden’s crime family is all of DC — Don Surber Substack

On the Impeachment of Joseph R. Biden — American Thinker

Biden’s In Trouble? Time To Indict Trump, This Time For Jan. 6

Andrew McCarthy & Jonathan Turley pour cold water on latest Trump indictments — Twitchy

Trump Indicted by Biden DOJ for His ‘Role’ in January 6 — PJ Media

Indictment 3.0: Jack Smith Indicts Trump Day After Hunter, Joe Biden Implicated — Breitbart

‘Blue-State’ Model Gets An ‘F’

Portland’s Multnomah County lost $1 BILLION from 2020-2021, as high earners left city amid riots, pandemic — The Post-Millennial

California and New York lose $640M of tax revenue to migration, as conservative Florida and Texas see coffers boosted by $23.1Bil — UK Daily Mail

Editorial: Red states are powering Biden’s economy — Boston Herald

Can Portland be saved? — Hot Air

This NYC avenue is overrun by brazen brothels operating in broad daylight — NY Post

Nolte: Property Value Collapse Shows Democrat Destruction of Baltimore Is Nearly Complete — Breitbart

California Loses Most Tax Revenue in U.S. as Wealthy Move to Tax-Friendly States — The Epoch Times

Fighting Climate Change, One Hypocrisy At A Time

Fire Tornados! Oops. — Powerline

Diesel Generators Used to Charge Electric Garbage Trucks — Moonbattery

California Depends on Fossil Fuels for Electricity During Heat Wave — Breitbart

Does it seem as though every news story lately is on climate doom? — American Thinker

‘Bloody Dangerous:’ Car Expert Jeremy Clarkson Blasts Electric Cars over Safety — The Sun, via Breitbart

John Kerry To Humanity: Drop Dead — Powerline

A Conservative Wave Building?

High school boys are trending conservative — The Hill

Analytics show Democrats twice as radical, GOP more moderate — Washington Examiner

Are Americans Becoming More Conservative? — AMAC Newsline

Stan Evans: Unsung Hero of the Right (Review) — Chronicles

Are DEI, ESG Dying?

Cancel Culture In Retreat — Powerline

DEI Programs are Getting in the Way of Liberal Education — DNYUZ

Conservatives Take Scalps in Culture War — Daily Caller

The responsible investing boom is over. Can anything replace ESG? — CNN Business

Miscellaneous Stuff . . .

The new Democrat line: Hunter was selling an “illusion” of access — Hot Air

Curious Covert Covid in California — FrontPage Magazine

The Biden Presidency Is Unsustainable — VDH, American Greatness

Government Corruption Helps the Bidens and Hurts Trump — American Greatness

What The Media Failed To Report Last Week, And What It Did — Legal Insurrection

Yellow Freight and an economy on the margin — American Thinker

30,000 Pilot Shortage + Union Demands Will Make Flying Unaffordable — National Pulse

Scientists increasingly put politics over uncertainty in their research papers — Behind The Black

Democrats Fear Black Voters Will Not Show Up for Biden — Washington Post, via Breitbart

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