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What We’re Reading: Bidens And Cocaine, Left’s High Court Hate, Court Under Siege . . . And More

Headlines that caught our eye.

White House Cocaine Conspiracy Unravels

Secret Service REFUSED to interview any of 500 suspects in White House cocaine scandal — UK Daily Mail

Veteran feds cry foul on White House cocaine probe: ‘This is a cover-up’ — NY Post

Bongino: Secret Service Agents Are Furious and ‘Know’ Who’s Behind the Cocaine — Red State

Secret Service covering up White House cocaine for Hunter Biden, Nikki Haley says — NY Post, via MSN

White House cocaine story won’t go away despite best efforts — Washington Examiner

The Nonstop Leftist War On The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ‘Ethics’ Scandal Is The New Russia-Collusion Hoax — The Federalist

Lesson in how to smear your opponents, Supreme Court edition — Hot Air

Supreme Court Justice Responds To Claims That High Court Is Getting Political — Epoch Times, via ZeroHedge

Blue State Exodus Shows No Signs Of Slowing

Citizens are fleeing cities run by Democrats in record numbers — Behind The Black

About Those Interstate Migration Trends (Chart) . . . — Powerline

Top 5 most stressed-out U.S. cities are run by Democrats, research shows — Just The News

Imploding Cities Will Drag All of Us Down — Even if You Don’t Live Anywhere Near One — PJ Media

Conservatives go to red states and liberals go to blue as the country grows more polarized — AP, via Yahoo News

Is Late, Great Golden State Hitting Bottom?

Tech CEO: Downtown San Francisco ‘Never Going Back’ to its Pre-Pandemic State — Breitbart

California Democrats retreat on their effort to defend child slavers — Behind The Black

Why Homelessness in California is Worse Than In Other States — BattleSwarm

The Pandemic Wiped Out 3 Million Jobs in California: So Why Did 9 Mil Get Unemployment Benefit Debit Cards? — California Globe

Has The Economy Turned A Corner? No

The Fed’s Big Inflation Battle Is Still Raging — ZeroHedge

The new corporatism that’s killing capitalism — The Spectator

Worst Case Scenario: Hybrid Work Trends May Result in Office Space Demand Falling 38 Percent by 2030, Says McKinsey — The Epoch Times

‘Woke’ Makes Companies Choke

Wokeness And ESG: Not So Good For Prosperity — The Epoch Times

Disney Finds out It Doesn’t Pay to Go Woke, as They Face Big Trouble — Red State

Can Conservatives Win The ESG Debate? — American Thinker

Climate ‘Science’: Lots Of Politics, Little Science

‘Climate czar’ John Kerry can’t answer a question about his own staff — let alone his private jet — NY Post

Climate Expert: Gas Car Cancellation Is Intended to End Private Transport — PJ Media

RFK Jr.: ‘Climate Change Is Being Used to Control Us Through Fear’ — Legal Insurrection

Massive US Oil Caverns Sit Empty and Will Take Years to Refill — Bloomberg

Just Stop Oil is hardly grassroots — Hot Air

What Is ‘Fascism’ Today?

Call Them What They Truly Are: The Fascist Far Left — American Thinker

Is Fascism Right Or Left? — PragerU, via YouTube

Miscellaneous Stuff . . .

Ticking the Talons of Healthcare Transparency — MedCity News

Learning from Europe’s Doom Loop of Decline — Faster, Please!

Half to 90% of federal agency HQs empty, billions wasted — Washington Examiner

Here’s The Real Story About The Border Crisis The Biden Admin Says Is Under Control — The Daily Caller

Trump 2024: Two-Thirds Expect Him to Be GOP Nominee — Rasmussen Reports

Bidenflation At 16.0% Highlights Bidenomics Failure — TIPP Insights

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