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What We’re Reading: Biden Corruption, Russia’s Enigma, Climatista Fantasies . . . And More

Headlines that caught our eye.

Biden Corruption Bombshells Keep Landing

Joe Biden’s ‘Malarkey’ Defense of Hunter — Wall Street Journal

In Re The Biden Family Business — Powerline

Joe Biden Said He Sold What? Secrets, a Lot of Secrets — PJ Media

Bombshell revelation: Hunter paid for secret $300/month ‘global phone’ used by VP Biden while in office — American Thinker

Was Last Week the Beginning of the End for Biden? — American Spectator

It’s Not Just Biden Corruption — It’s The Justice Department Coverup

Whistleblowers: Biden’s DOJ, FBI and IRS Blocked, Delayed Hunter’s Tax Investigation and Tipped Off His Attorneys —

This IRS Email Corroborates Whistleblower’s Claims About Biden DOJ Interference in Hunter Probe — Washington Free Beacon

Prosecutor Reportedly Told Six Witnesses He Was Not Permitted To Charge Hunter Biden — The Daily Wire

With new evidence, Congress unmasks a multi-year government plot to protect Biden, sully Trump — Just The News

Who is Lying? Merrick Garland or the Whistleblowers? — Jonathan

Freeze Hunter’s plea deal until we know which prosecutors lied to save him — New York Post

Speaker Kevin McCarthy Hints at Impeaching Attorney General Merrick Garland — American Greatness

What’s Going On With Russia?

It’s Too Early to Count Putin Out — The Wall Street Journal

Russia’s Putin says he let mutiny continue to avoid bloodshed — Reuters, via Yahoo News

Russia: No One Knows Anything — Powerline

Ex-CIA Analyst: Putin ‘Staged’ Prigozhin’s Coup Attempt — NewsMax

Biden says the US and its allies had nothing to do with Wagner Group’s rebellion against Russia — CNN

The Art Of The Deal, Russian-Style — The Epoch Times

Climate Change Uber Alles

The Fantasy World And Hypocrisy Of The Climatistas — Powerline

A Comprehensive Critique Of Net Zero Fantasies — Manhattan Contrarian

Transmission Impossible? Prospects for Decarbonizing the US Grid — National Bureau of Economic Research

Far-left NYC cracks down on coal, wood-fired pizzerias to fight climate change — PM

Science v. Ideology: 36 Climate Models Overestimated Warming in U.S. Corn Belt — PJ Media

Why EU Nations Can’t See Eye-To-Eye On Energy

Sweden Goes Nuclear — Powerline

Sweden Dumps Climate Agenda, Scraps Green Energy Targets — Slay

France’s Macron calls for an international taxation deal to finance climate efforts — Politico

Britain’s offshore wind industry is running out of puff — The Telegraph

Why Californians Continue To Flee Dystopian State

Poll: Over 40% Of Californians Think of Leaving — Breitbart

Millennials Lead the Way on the Great Migration From California to Texas — Mish Talk, via ZeroHedge

California Residents Fear New Bill Gives Mental Health Professionals Authority To ‘Emancipate’ 12 Year Olds From Parents — The Daily Wire

The Retreat From San Francisco Continues — National Review

Miscellaneous Stuff . . .

CNN Airs Audio of Trump Allegedly Showing People ‘Highly Confidential, Secret’ Documents — Breitbart

DHS outsourced censorship to third parties, then tried to cover it up: House Judiciary GOP report — Just The News

Biden Admin Grew Censorship Complex To Silence True But Inconvenient ‘Malinformation,’ House Committee Shows — The Federalist

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink No Longer Uses ‘ESG,’ Laments Term ‘Weaponized’ — Breitbart

US voters bitter about nation’s direction, 74% say it’s on the wrong track — NY Post

Fox Replaces Tucker With Jesse Watters — The Daily Wire

Tent, Meet Camel — The Pipeline

Obama Rings the Reparations Bell — American Thinker

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