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Will We Wake Up When We’re Hungry?

It’s safe to say that at no time in human history have more people been better fed than are in our current era. So of course the left has to make sure that doesn’t continue.

John Kerry, the man who has almost perfected the art of looking down his nose at the commoners so very far beneath him, told a group of co-elitists at a recent climate summit that, in the words of a Reuters reporter, “c​​utting greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production is essential to the global fight against climate change.”

In Kerry’s own words, he claimed “we can’t get to net zero, we don’t get this job done, unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution.”

The special presidential envoy for climate, a job he is perfectly suited for as it requires no accomplishments, only a membership in a “​​select group of human beings” and an enormously inflated sense of self, then confused matters by declaring that “a 2-degree future could result in another 600 million people not getting enough to eat.”

“You can’t continue to warm the planet while also expecting to feed it.”

So let’s see if we have this right: The way to feed more people is to slash agriculture production?

The eco-zealots who have stoked the climate scare aren’t open to genetically modified farming, which can increase the yields of some crop varieties by a factor of 10. Kerry and the climate cabal are simply not interested in any sort of innovation that would boost not only crop harvests but the nutrition density of our foods.

What, then, is their solution for feeding the masses while at the same time lowering greenhouse gas emissions? Of course – we must reduce food consumption and when eating is absolutely necessary, gobble up some bugs. The climatistas are focused on a forced austerity.

We’ve already seen the beginning of the diet that the climate alarmist-elitist complex has in mind for the rest of us. Dutch officials want to shut down livestock farms using buyouts. Energy policies in the U.S. and Europe are driving up prices, which will inhibit food production and disrupt distribution. Boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has proposed rules that will choke Canadian farming. The Biden administration, as documented by the Heartland Institute, has launched an “omni-directional assault on our food production system.” That pesticide bans in France are an existential threat to farmers is not unknown to European “leaders.”

While the rest of us “dine” on insects and worms and occasionally enjoy Cuban-size rations of food that doesn’t trigger our gag reflexes, elitists such as Kerry will not only never miss a meal, they will continue to dine sumptuously, having saved for themselves the finest culinary experiences.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • California Governor Gavin Newsome dining at the French Laundry, an exclusive restaurant where the cheapest dinner was $350 per plate, during the lockdowns when most restaurants were closed by his order, without wearing a mask when grocery store employees were forced to wear them for two years, is the perfect metaphor for the way that the elites view the production and distribution of food.

    All of their rules will be hyper-enforced on the little guys, but the elites will just ignore their own rules whenever they think that there are no cameras pointing at them.

  • “So let’s see if we have this right: The way to feed more people is to slash agriculture production?” I&I

    You got it absolutely right, I&I. Alice in Wonderland-style Edicts and Arbitrariness are to be expected from our Lunatic Mad-Hatter Elites, whatever the Subject Matter. Contradictions, Lies, Disregard for Truth, Ideological Censorship and Political Prosecutions have become institutionalized in the body politic and are the Law of the Land. No doubt abolishing farms, cooking and gas stoves are only the first steps in abolishing eating, which will eliminate sewage waste and climate change at the same time. With, of course, exemptions for Kerry, the Biden family, and our totalitarian overlords.

    These megalomaniac Wanna-Be Rulers of the Universe have decreed, based on their incomplete and inaccurate Climate Models, a 2-Degree Holy Grail as the lynch-pin of Climate Change Religion. Above 2 degrees will be an apocalypse, a doomsday worse than a nuclear winter, the end of the world. Or so they would have us believe, in order to impose their agenda. But that “2-Degree” “holy number” is a meaningless average incorporating extremes such as polar coldness and scorching desert heat. Singapore, the world’s wealthiest nation, thrives 20-30 degrees hotter than the Climate-Change False Religion Doomsday “2-Degree number”. Plus there is the inconvenient and widely ignored fact that CO2 (the reviled combustion carbon that Climate Change Religion seeks to abolish) is first and foremost a Vital Plant Nutrient. Crop yields will collapse if CO2 levels drop too low, adding to food shortages and starvation. Hence, the Utter Stupidity of Classifying a few ppm of CO2 as Pollutant instead of Vital Crop Nutrient essential to green plant life on planet Earth. Why is it heresy to grow more green plants to absorb more CO2? Might Climate Change and the 2-Degree Holy Grail be a false religion?

  • Zero accomlishments? Your giving Messr. Kerry far too much credit.

  • When you realize they are depopulationists, it all makes sense. These people are evil. Period.

  • So will they starve us all over a totally fake Threat? Liberal Enviromentalists are Evil

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