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You’ll Live Like Peasants And You’ll Like It

Every day it gets more difficult to ignore just how odious the political left in this country is. In case we needed a reminder – we didn’t – another instance of the progressives’ deranged minds landed last week: The Biden administration is, in effect, coming after air conditioners.

No, it doesn’t appear that the White House is planning to outright ban air conditioning. But a recent round of rule making at the Energy Department will make new window units less efficient at cooling and more expensive to buy, which will create hardships for the millions of poor Americans who use them to counter summer heat, and in some cases survive it.

It’s part of a pattern.

In a little more than two years, the loathsome Biden administration has targeted not only air conditioners, but automobiles with internal-combustion engines, gas stoves, dishwashers, freight-hauling trucks, washers and dryers, and showerheads through a regulatory regime that will either eventually ban them altogether or make them so expensive and inefficient that they become a luxury item.

None of these rules dreamed up by the Democrats, including many that were set before Joe Biden stumbled into the Oval Office, will improve the lives of the middle and lower economic classes. They will, however, make them harder.

And isn’t that the point? University of Tennessee law professor and Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds suggests the war is not on appliances, but rather on those who use them.

“The Biden administration,” he wrote earlier this week in the New York Post, “certainly has an appetite for regulating household appliances in a way that seems calculated to make your life worse.”

John Hinderaker of the Power Line blog and president of the Center the American Experiment shares Reynolds’ view.

“These are horrible people – sadists, basically – who want to make your life worse,” he said of those who want us to eat bugs rather than delicious and healthy food provided by animals. “Not their lives,” of course, “your life.”

Of course it’s not just the Biden administration and American Democrats who want to reverse the achievements that have made lives more tolerable and living more convenient. Leftists across the world have been busy for decades in their pursuit of turning back progress (and these are the people who consider themselves “progressives”). Nowhere is this more evident than among the scoundrels of the World Economic Forum, whose ministers have told us we will own nothing and like it.

The elites, the ruling class, the laptop class – the choice of label is a personal preference – hate the rest of us. They want Earth’s resources for themselves, so they enact policies that make them too costly for the average person to afford. They pass laws and issue edicts to increase their power over us. They work hard to demean those they feel are beneath them. They wish to live like kings a queens while the rest of us serve them as serfs.

We are being “back-roomed” into submission by lawmakers, ousted from the public square by gangs propped up by the elites, and told we have to live with less despite decades of real progress that produced our modern world.

We won’t pretend the Republican Party will save us from the left’s dirty work. But we would like for the GOP to at least put up a better fight. Simply slowing the decline is not enough.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Your cell phone is and will be your jail cell. They want you totally attached to the Internet and electronic everything and then they control you using social scores and cbdc’s…both prison’s on earth.

    But none of this digital world crap will be able to be implemented if the power goes out. People survived for thousands of years without electricity. The difference was that there were many fewer people on the planet and that is what these human-haters want.

  • GOP way too slow and too ready to compromise. Look at the worthless TikTok bill they just payed. Does nothing.

  • I had to stop reading upon finishing the 2nd paragraph, which tells us that the Energy Dept. has issued an edict to make sure window units AC are more inefficient and also more expensive.
    If any of our elected rulers would do this (insinuate themselves into the private economy by instructing regulated private companies to charge more for worse products) we’d all scream bloody murder.
    It is scary as hell to witness an UNELECTED bureaucracy, the Energy Dept., not only doing what they are doing, but also thinking it is alright to do it. “No private citizen will dare object,” I’m sure they all persuaded one another!
    These pimple-faced, slap-happy, mandarins, and their imperious directives, are why we settled on this continent in the first place! We wanted to get away from them.
    Now, it seems, they followed us.

  • Modern Enviromentalism is a return to Human sacrifice like the Aztecs

  • “We won’t pretend the Republican Party will save us from the left’s dirty work. But we would like for the GOP to at least put up a better fight. Simply slowing the decline is not enough.” The Republican party reminds me of the Washington Generals, the supposed “pro” team who played against the Harlem Globetrotters, so that the headliners could put on their display of basketball wizardry. The Generals were never meant to win, or even provide competition, but merely served as a foil.

    Putting one’s hope on the Republican party is the same as betting on the Washington Generals.

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