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It’s Time To Admit It: EVs Are EVIL

We’ve had enough of the left’s guilt-tripping anyone who drives a gasoline-powered car. If anyone should be ashamed, it is those who are smugly plugging in their cars each night.

They are the ones responsible for raping the planet, poisoning entire communities, enriching genocidal tyrants, and creating a massive hazmat problem while doing nothing to stop “climate change.”

Does that sound harsh?

Here’s one recent bit of evidence. A Bloomberg investigation found that the aluminum Ford is using to build its “eco-friendly” EV pickup comes from Brazil.

“There, in the heart of the Amazon, rust-colored bauxite is being clawed from a mine that has long faced allegations of pollution and land appropriation,” it found. A class action lawsuit against the mining company accuses it of polluting the water, causing cancer, hair loss, neurological dysfunction, birth defects, and increased mortality.

While all cars use aluminum to cut pounds, EVs use far more to offset the enormous weight of the batteries themselves.

“For consumers seeking to lower their carbon footprints, the environmental and social costs of electric vehicles may be greater than they realize,” Bloomberg says.

No kidding.

Here’s the dirty, rotten truth about EVs.

EVs aren’t “zero emissions” vehicles. All an EV does is shift the emissions elsewhere — namely, over to gigantic monopoly power companies that burn natural gas, coal, garbage or, horror of horrors, employ nuclear fission. Plus, making electric cars releases far more CO2 than is emitted in the production of conventional cars.

EV enthusiasts say these aren’t problems because over its lifetime, an EV will produce fewer total CO2 emissions.

But that claim depends on a wide range of variables — such as the range of an EV, how long the batteries last, the energy source used to produce electricity, etc. — that can dramatically affect the EV’s carbon-cutting picture.

One study by the University of Michigan found that EVs can emit more CO2 than conventional cars. It said that depending on the fuel used by power plants in a given area, an EV can produce as much CO2 as a gas-powered car that gets just 29 miles per gallon.

EVs aren’t cheaper to operate. Another selling point of EVs is supposed to be that, while they are far more expensive to buy, they are cheaper to drive. But that depends entirely on the relative cost of electricity and gasoline.

A study by the Anderson Economic Group found that with gas prices on the decline and electricity costs climbing, it’s cheaper to operate a mid-priced gas-powered car than a comparable EV, particularly when you factor in the extra time and hassle involved in recharging an EV.

EVs are built with slave labor. While gasoline is produced almost entirely from domestic supplies of oil, the lithium, cobalt, graphite, and rare earth minerals needed to make batteries mostly come from places such as China, Congo, Indonesia, Iran, and other countries that are noted for gross human rights violations, and are often mined and produced using forced and child labor.

“The road many of these materials take to consumers is littered with human rights abuses,” says Human Rights Watch.

Take the cobalt mines in Congo, where most of that stuff is found. Siddharth Kara, a fellow in public health at Harvard, describes it as “modern-day slavery. It’s not chattel slavery from the 18th century where you can buy and trade people and own title over a person like property. But the level of degradation, the level of exploitation is on par with old-world slavery.”

EVs are environmental rapists. Mining and refining the minerals needed to make EV batteries is also an environmental disaster. To make just one EV battery requires 25 pounds of lithium, 60 pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds of cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, and 400 pounds of aluminum, steel, and plastic.

Writing in these pages, Ronald Stein noted that “you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium, 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt, 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, and 25,000 pounds of ore for copper. All told, you dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust for just one battery.”

In Indonesia, where nickel for EV batteries is largely produced, “polluted air and water are causing respiratory problems, sickness, and eye injuries and destroying forests and fisheries. The rush to expand production has pushed local communities and infrastructure to the brink of collapse,” Wired reports.

“So, the next time you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle or driving your EV car, before congratulating yourselves on saving the environment, remember that it came at a cost of entire mountains in developing countries, thousands of square miles of land, and billions of gallons of oil and fuel,” Stein writes.

Processing this stuff also requires massive amounts of water. It can take half a million gallons of water to produce a metric ton of lithium, for example.

Aimee Boulanger, executive director of the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, told the Washington Post that “It is hypocritical to say we are here with these electric vehicles to solve our climate problems if, in making them, we contaminate a community’s drinking water or dry up the irrigation wells they rely on.”

There’s also the looming problem of what to do with the mountain of used lithium-ion batteries that will soon pile up, along with their tendency to burst into flames and emit toxins into the air, ground, and water.

It’s time to end this hypocrisy.

It’s time to admit that EVs are being wildly oversold.

It’s time for EV owners and manufacturers to answer for the environmental and human rights crimes they are bankrolling in the name of “climate change.”

It’s time for those of us who drive gasoline-powered cars to take pride in the fact that our vehicles are safe, efficient, reliable, and don’t require ritual human sacrifices to build.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


    • Very few people who have test driven one do not want one. If you are one of those people loudly condemning them, as I once was, my advice to you is to never drive one because you will most likely be eating a lot of crow. I now drive a Tesla M3lr and love it. Best car I’ve ever had in my 79 years of having them all — BMW’s, Jaguars, Lincoln’s, Lexus’s (Lexi?), many more. It is sublimely elegant to the user in its simplicity. Step on the go-pedal, and it goes – very quickly & instantly – step off and it stops. Beautiful! I never worry about range because every day when I wake up it is magically full of charge on 110v wall power for cheap and no visits to nasty gas stations!

      Not for everyone, but then what is?

      • It’s not a question of creature comforts; it’s that current EV technology is more harmful to the environment than ICE vehicles and mass migration to them would be an environmental mistake.

        In addition, if the entire passenger vehicle fleet was converted to EVs, electricity will skyrocket in price and become unreliable because of the massive expansion of the transmission and distribution system that is required to support the added load.

        And those that live in row or townhouses in cities will have difficulty parking in locations that will enable them to charge their EVs overnight (and you can be certain that the charging cords will get stolen frequently).

        Range is a problem for me. Even the most expensive Tesla with the highest range cannot make the 5-hour trip to my vacation home but my moderately priced ICE vehicle makes the trip on 11 gallons of gas with at least 50 miles to spare.

      • If you are happy driving a car built with slavery, strip mining, actual ecological devastation and poisoning of the environment that hides rather than reduces your mythical “carbon footprint” and will end up as hazardous waste, well, you do you … but I think you might be missing the point.

      • very few people have ever driven a rolls royce, bentley, etc
        many people talk down about them because they KNOW THEY CANNOT AFFORD THEM, THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT NICE CARS! however, the government and rich elites are not forcing everyone to buy them as is the case moving forward with EVs.
        As I understand it, Rockefeller grew standard oil into a huge company(monopoly) by improving manufacturing methods to reduce the cost of his product(gasoline) TO THE PUBLIC. He did not get the federal govt to make his competition(horses and buggy travel) more expensive(or illegal, kalifornia) in order to grow his business.

      • You’re 95 years old and still driving?

        Flawed logic. People that believe they’re evil, ugly and gay looking don’t consider test driving them. People that are comfortable with child and slave labor and pretending they’re not coal burning hypocrite vehicles are interested in them.

        Btw, I built and drive my own car, that others state they want to own, almost daily. Can you build a car for yourself? Doubt it.

    • Happy for you enjoy me paying for 1/3 of the purchase price for you.

    • Glad to hear that!

      Do you find that you Tesla runs better on fuel that was power from coal, gas, oil or nuclear generated energy?

      It would be awesome if people who buy Tesla’s or any EV to virtue-signal their ‘save the planet’ lifestyle could only recharge the batteries of their EV’s only, and ONLY from powered generated from solar, wind or hydro energy production sources.

      Seems only fair that you have to live by your own standards and beliefs.

      • I could not care less about how much carbon my Tesla allegedly prevents in the air. CO2 is plant food. I drive it because it is the best car I have ever had, and I have had a lot of them.

        I can see you have never driven one. Don’t, you might like it.

    • Aside from being a literal crime against humanity, Teslas look like doosh-mobiles.

    • Congratulations, but did you read the article and make note of the issues EV’s present?

  • It’s extremely interesting – and ironic – that these “greenies” who are all in on the so-called “green” energies haven’t the slightest idea, or even the tiniest hint of independent thinking to question, that their “utopia” requires vastly more pollution, plus slave labor and child slave labor, than the “conventional” energies…??? And, that the vast bulk of the parts & pieces of these “technologies” are not recyclable… It seems like the “cleaner” the supposed “solution,” the “dirtier” the actual guts of it. Yet another irony. Folks – utopia is not possible in this world. Therefore, anyone pitching it to you is a liar, and what they’re pitching is fraudulent. More irony.

    • You are suffering from some propaganda overload. Any manufactured product takes resources, the old classic steel mills were amazing at throwing out by products that were mostly pollutants. Most people don’t realize that even ancillary parts to EV’s balance the “in-beaded energy” and other resource monitoring. Take a simple stock of what it takes for millions of break pads, for example, mostly not needed thanks to the regenerative breaking in EV’s. All the millions of gallons of waste oil, not needed in EVs, All the millions of gallons of transmission fluid, heavy gear oil, etc. not needed. The only way to not make any impact on the earth is to commit suicide.

  • Not a chance on earth I will ever buy an EV. My current vehicles ain’t broke and I’m not ever gonna fix them with an EV. I’ll drive my ICE vehicles until the wheels fall off. Just say no to EV’s.

  • It really doesn’t matter because governments are mandating we buy the damn things.

  • All you write here is reasonable and sound, but you’re missing the real point: they don’t want to “save the planet”, they want to get rid of cars altogether. OUR cars, not theirs. They want us to rent EVs that can be tracked anywhere, and shut down with a button from remote if we pass the consented mileage or are just not nice enough to our rulers.

    • Now what I find strange is that auto companies seem hell bent on self destruction. I see a lot of ads, all of them for EVs. What I see in the future is everybody fixing their cars over and over, like in Cuba – nice Buicks around, btw. As for me, my kids being grown, my next car is going to be a spider from the sixties, probably an Alfa Romeo.

      • Dodge’s recent and abrupt change to EV’s is the case study. Dodge said they might consider a sports car type EV in 10 years or so if the market for one developed, but then switched to all their muscle cars going EV overnight. Strangely, right after the Inflation “Production” Act passed. Apparently, the US government offered them billions to develop EVs immediately, and they took the apple.

  • SEEMINGLY INTELLIGENT. people across the world are so easily convinced to believe all the crap from Covid to Globull warming. How does this mass psychosis occur?

    • I call them, “pseudo intellectuals” because that is what they are. And most of them suffer from the medical condition known as “recto-cranial inversion”.

    • How does it occur? Because many people are selfish, ghoulish, useless people.

      Think about how many people actually believe, at their frightened, weak, shaking core, that abortion is NOT killing a baby, but is simply a woman’s health issue?

      I told my wife the other day, that if Jesus came back, he would get executed again. Oh, it wouldnt be so obvious. He’d be denounced as a fake by the media, fake charges would be brought against him, and he would “mysteriously” die in prison.

  • This article makes a great deal of assumptions about water use,for example, when actually responsible manufacturing now recycles much of the water.I would compare this article to pieces written at the dawn of the age of the automobile, panic filled stories of people getting run over, horses getting spooked and, yes, cars catching on fire. Other articles complained about the incredible and lethal speed of cars, 30 plus mph! Heavens, how did we ever survive? It’s obvious that EV’s are not for everyone or every purpose, but the obvious advantages to the few that fit in the niche seem to usher in the start of the electric era.

    • If you are willing to embrace slavery to fill your niche. I don’t understand if people that can read this and still argue for EV’s are being intentionally obtuse, don’t care about the evil used to make their lives convenient if they don’t see it or just don’t care?

    • Yes many assumptions without breaking out what different companies do. And yes it’s like arguing against smart phones or any new technology. The authors need to compare Tesla to other companies and see if there is a big difference in environmental production practices where I think they would find Tesla is far ahead of other companies and so then they should ask why other companies are not doing what Tesla is doing. Some assumptions that are not right especially as related to Tesla are as follows.
      – It mentions EV car fires but look up how many car fires there are per year for ICE vehicles and compare.
      – Batteries will pile up – Tesla batteries will be around 95 recyclable – compare to the other companies.
      – Batteries will need to be replaced. Tesla’s new 4680 batteries may be million mile batteries and then 95% recyclable. Again compare to other companies.
      – It mentions a study assuming gas prices declining. Gas prices declining? Really?
      – Pressure on the electrical grid. Look up VPP. Look up Tesla battery power plants to store during non-peak for peak so not as much electricity production infrastructure is needed. Advocate for electric grid efficiency improvement rather than blame EVs.
      – Electric grid pollution and more pollution overall than with gas cars. Prove it with Tesla and then compare to others. Look at not just range but efficiency of batteries where Teslas are twice as efficient as many other EVs thus not using as much electricity per mile thus reducing pollution from electricity produced. Look at Tesla production practices causing pollution then compare to other companies. Look at what can be improved with electricity production to reduce pollution. What about more nuclear plants with improved technology to make safer.

    • There is only ONE niche. Short commutes like daily commutes to work. They should have been marketed that way to begin with, but that doesn’t comply with the underlying agenda which has nothing to do with climate change. Besides the environment catastrophe of EVs, its just stupid to try to force fit them into semis or F150 pickups which will have 50 mile range pulling a trailer. How can people be so gullible?

    • You cherry pick the most insignificant issue, water waste, and disregard slave child labor and 500,000 pounds of ore per battery to dismiss the careful analysis of the hypocrisy, lies and outright evil of EV’s?
      You drive a gay looking Tesla, don’t you? 🤔

  • And another issue that almost always goes unchallenged; why are we trying to eliminate carbon (“net zero”) and more specifically CO2? All life on earth is carbon based, correct? We humans are around 20% carbon. Plant life will die without CO2 and all life will die without plants.
    Atmospheric CO2 is actually very low. Almost all plants would thrive if it was triple or quadruple (1200-1600ppm) what it is now (400ppm) and that would have no effect on “climate change” or would adversely affect human or other animal life.

  • The push for EVs is nothing more than the push to control the mobility of individuals.

  • If everybody drove an internal combustion engine car that consistently got 29 miles per gallon, we wouldn’t have created the incentives for reducing pollution exemplified by the worldwide move to electric vehicles.

    What would be evil is to ignore the global impact of an ever increasing number of internal combustion vehicles.

    • and if everybody lived in caves and ate berries we wouldn’t need to worry about “man caused climate change”. I dont see our “leaders” who are pushing for this ( I am talking to you FINK, SOROS, THE DAVROS IDIOTS) “leading” by doing this.

    • If everyone were naive and easily manipulated with propaganda, they would agree with you.

      If every ICE car got 100mpg, they would still be pushing EV’s and other lies to gain power and control.

      Do you vote democrat?

  • None of the environmentalists warning us about peak oil have mentioned peak electrons or peak copper. The grid doesn’t have the capacity to power transportation and there isn’t enough virgin copper available for all those electric motors.

  • Even if EVs were 100% “green” and eco-friendly, I still wouldn’t want one. It’s not the price, either. Or the charging times. It’s not the resale value. I wouldn’t want an EV even if the positives far outweighed the negatives. I don’t want an EV because I refuse to be coerced into buying anything. Especially when it’s my own corrupt government doing the coercing.

  • ” over to gigantic monopoly power companies that burn natural gas, coal, garbage or, horror of horrors, employ nuclear fission” from gigantic monopoly companies that produce gasoline, oil, plastic.

    • You are certainly aware of the difference between how oil and gas are produced and distributed and how electricity is produced and distributed. When I fill my car, I can choose from any number of independently owned gas stations that get their fuel from different, competing oil companies. But I have no choice in who provides my electricity. It’s a regulated monopoly. I suspect your experience is the same.

  • The big lie is that CO2 is a pollutant. It is fertilizer for plants. Look up planetary greening due to increased atmosphetic CO2.

  • At age 68, I have no desire to waste my remaining years waiting for my car to charge. I want to pull in, fill up and drive off.

  • I am a volunteer firefighter who recently took a class on how to ‘fight’ EV fires. It will take a minimum of 10K gallons of water(400 for IC engine), flames can shoot out from the front, rear, or sides at 5,000F for 20 feet. Our turnout gear is only rated to 1,500F. I have been to one of these fires and there is no putting the fire out, we just spray and try to cool it until the cells burn out.

    If you get in a EV crash and notice white smoke emanating from the bottom of the vehicle run as far away as possible. These things are indeed evil.

  • EVs are not only harmful to the environment they “price-out” the poor and encourage class envy, basically the average person can’t/won’t be able afford to one and if the government gets its way many will have to use public transportation and be priced-out of owning their own car, we are on a fast track to becoming a 3rd world communist nation. EVs are entirely about controlling the population’s movement/activity and nothing to do with the environment.

  • Widespread adoption of EVs will necessitate a 4 or 5X upsizing of the entire electric grid from top to bottom. If you like your power lines and substations, you are going to get far more of them. But from where will all the copper, silver, rare earths come from for this? Already silver demand exceeds mine production rates by 20%. It takes some 15-20 years to develop a mineral resource to a producing mine, not to mention hundreds of millions in capex. There is zero accounting for the environmental burden of trashing all of the infrastructure to support internal combustion vehicles and replace it with what EVs will need. All for what? In response to a theory that has models that do not survive backtesting! A socialist utopian disaster in the making.


  • EV batteries need rare-earth materials, some of which aren’t in abundant supply. It has been predicted that within a few years the global lithium mining capacity will be outstripped by demand.
    The world’s largest producers of these 5 minerals are: lithium – Audtris, cobalt – Democratic Republic of Congo, manganese – South Africa and graphite – China. Copper is also a key component for EVs and it is a well known fact, the extracting of copper is a highly polluting strip mining process. Plus do any of these countries have an EPA? The short answer, NO.
    Plus approx. 40% of the emissions associated with auto production is related to making the battery. Not very “environmental”. Then when food is scarce the copper thieves will tear out all the wiring. Oh, and where will all that copper come from to attach all the millions of miles required for ubiquitous connectivity? FOOLS!

  • There is a third alternative to EV and only-gas powered vehicles: HYBRIDS. I’ve never seen hybrids included in any analysis similar to this. So I have to wonder: are hybrids the “happy medium” between EVs and ONLY GAS ?

  • Big donors to the democratic party and globalization just happen to have invested heavily into EV manufacturing, child slave labor mining camps in the 3rd world, and China, who will assembly the batteries using Uyghur slavery- so it is very important that we are mandated to buy their EV products to save the planet.

  • I am for allowing the consumer to decide the type of vehicle they desire. Regulations should be minimal and absolutely no we the people subsidies. Government or rather politicians are the real problem. They make $$$ on the regulations they pass, and we pay the bill.

  • EV,s are not selling like they hoped they would I hope they dont commit themselves to going totally EV

  • Question: when an EV battery runs out – and they have a limited lifespan of only a decade or two – what does it cost to replace, and/or what does it do to the re-sale value of the car?

    Because if you’re comparing the cost of an ICE vehicle to an EV, the FULL cost over the life of the vehicle (including trade-in/re-sale value) should be factored in.

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