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What We’re Reading: Biden In Ukraine, Buttigieg’s Train Disaster, J6 Videos Coming . . . And More

Some headlines and topics that caught our eye.

Biden’s Trip To Ukraine: What Will U.S. Gain?

Joe Biden Fiddles With World War In Ukraine As U.S. Border, Railways Burn — The Federalist

Biden challenges Putin to ‘end the war’ in Ukraine, threatens to ramp up sanctions against Russia — Fox News

Putin Halts Nuke Pact With US, Vows to Push War in Ukraine — Bloomberg News

China’s top diplomat visits Moscow as Russia’s war on Ukraine nears 1 year — NPR

U.S. Ambassador Warns China Supplying Russia With Lethal Aid Would Be ‘Red Line’ — HuffPost

Why Americans should care about a hostile Russia and China — Yahoo News

3 Train Derailments, 2 Weeks: Why So Long For Federal Response?

East Palestine Mayor: Biden Giving Millions to Ukraine, Not Us Shows ‘He Doesn’t Care about Us’ — Breitbart

Buttigieg says he’ll visit East Palestine ‘when the time is right,’ lays out new rail safety efforts — CNN

Another train derails in Nebraska as Pete Buttigieg announces visit to Ohio crash site — Fox News

It Took Two Weeks For FEMA To Commit Aid For Ohio Rail Disaster. Why? — Legal Insurrection

Buttigieg and a Train Derailment — Front Page Magazine

The EPA Has No Credibility — American Thinker

Will Release Of J6 Video Show Their Was No ‘Insurrection’?

Report: House Republicans Give Tucker Carlson Producers Access To Thousands of Hours of J6 Video — Legal Insurrection

Video: January 6th Was a Police Riot, Cops Admit to Attacking ‘Innocent’ Protestors — National File

Losing Control Of U.S. Healthcare To Global Group?

Biden preparing to relinquish national sovereignty to WHO globalists — American Thinker

Knees Quake In Silicon Valley As Supreme Court Hears Landmark Big Tech Case

Big Tech Faces Potential Reckoning at Supreme Court — American Greatness

Gonzalez v. Google: Supreme Court justices admit they are not ‘experts’ in Big Tech case — Washington Examiner

Rude Awakening: Social Security Cuts Loom

Cuts Are Coming to Social Security and Medicare Whether the Politicians Want Them or Not — PJ Media

Biden’s Social Security Pledge Will Likely Mean Huge Middle Class Tax Hikes, Expert Warns — Daily Caller

Social Security to go broke in 10 years, forcing Washington’s hand on retiree crisis — Washington Times

Miscellaneous Stuff . . .

Retailers to Shut Down Over 800 Big-Box Stores as Inflation, Anemic Sales and Interest Rates Create Perfect Storm — RedState

America’s top 5 dirtiest cities run by Democratic mayors, study finds — ADN America

The Democrat War on Election Integrity Continues — The Spectator

Power-Grid Attacks Surge 71% and Are Likely to Continue, Study Finds — Wall Street Journal

Mystery Solved: Left-Wing Billionaire Pierre Omidyar Bankrolls Shadowy Anti-Musk Group — Free Beacon

New study shows conservatives value online free speech more than liberals — Based-Politics

Donald Trump Ranked as Both the Best – and the Worst – President of the Last Five, Rasmussen Survey Finds — CNSNews

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