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What We’re Reading: The Bidenomics Recession, Why Green Fails, Fauci’s Finish . . . And More

Welcome To Bidenomics, 2023

These 3 Biden tax hikes just took effect with the new year — Based-Politics

The risk of US recession is on the rise, according to research from the Fed — NY Post

The Myth Of American Income Inequality — Tax Prof Blog

Inflation Takes Biggest Bite From Middle-Income Households — Wall Street Journal

“An Awful Year”: The Best And Worst Performing Assets Of December, Q4 And 2022 — ZeroHedge

There’s a Huge Temporary Growth in Gig Work to Make Ends Meet — Prudential Pulse Survey, via MishTalk

Bidenomics update: About those dreams of an empty nest… — The Hill, via Hot Air

Climate Of Fear

Discredited ‘Population Bomb’ Author Predicts “End of Civilization We’re Used To” on 60 Minutes — Summit News

Who’s Attacking Our Power Grid? — National Review

The Net Zero Road to Nowhere —, Wall Street Journal

Green energy failed to meet power demand when it was most needed — Alpha News

Soaring Costs Threaten U.S. Offshore-Wind Buildout — Wall Street Journal

Gov’t Resumes Where It Left Off In New Year

Humor: Outgoing speaker Pelosi hails her Democrats as ‘the greatest collection of intellect, integrity and imagination assembled’ — American Thinker

Liberals have learned nothing in the Biden era — James Bovard, via the New York Post

You Must Assume That All Information Put Out By Our Government Is Corrupt — Manhattan Contrarian

Government by Gimmick Won’t Last — American Thinker

Kevin McCarthy LOSES THIRD VOTE For Speaker of House! — Gateway Pundit

Mitch McConnell Becomes Longest Serving Party Leader in Senate History — Breitbart

COVID Chronicles: Fauci’s Final Phase

The Architecture of Corruption: Why Elon Musk is Justified to Call for the Prosecution of Dr. Anthony Fauci — American Thinker

Dr. Robert Malone Calls For International Tribunal to Investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak — American Greatness

Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants? — Wall Street Journal

Fauci Leaves a Broken Agency for His Successor — Newsweek

National Survey Finds finds 28% Personally know of a Death Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines — Peter A. McCullough, M.D., MPH, Substack

Jan. 6 Hearings: Coming To An End?

Ex-Capitol Police chief links Jan. 6 failures to Pelosi’s influence, questions security today — BizPac Review

‘They Knew I Did Nothing Wrong’: Jan. 6 Committee Withdraws Subpoena of Trump — The Daily Signal

The incredible weirdness of the Ray Epps saga — American Thinker

Ginni Thomas Transcript From J6 Panel Reveals Witch Hunt Operation Without A Witch — The Federalist

Why Ignore Evidence Of Biden Family Corruption?

Justice Dept. conceals 400 pages of ‘sensitive documents’ laying bare payoffs and gifts to Hunter and Jim Biden from China, Russia and Ukraine — UK Daily Mail

We Now Know Why NPR Called Hunter Biden’s Laptop a ‘Non-Story’ — Townhall

‘Twitter Files’ Cites Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden Earned Millions for Which He ‘Offered No Real Work’ — Breitbart

China: No Longer Friend, But Foe?

Beijing spies stole bomb secrets on every U.S. warhead to build nuclear forces — Washington Times

Why China will not be admired, trusted, and respected in the long run — American Thinker

US trade chief says new tools needed to counter China’s ‘20-year distortions’ affecting global economy — South China Morning Post

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