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Media Go To Increasingly Absurd Lengths To Protect Biden

Just how far will the leftist media go to protect President Joe Biden? If the past couple of weeks are any indication, there is no limit.

Take the incident in late September where Biden repeatedly called out for a dead congresswoman to come forward. It happened when he was speaking at a White House conference on nutrition and health and started thanking lawmakers who’d worked on the issue.

“Representative Jackie — are you here? Where’s Jackie? — I think she was going to be here,” Biden said.

Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., had died in a car wreck in August. Biden even issued a statement at the time, saying “Jill and I are shocked and saddened by the death of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski of Indiana along with two members of her staff in a car accident today in Indiana.” Yet there he was, searching her out in the audience.

Most cognizant Americans saw this for what it was: Another worrisome sign that Biden’s mental acuity is rapidly declining. For the press, however, it was an opportunity to praise the 79-year-old.

Jill Lawrence, a former commentary editor at USA Today, wrote that “there’s another way to look at this.” Namely, she said, it shows “how generous and professional Biden is.”

He was just trying to be nice to a lawmaker, and a Republican one to boot, she wrote. What a guy! And how refreshingly different from that evil Trump! “Some things,” she concludes, “are more important than age and a perfect memory.”

How touching.

Then, within a matter of days, both the New York Times and the Washington Post each published stories defending Biden against his habit of, well, lying about just about everything, especially about himself.

The Times headlined its article: “Biden, Storyteller in Chief, Spins Yarns That Often Unravel.”

Here’s how it describes Biden’s habitual fabrications:

“Mr. Biden’s folksiness can veer into folklore, with dates that don’t quite add up and details that are exaggerated or wrong, the factual edges shaved off to make them more powerful for audiences.”

The Washington Post made the exact same point.

“Put Biden in front of a crowd, and he’ll try to connect with it — even if, at times, the connection seems to stretch the available facts,” it said.

“When delivering the commencement address for the U.S. Naval Academy,” the Post story went on, “he claimed to have almost attended the school. When he spoke to a group of athletes in Israel, he suggested he came close to trying out as a walk-on in the NFL.”

So, you see, Biden’s lying is just another sign of how decent he is. He is just trying to connect with his audience! How kind and thoughtful of him!!

The Washington Post, remember, is the paper that kept a running tally of what it claimed were President Donald Trump’s lies, many of which were statements like: “My job was made harder by phony witch hunts,” or “We have tremendous African-American support.”

When not gaslighting America about Biden’s character, the press has also been busy trying to convince the public that the crises Biden has unleashed upon us are actually good news. Take a look at how they are trying to put lipstick on the inflation pig.

  • “Why inflation can actually be good for everyday Americans and bad for rich people” — CNN
  • “Why you should be happy about inflation” — Fortune
  • “The Earth Wants Biden to Keep Gas Prices High” — Bloomberg
  • “How high energy prices are making things better this summer” — The Hill

And what about Biden’s dismal approval rating? It’s no mystery to voters. They’ve been living with the wreckage of his presidency. But to the press, it’s a head-scratcher.

Here’s how one columnist put it.

“Biden’s approval rating is 43%, which would seem strangely low for a president overseeing one of the biggest employment booms ever.”

Biggest booms ever? Where do reporters come up with this stuff?

That “boom” was just the economy recovering the 22 million jobs lost during the pointless COVID lockdowns. And Biden has nothing to brag about.

It took 21 months under Biden for the economy to regain 10 million of those jobs — an average of 476,000 a month. But in Trump’s last nine months in office, 12.5 million got their jobs back — an average of 1.4 million a month.

Thanks to the sluggish job growth under Biden, we’re still just barely over the pre-COVID peak.

The “truth to power” press is so busy absolving Biden of his sins it can no longer tell fact from fiction.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • What else can you expect when the major media function as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party? They press may be propagandists and the DNC politicians liars, but they are otherwise honest and cannot possibly be guilty of committing and covering up election fraud. Or so they want us to believe.

  • Without the constant lies from the leftist media to a gullible public, there would be no democrat party.
    Without government controlled school indoctrination, the public would not be so gullible.

  • My favorite Trump “lie” that WaPo counted was his claim that “1/3 of the women” in one of the immigrant convoys was sexually assaulted on their trek. WaPo counted that as a lie because one estimate was that it was only 30% of the women were sexually assaulted.
    The left used to claim to speak “Truth to power;” now it seems they speak “Power to truth” more often.

  • It’s been well established that the legacy media is nothing but “democrats with a byline” but one of my favorite Biden “yarns” is his story about hitting a 385′ home run at Griffith Park in 1975. BTW, why has he begun hand-holding a mic when he’s standing at a podium with two perfectly good mics?

  • When every editorial decision made by corporate media is designed to promote the government’s agenda and attack dissent, you have state media serving as an organ of government. This is what totalitarianism looks like (see North Korea).

    When every mechanism designed to prevent corruption has been perverted:
    * different rules and consequences depending on ideology;
    * district attorneys refusing to prosecute criminals and applying unequal treatment under the law based on political/ideological bias;
    * judges, from local district judges to federal judges to Supreme Court justices, deciding cases (or refusing to even hear legitimate cases) in contravention of established law and legal precedent, subverting the precept of equal protection under the law;
    * government itself flouting laws with impunity, violating the U.S. Constitution and the individual rights enshrined therein;
    We are no longer a nation of laws. We are living in a post-constitution age.

    It is time to recognize what is staring us in the face: Every lever of power has been captured and each and every one of our systems of “checks and balances” has failed us.

    This is what totalitarianism looks like!

  • There was a time, and not too long ago, when the media felt obliged to present both sides of the story. Yes, the media may always have been biased to the left and tried to slant stories to favor Democrats, but at least they believed it their professional duty to allot some time some a conservative rebuttal or allude to the other point of view. Somehow in the last few years the media has cast off that last constraint, They no longer feel obligated to even suggest that anyone might have another point of view. There are no longer two sides to any story, only the side that favor Democrats. If a story , like the Hunter Biden laptop, cannot be spun to favor the Democrats, it is simply ignored. At first the media used Trump as an excuse for their release from any professional restraints –Trump was such a “danger to democracy” that truth in journalism could be set aside, that there were no words so bad that they could not be uttered because Donald Trump was too dangerous for objectivity. However, they have now extended that rule to issues which have nothing to do with Trump –no questioning of vaccine effectiveness is allowed, no questioning of the good in “affirming your child’s gender identity,” no questioning of the FBI’s tactics in going after dissidents ranging from the Jan 6th detainees to pro-life activists. We no longer have a media. What we have are propagandists masquerading as journalists.

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