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Google Targets 2-Time Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Cartoonist, Calls Our Poll ‘Dangerous,’ And More

Political cartoonist Michael Ramirez has won two Pulitzer Prizes – an achievement only a handful of others in his category have achieved – as well as countless other awards for his unmatched mastery of his craft. His cartoons, syndicated by Creators, run in publications around the world.

Yet, to Google’s content police, Ramirez’s cartoons are “shocking content” and it is restricting ads on a page where a catalog of them appears.

How do we know this? Because it’s against our site that Google has taken this action.

Google’s AdSense network – which is used by some 3.5 million websites to generate revenue – defines “shocking content” as content that:

  • contains gruesome, graphic, or disgusting accounts or imagery.
  • depicts acts of violence.
  • contains a significant amount of or prominently features obscene or profane language.

We appealed this ruling with Google and were denied. No explanation was offered, of course. And there’s no possible way to know what would constitute a “fix” that would satisfy Google.

See for yourself here. Ramirez’s cartoons can be provocative. They can be hilarious. They can be deadly serious. But they are works of art. There’s a reason we label him “World’s Greatest Cartoonist.”

This isn’t the only content Google is attacking. Every day we get alerts from Google AdSense of “policy violations” by one of our editorials or op-eds. Some are even more idiotic than the label they’re slapping on Ramirez cartoons.

  • An I&I/TIPP poll asked registered voters if they were worried about President Joe Biden’s mental health. Google labeled our report on the poll’s findings as “dangerous and derogatory.” How, exactly, are we supposed to “fix” this to Google’s satisfaction? Change the poll results? It’s worth pointing out that our polling partner, TIPP, is a highly respected firm that has had the most accurate forecasts for every presidential election since 2000.
  • Google’s content police said that an article about the Supreme Court ruling that the EPA had exceeded its constitutional authority in capping CO2 emissions from power plants is “dangerous and derogatory.” Google never provides specifics, but we suspect the leftists running the place recoiled at this line: “Today’s decision reaffirms that this Supreme Court takes the language and structure of the Constitution seriously and will no longer automatically defer to federal agency statutory interpretations or exertions of broad authority.” Can’t have people reading that, now can we?
  • It even labeled one of our “What We’re Reading” articles – which is simply a list of links to stories we find of interest – as both “dangerous and derogatory” and as containing “unreliable and harmful claims.”

The bulk of Google’s attacks on our content fall into three categories: politics, the environment, and COVID. In other words, the bulk of what we write about is in the tech giant’s crosshairs.

We recently stripped all but one of Google’s AdSense ads from our site. But we decided to keep one running – at the very bottom of the page – just so we can keep track of its actions.

As we noted in this space recently, we’re not sure anymore if it’s just leftists at Google who are making these decisions, or if the company is working in concert with the Biden administration.

Either way, it’s a disgrace.


Here’s a partial list of the recent content that Google says violate its rules, and the reason given. Judge for yourself whether Google is being reasonable or is just trying to censor content that doesn’t fit the leftist agenda.

Our advice? Share these articles widely. Since Google apparently won’t run ads on them, it won’t make any extra money if you do.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Is there not any legal recourse to these unjust actions? I have little doubt that a jury would be sympathetic to your case. Google would be hard-pressed to convince jurors that their actions were justified by an objective application of their own criteria (dangerous, unreliable, derogatory, etc.).

  • Google creates nebulous categories that allow them and them only to censor anything they don’t like. That’s a violation of the First Amendment, and they should be prosecuted for that. But who will do it?

    • More and more, Duck Sucks. DUCK is powered by Google, and recently (2022, became very noticeable) introduced similar censorship (perhaps as a condition for continued use of Google technology). Duck algorithms are now almost identical to Google: same DNC/leftist ranking bias and anti-Trump/MAGA/conservative spin while excluding conservative primary sources. Near worthless for current event news outside mainstream propaganda narratives. Try doing side-by-side searches with Google and Duck search engines, and also identical crap results. Both search engines give you similar product referrals, so at least less money to Google for each Duck click.

  • Google once said “Do no evil”.

    I was a software engineer before and during the onset of the internet. Most of us had high hopes that the internet would make things better because it would open up communications between all people. We reasoned that if we had the ability to easily communicate the world would be a better place as we heard and thought about other viewpoints.

    Then Google and their spawn happened and they were sure that they could discern truth from fiction. They stepped on those that they claimed weren’t telling the truth as determined by the leftist censors and the Democratic Party.

    Google is doing evil by promoting a political viewpoint. They will not admit this, but it’s obvious and would not be an issue if Google hadn’t become the town square. Prohibiting the right to express opposing views on the town square is the mark of oppression and evil.

  • Meet your censors, I&I. Google’s Human Resources Dept. hires the same immature, self-centered, narcissistic college and university juveniles that populate and cheer on campus mobs silencing and chasing away conservative speakers. Now these same anti-conservative, anti-free speech thugs and bullies are promoted to Online Censorship Jobs, where they are empowered to continue their same anti-conservative, anti-free speech activities. And a good paycheck to boot. Being a Google-Censor is a dream job for wanna-be Marxist dictators and anti-fa fans with useless undergraduate degrees. In 1492, they would have been working for Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition targeting Jews and Muslim infidels. Consider yourself lucky to not be burned at the stake.

  • Michael Rameriz is always truthful and to the point. Google and the Democrats just don’t like it when the truth/facts are against them. They can dish it but can’t take it. I have been trying to avoid Google for years. Can’t stand their CEO. GO Michael GO don’t ever stop.

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