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What We’re Reading: Martha’s Hypocrites, Biden’s Brain, Trump’s Favorability … And More

Martha’s Hypocrites

Illegal Immigrants Get the Boot After One Day on Martha’s Vineyard — Washington Free Beacon

Ron DeSantis: Hypocritical Rich Elites Shipped Migrants Away ‘Within 48 Hours’ — Breitbart

We asked Martha’s Vineyard celebs if they’d open their homes to migrants. Here’s how they responded — Fox News

The Martha’s Vineyard Story Made the Left Look Bad, and the Hits Keep on Coming — Legal Insurrection

As Martha’s Vineyard Panics Over 50 Migrants, Border Town Sees Hundreds in Just 2 Hours — Daily Signal

Biden’s Border ‘Security’

White House Press Secretary: ‘We Agree That The Border Is Secure’ — CNS News

Despite reports of border security, migrants overwhelm El Paso, Texas — Straight Arrow News

Watch this border town fire chief explain just how tragically bad things are at the southern border — Not the Bee

Kamala Harris Fumes Over Illegal Immigrants Sent To Her DC Residence…. — Weaselzippers

Washington, D.C. Mayor Says Her City Can’t Handle a Few Thousand Illegals Because ‘We’re Not Texas’ — PJ Media

NBC News compares refugees to trash — Hot Air

Attn: EV Pushers

Lithium prices skyrocket, posing headache for electric vehicle manufacturers — Just the News

Driving an EV Does Not Make You Pro-Environment — Yahoo News

Biden’s Brain

WATCH: Joe Biden’s Senior Moment of the Week Vol. 11 — Washington Free Beacon


New Poll Delivers Some Alarming News For Democrats — Daily Caller

Trump’s favorability rating drops to new low: poll — The Hill

Big Tech

Facebook reportedly sharing private IM conversations with FBI as “leads” — Hot Air

Democrat-Aligned Org. Caught Paying TikTok Influencers to Spread Lies About Jan. 6 — Red State

Dispatches from the Tolerant Left

Fox News Media contributor Tomi Lahren evacuated as ‘protesters’ pound doors at University of New Mexico speech — American Thinker


The Weird Echoes of ‘1984’ in Joe Biden’s 2022 – Andrew Malcolm, Red State

Starbucks to close 16 stores, 6 in Los Angeles over ‘safety issues’ — Fox Business

Trump: ‘Thugs, Tyrants’ Awakened a ‘Sleeping Giant’ — Newsmax

DOJ Internal Misconduct Shrouded in Veil of Secrecy — Real Clear Politics

Why has fact-checking disappeared under Biden? — The Hill

$250,000 cash in a brown paper bag.’ How legal weed unleashed corruption in California — Los Angeles Times

The reality of legal weed: Huge illegal grows, violence, worker exploitation and deaths — Los Angeles

New poll shows OREGON has a chance to elect a Republican as Governor for the first time in decades — Not the Bee

Pelosi’s ‘Please Clap’ Remark and Other Cringeworthy Moments at Inflation Reduction Act Celebration — Press California

It’s Time to Roll Back Campus DEI Bureaucracies — National Review

Pete Buttigieg announces funding for fighting racist roads — Twitchy

Thank Goodness Global Warming Alarmists Don’t Live Their Religion — Real Clear Markets


AOC breaks down in tears visiting poor migrants who have been sent to lovely Martha’s Vineyard — Genesius Times

Martha’s Vineyard Takes Revenge On DeSantis By Shipping Him 50 Karens — Babylon Bee

Kamala Harris Declares Crisis At The Border Around Her Property — Babylon Bee

BREAKING: FBI arrests Mike Lindell after spotting a MyPillow in Hunter Biden sex trafficking video — Genesius Times

White House Gift Shop Now Selling ‘Inflation Is A Myth’ Hoodies For $289 — Glorious American

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