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Do The Political Elites Intend To Starve People To Death?

Sri Lanka is the case study. Cruel and pointless green agricultural policy has caused a crisis of hunger, shortages, rising prices, a crippled economy, and violence. The country’s president and its prime minister were chased from the country, and have been replaced. It should be a lesson to the rest of the world. Instead, it’s more likely a preview of the future.

What happened in Sri Lanka – “the systematic destruction of Sri Lankan agriculture by a regime so focused on appearing environmentally conscious that it blinded itself to the humanitarian disaster it was creating” – is also taking place in the Netherlands, one of the world’s top producers of farm products. There, policymakers have placed limits on agricultural waste emissions, which the eco-zealots are now at war with. The “tractor-riding rebels” understandably rose “up against their government.” What else should be expected when the rules could force as many as 30% of producers out of business?

Farmers in Spain, Ireland, and New Zealand are also rising up. It’s more than enough for any open-minded lawmaker anywhere on Earth to look at these events and rethink the policies that have caused such turmoil. But not Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Boy Prime Minister, who like the rest of the immature left is fixated on making points with the “right” people, as if he never left high school. Despite the clear warning signs, he’s moving “ahead on fertilizer reduction as provinces and farmers cry foul,” the Toronto Sun has reported. There are factions that must be impressed.

Gary Baise, an Illinois farmer and trial lawyer, recently wondered in Farm Futures if the U.S. will be the next country to adopt hunger and higher food prices as public policy.

“Let’s hope,” said Baise, that “our leaders” at the Agriculture Department, Environmental Protection Agency and the White House “understand that if you take away the tools that modern agriculture has developed, we all starve.”

Of course the socialist-progresssive political complex doesn’t care. Its members, as Power Line’s John Hinderaker has noted, are “essentially sadists” who “love to boss the rest of us around and make us miserable.”

Is the left so sadistic that it would knowingly starve people across the world to further its agenda? The question is far more realistic than conspiratorial. There is a theory that the world’s elites are afraid that fossil fuel resources are running low and are pressing a green power regime that forces the middle class and the poor to consume less energy so that they will have plenty of energy for themselves. Does the war on agriculture have the similar objective, to make sure the elites have plenty to eat by putting the masses on an involuntary diet, even if it means famine for many?

It seems far-fetched to us until we recall that the left – which animates the world’s elites – is filled with zealots who want to reduce the global population to preserve resources, and continues to pursue a green agenda fully aware of the harm it has on those who live beneath its privileged Olympian perch.

After all, what are a few hundred million or more broken eggs on the way to a progressive omelet? Apparently they are nothing more than a pesky statistic.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Am surprised I&I neglected to mention either the Netherlands or the 30-50% nitrogen (N) reduction (EU/WEF) edicts at the heart of the Worldwide War against Farming. The Netherlands is center stage in the EU rollout of N-reduction policies calling for culling 30-50% of animal herds and confiscating a like amount of prime farmland to build migrant refugee camps or cities. All through July, Dutch farmers, among the world’s top food exporters, have been blocking major highways in the Netherlands with tractor caravans larger than Canada’s trucker protests. If you missed the news, it was because USA media interest is near zero at the moment. The Wars on Fossil Fuels, CO2 and President Trump are bigger USA obsessions.

    Unlike CO2, which is only 4-tenths of one-percent of Earth’s atmosphere, Nitrogen (N) is almost 80% of the planet’s atmosphere. Animals poop nitrogen (e.g. manure, pee) and nitrogen fertilizers used by farmers to boost crop yields can leach into waterways, etc. So, the EU & WEF (the Great Reset promoters) have decreed an existential crisis (much better than a real crisis, as it can be a hypothetical or even fictional fear) requiring elimination of N-pooping farm animals and yield-boosting N-fertilizers by 2025 or 2030 at the latest (Sri Lanka got in trouble for wanting it done even earlier, by 2023). Europeans have historically loved Crusades. Now that the former Islamic enemies from past Crusades and Wars are welcomed to settle the continent, new Crusade causes are needed. With COVID as a cause waning, new Green Save-the-Planet war banners being rolled out are adding the N emblem (plenty more atmospheric chemicals waiting in the wings). If slaughtering farm animals and retiring farmland cause famine, perhaps all the better to satisfy the EU/WEF Population Reduction Crusaders. Odd though that the EU and Canada beat the war drums to reduce their own farm production, yet want more foodstuffs from Ukraine. Can anybody explain that logic to me?

  • Which begs the question, why is Mark Zuckerberg buying up so much of Americas farm land? Could this be in relation to the articls subject?

  • Get America out of the United Nations get the United Nations out of America and move the whole lot to Moscow

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