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What We’re Reading: Relentless Gasoline Hikes, Erasing The Border, Recession Warnings . . . And More

Some headlines and topics that caught our eye.

Why Gasoline Prices Continue To Skyrocket

Secretary Yellen: Biden ‘Administration Has Done Everything that They Can’ to Reduce Gas Prices — Breitbart

Biden Administration Considers A Windfall Tax On Oil And Gas Profits —, via Yahoo Finance

Biden Considering Retroactive Cancellation of Federal Oil & Gas Leases… As Gas Prices Approach $10/gal in California — Watts Up With That?

Massive Oil Refinery On Track To Shut Down Amid Fuel Supply Shortages, Record Prices — Daily Caller

Policymaker Push Against Fossil Fuels Means “Will Never Be Another Refinery Built In US”; Chevron CEO Says — Zero Hedge

Biden utilizes Defense Production Act for . . . solar panels? — Tom Knighton,

Will U.S. Border Soon Cease To Exist At All?

Migrant Caravan Traveling Through Mexico to U.S. Could Soon be Largest Ever — Washington Examiner

Border czar Kamala to announce $1.9 BILLION for Central America to address the ‘root causes’ of migration — Daily Mail

Why isn’t Mexico stopping the caravan? — American Thinker

Mexican President Vows To Influence American Elections — Daily Caller

Mexican president to skip Biden-hosted Summit of the Americas — Washington Times

Biden’s Border Crisis Puts Country on Pace for Largest Foreign-Born Population in US History — Washington Free Beacon

Importing COVID: Biden administration releases 7,000 COVID-infected illegal border crossers into McAllen, Texas — American Thinker

Is Recession Inevitable?

‘Recession Will Be Hard To Avoid’: World Bank Issues Dire Economic Warning, Hints At 1970s-Era Stagflation — Daily Caller

Fed GDP tracker shows the economy could be on the brink of a recession — CNBC, via MSN

Biden’s Strategy To Fight Inflation Ignores Its Root Causes — Discourse Magazine

Inflation Will Price Many Americans Out Of Housing And Into Homelessness —

Battling Climate-Change Mob’s Myths

Stephen Moore: Beware: 100% Green Energy Could Actually Destroy the Planet — CNSNews

Do Politicians Have Climate Backwards? Best-Selling Author Says Fossil Fuels Have Saved Climate, Not Ruined It

Oh Canada! Oh California! – Climate Change and the Wildfire Season — Pacific Research Institute

Jan. 6 Hearings: Ignoring Left’s Terrorism

GOP leader slams Democrats for hiring ex-ABC exec who Spiked story on Jeffrey Epstein to make the January 6 primetime hearings more dramatic — UK Daily Mail

Pro-Abortion Terrorists Firebomb Buffalo Pro-Life Pregnancy Center — National Review

DHS Releases Bulletin Citing Concerns of ‘Heightened Threats,’ and Violent Months Ahead with Supreme Court Ruling and Midterms Approaching — Gateway Pundit

Media’s Ideological Double Standards: Washington Post edition

Legal YouTuber: The Washington Post correction to Taylor Lorenz’ story is still not correct — Hot Air

The Washington Post suspends reporter David Weigel over sexist retweet — CNN Business

From Watergate to whinegate: The Washington Post is a hot mess — New York Post

MBI (Miscellaneous But Important . . .)

The Sovietization of American Life — Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

Biden Accelerating Obama’s Push for a ‘Woke’ Military, Undermining Combat Readiness, Analysts Say — The Epoch Times

There Was a Huge ‘Mistake’ in the 2020 Census … Guess Which Party It Favored? — PJ Media

Latest CDC Data Shows Covid-19 Infections Higher in Boosted Americans Compared to Unboosted — Gateway Pundit


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