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Biden’s America: The Land Of Plenty Shortages

It’s taken President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats all of 16 months to turn the land of plenty into one plagued by empty shelves and rationing. Well, Biden did promise to “transform” America, but how many voters knew that this is what he had in mind?

The latest in the growing list of shortages is the chronic and dangerous scarcity of baby formula that is causing new parents to scramble to find supplies and stores to ration how much customers can buy. The latest industry data show that 40% of America’s baby formula supplies are out of stock, up from 29% in March and 11% last fall.

This is a potentially deadly situation if parents can’t get the food they need for their babies or try to make their own formula. As CNN reports, “Specialized formula is even harder to locate amid the widespread shortage. Parents are driving to neighboring states to try their luck, and many are pleading for help on social media, imploring strangers to share or even barter any extra supply they may have.”

One industry observer said that “supply chain issues, product recalls and historic inflation” are driving the baby formula crisis. As it turns out, Biden is at least partially responsible for all of those.

His spending spree fueled the price spiral, his “rescue” plan exacerbated labor shortages and supply chain problems, and, as Just the News reports, “gross incompetence by federal officials on Biden’s watch … inflamed a baby formula shortage now panicking parents nationwide.”

A whistleblower had alerted the Food and Drug Administration last October about contamination problems at an Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan. But Biden officials didn’t get around to recalling the formula until late February, when the industry was already under pressure from Biden-fueled labor shortages and price hikes.

(We can hear those on the left responding to this by saying “serves those moms right, for not breastfeeding.”)

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that electric grid operators across the country are warning of energy shortages that could lead to brownouts and blackouts this summer because supply isn’t keeping up with demand.

The cause, they say, is the government’s push for utilities to give up on fossil fuels and nuclear power and replace those sources with insufficient and unreliable “green” energy.

In other words, these are shortages caused by leftist policies that, as we’ve noted in this space many times, will have no measurable effect on global temperatures.

These aren’t isolated incidents. Read the news these days and you are bound to see another story about shortages in the economy. Here’s a small sampling of headlines from the past couple days:

  • “New York Hospitals Battle Supply Shortages”
  • “Over Half of Consumers Report Grocery and Food Shortages”
  • “Fertilizer shortage could cause food shortages in Michigan”
  • “Inflation, shortages could delay Georgia road projects”
  • “Cold Stone Creamery continues to deal with shortages”
  • “April auto sales fall on shortages; Honda at 3-day supply”
  • “California officials warn of summer power shortages, blackouts”
  • “Labor and Materials Shortages Prompt New Approaches to Building and Design”
  • “Worker shortages hamper U.S. private payrolls, services sector in April”
  • “Trucker shortage causing supply chain disruptions”
  • “Diesel fuel is in short supply as prices surge”

How did this country go from a booming economy, with rising wages, stable prices, and renewed optimism to one that every day looks more like the old Soviet Union?

Biden and his media cronies want to blame COVID and Vladimir Putin. But it was the left that used COVID as an excuse to lock down the country and pay workers a bonus to stay at home, which created the backlogs and supply chain problems. It was the left that decided to pump $2 trillion into an already recovered economy, which fueled inflation.

And it is the left, which is currently in control of Congress and is calling the shots for an enfeebled Biden, that is utterly clueless about what to do now.

The New York Times – the bellwether of the left – typifies this cluelessness with a story headlined: “The Era of Cheap and Plenty May Be Ending.”

It’s our hope that the only thing that “may be ending” is the era of leftist economic and social policies that have brought us to this sorry state.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • This is all intentional. There are no coincidences in food plant fires and all these shortages. The supply chain has not been broken, it’s been shattered. And those in charge have no intention of fixing the problem. This is The Great Reset.

  • How did this country go from a booming economy, with rising wages, stable prices, and renewed optimism to one that every day looks more like the old Soviet Union?

    Answer: Government intervention.

  • While the analysis of what caused this to happen is correct, the comment of WHY is not. This is not due to incompetence. This is intentional. Obama ran on “the fundamental transformation of America” and it continues today. This plan has been in the works for 20 years. If you didn’t understand that before 2020, you weren’t paying attention. WAKE UP!

  • Let other countries make virtually everything the US consumes, they said,… We can save a bit of money, they said – even though JET supply chains span the world and one of our primary suppliers are potential adversaries…… It is more efficient – after all, we are now an ultra- high tech, information, and intellectual economy and we will protect out intellectual property, they said…. Ok, now what could possible go wrong with thinking like this?

  • “ … but how many voters knew that this is what he had in mind?”

    Anyone really paying attention has known it all their lives.

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