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First, They Came For Our Cars …

A pair of principles that drive the political left – never letting a crisis go to waste, and using prior acts of government-imposed restraints to gradually but methodically steal liberty – is taking the U.S. down a path that, if traveled too far, goes in only one direction. We trust that Western nation voters will reverse the trend before it’s too late. But first they have to recognize how the country is being manipulated.

If government authorities can shut down an economy and rob Americans of their freedom with lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates over a virus, then they can, and will, do the same for a crisis, either real or manufactured, in the future. This was a common warning over the last two years that was of course considered misinformation, disinformation, and just plain nonsense by what has become known as the laptop class.

Yet everything about it is true.

So is the charge that the hacks on the political left, making use of operative Rahm Emanuel’s dictum that “​​you never let a serious crisis go to waste” because “it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before,” are masters of exploiting unpleasant circumstances to further their agenda.

Today we have a couple of crises that have been rolled into one: the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Together, they have produced a proposal that requires people to surrender more of their freedom.

The International Energy Agency has introduced a 10-point plan “to ease strains and price pain” brought on by low oil supply due to the war in Ukraine. The Paris-based organization that is reliably on the left, as it isn’t explicitly right-wing, suggests “Car-free Sundays in cities,” “Alternate private car access to roads in large cities,” and “​reinforcement” of “the adoption of electric and more efficient vehicles.”

The IEA also wants lower speed limits, less business travel, and more public transportation.

The plan, says Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, “sounds an awful lot like an energy version of COVID lockdowns.” What’s more, its points are similar to U.S. Democrats’ political agenda.

It’s doubtful that the IEA would be proposing controls and mandates had it not been for the supine responses to government pandemic restrictions across the world. Elected and unelected officials knew they were setting the tone for future government controls when they ordered people to stay home, businesses to close, healthy people to wear masks, and almost every living soul to take multiple vaccinations. 

“It is odd how COVID ‘solutions’ also allegedly helped the climate and now the same solutions are being touted to deal with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” says Morano.  

Closer to home, the Biden administration, with the support of nearly every Democrat official and Democrat voter, has spent much of the first 14 months of the current presidential term at war with carbon-based fuel sources, putting to work an assortment of federal offices “diligently devising schemes to outdo the other agencies in the fossil-fuel suppression game” in the name of a manufactured climate crisis.

In September 2019, Biden himself guaranteed “we’re going to end fossil fuels.” What he didn’t know was that within a few months the left would be presented with a moment in history they could take advantage of, and two years after that, another crisis would unfold that they could use to modify our behavior.

Democrats are simply not content to let people freely interact with each other, and conduct their lives as they wish. They have an overwhelming urge to boss, supervise, control, and engineer human activities, and their ravenous appetites are not suppressed when they have political power.

Barack Obama resorted to pen-and-phone governance when his policies were rejected by the lawmaking body in this country, and within days of his inauguration, Biden was “already governing like a dictator.” This is a time to speak out with our votes, because the Democrats, the U.S. media and their allies throughout the West are coming for us all.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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  • Please understand, Americans lost their inalienable rights over 100 years ago with the passage of the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914. That act, predicated on religious beliefs (a 1st Amendment violation) took away the right of peaceful, non-violent people to use their bodies and minds as they pleased. Without the right to the full and complete ownership of your body you become a slave with no rights. Read my treatise on the “Myth of Inalienable Rights,” at:

  • Force us all into Mass Transit move us into Beehive Apartments in the Big City and return vast area to Wilderness as part of the Wildlands Project

  • Gospel truth from first to last. The great question, of course, is what can be done about it all. Given the events of November 2020 and the furious attempts to suppress all inquiry into what appears, from all the available evidence, to be a stolen election, can we trust to the elections of 2022 and 2024 for relief?

    Americans have seldom had reason to question the soundness of our elections system. We have reasons aplenty today. If we can no longer trust that a national election will faithfully and accurately report “the will of the people” as to which party should govern, what’s left to us? Must we take the musket down from the mantel — and if we decide that that is the case, are we prepared for the horrors that would follow?

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