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Does Anyone Recognize This Country Anymore?

The U.S. went through a historical convulsion in the 1960s, and not only survived but emerged restored and optimistic in the 1980s. This time, though, the destroyers are better organized and seem more determined than their predecessors. We hope there are still enough Americans who believe the country is worth defending.

Don’t make the mistake that the political left wants a strong and prosperous U.S., and the only differences it has with the center and right are the methods for how that is achieved. The left, especially its progressive wing of radicals that is taking over the Democratic Party, wants America to be just another country, yet one in which a loud, power-hungry, elitist mob, with the support of an army of useful idiots, rules over everyone else.

The current remaking of America differs from the 1960s upheaval in a number of ways. The most prominent, though, would be today’s war on the First Amendment. The desire to control speech, and eventually thought, has created a dynamic in which Big Tech acts as a government agent to censor speech unapproved by the ruling class.

“A growing number of governments are asserting their authority over tech firms, often forcing the businesses to comply with online censorship and surveillance,” reports Freedom House. “These developments have contributed to an unprecedented assault on free expression online, causing global internet freedom to decline for an 11th consecutive year.”

It’s by no coincidence that, though still ranked as “Free,” the U.S. liberty score has been been in decline in recent years.

History does repeat itself, though. The present has been marred by riots, which are not only condoned but even encouraged by the insiders, who are at war with those they consider to be deplorable outsiders.

This establishment, which like the revolutionaries of the 1960s is hoping to reshape Western society, has also brought us historic inflation; a new oil shock; rising food prices and scarcity; orders to give up fossil fuel-powered automobiles in favor of electric cars or public transportation; greater dependency on expensive and unreliable “green” energy; cruel pandemic lockdowns; and iron-fisted vaccine and mask mandates. It wants more privilege and power for itself, less autonomy for the working class and those who aren’t on board with its manipulations.

“​​What we’re getting is what the establishment does want; if we don’t like it, tough,” writes University of Tennessee law professor and Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds.

The assassins of America also control our institutions, from the corporate behemoths, to universities, private foundations, and local schools. Those whose opinions aren’t tolerated are shouted down, intimidated, and sometimes injured when they try to speak in public settings, such as college lectures. Executives issue mindless statements that further empower Democrats’ turpitude in response to the enactment of reasonable laws, and even move professional sporting events when lawmakers dare cross the narrative instituted by the left.

No wonder an overwhelming portion of the nation is convinced the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction. It is.

America is not America if its people aren’t free to pursue their lives without government interference, to speak their minds without fear of censorship and repercussions; if markets are manipulated by political agendas; when prosecutors refuse to prosecute and leave the law-abiding at the mercy of the lawless, preferred pronouns become more important than clean elections, and race and identity politics are used to create demoralizing division.

Not two months ago, President Joe Biden, responding to Republican obstruction of his plans, said “name me one thing” the GOP stands for. Well, Mr. President, standing against everything the Democrats want to do is good enough for now, because that party is dragging the country into a grim era defined by an at-first-creeping-now-galloping authoritarianism; perks, power and premiums for insiders; and malaise and ostracism for the rest of us. 

Before the ugly trend can be turned, it first has to be stopped. Heaven help us if Republicans aren’t up to the task.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • all comments should be encouraged without signup. otherwise you are all just censors.

    • Or they don’t want bots spamming their comment section about how much they made last month working from home.

  • Nice: “…galloping authoritarianism; perks, power and premiums for insiders…”. I’m a fan of alliteration. We are rapidly approaching a tipping point where a country will stand in America’s stead; a country that is “America” in name only. At times, I believe we are past that tipping point.

  • When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already. You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community. Germany 1936

  • It’s time to realize we lost the culture war, and the Left is in the mopping-up phase of its operation. Very few in the US had the wit to understand the very real danger the Left presented, and no one, apparently, now has the desire, or the balls—at this point, the ability—to do anything about it.

    If we wanted to preserve our country, we should have acted—and acted sooner. Now, it’s too late. We’re out-numbered demographically, and the Left has succeeded in shaping our society into the horror-show it is today.

    It makes me want to vomit, but I see no silver lining. We blew it.

    • The hole might be tough to climb out of, but you’re certain to be buried in it if you sit at the bottom and take your black pill. There is a groundswell of people fighting back at the local level right now, the leftists are slowly being purged from the GOP ranks, and the neocons who have been controlling the party for the last 25 years have been exposed and are losing influence.

      There’s still a lot of work to do on that front, and fixing it will take decades, but sucking your thumb is only going to make it worse. Get out and run in local elections. If you can’t run, get out and vote in them. Thousands of conservatives are doing it right now.

  • I don’t know, how much do you weep for a country that has butchered over 60 million of it’s children?

  • “Well, Mr. President, standing against everything the Democrats want to do is good enough for now,” ~Too bad they don’t do that either…

  • It’s NOT their predecessors. It’s those same 1960’s. In their first go, they were young and naive. This time around the radicals have total control. They control every single federal institution. Legislative, Executive, Judicial(although waning), Regulatory, Intel & Fed. Law Enforcement. They own Academia, dominate Law Schools and Primary Education. They’ve even corrupted the peoples ability to vote. They aren’t just better prepared. It’s check mate. They are moving at lighting speed with the imposter in chief in office to usher in the Great Reset. The Great Reset is the single reason Trump could not be allowed a 2nd term. They new their Covid Plandemic’s window was closing. You don’t recognize your country because it no longer is your country. The framework of what they are rolling out will be nearly impossible for any Republican to cut out of the system, why? Because they are using gov’t to enable and empower the worlds largest private corps and money managers who are implementing catastrophic change to the system. The roll out of ESG is the single most destructive program that could ever be foisted upon America. ESG. Rating/a scoring companies and individuals on their E-Environmental, S-Social and G-Governance in coordination with one’s credit is a push to destroy the US Petrol Dollar as the Global Reserve Currency. They have this all planned out. Darth Schwabb will not allow the Petrol Dollar to remain past Biden’s remaining 3 years in office. American’s are going to have to make serious major life changing decisions due to the titanic shift in our standard of living. No President will be able to reverse this shift without a global war. People need to wake up. Yes it will be hard because these massive companies, like Google, Apple, Amazon and BlackRock (although most haven’t heard of that one) have woven themselves into every facet of life, but this push to 21st century fascism must end and we can only end it by cutting off the beast that feeds them. US. This all goes away if we stop spending our money with these fascist oriented companies. It must happen now.

  • If you watched Tucker Carlson last night, you were treated to the full horror of the situation. Charges of treason (from Republicans) and threats for people to be arrested based on unapproved speech. Border chaos that is destabilizing society, the economy and government. Rampant homelessness and crime in Seattle that is driving even hyper-woke businesses like Amazon away — until they have no where else to go. Unprovoked war and carnage based on American weakness that is threatening to seep into NATO territories.

    All this because we let elites get away with stealing an election, really, multiple elections across the country. Which emboldened them to do whatever they wanted literally within minutes of when they took power with Biden’s flood of executive orders unleashing pure madness.

    No, this country is unrecognizable. And if we can’t (won’t) stop elites from buying and stealing elections, unsavable.

    • and they do this all without fear of retribution, because as we have seen in the past, even when they are voted out of power, there are no consequences. You see them right now looting the treasury, because all those extra dollars they print go to their own pockets under the guise of one “investment program” or another. They know that nobody of the GOP will have the cojones to ask for that money back or for their head for that looting. Just like all the illegals breaking into this country don’t fear any retribution. At worst they get a free ticket back home. A few years of forced labor to pay back what they did cost the American taxpayer would be more appropriate.

  • I no longer recognize Western Civilization! It’s not only The USA . The whole world is embracing … races being segregated, our children are robbed of their Innocence by
    Kindergarten Teachers, the myth that one can change Biological Sex.
    I’m thinking of identifying as a 4year old Labradoodle. That would make me TransSpecies…if some challenges “my truth” I WILL BITE”!

  • America is not the country I grew up in in the ’40s and ’50s. It now has an unabashed criminal government in Washington, and in many state governments, especially in the North, and the Left Coast.

    Disgusting. Can’t wait for TEXIT to materialize, and for various Southern states to follow suite.

  • Before linking to, you might want to look at “Political Rights” section A. It is grossly misrepresenting the last election, and failing to note the numerous examples of irregularities and unconstitutional rule changes to various state voting processes. It’s just the standard regurgitated pap from the very people this article is railing against.

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