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Why Do Media Ignore Biden Family’s Corruption?

It’s a curious thing: Obvious, credible signs about a prominent political family emerge, but federal authorities at the Justice Department and elsewhere do nothing. Meanwhile, leftist media “watchdogs,” in a classic case of gaslighting, pretend that nothing has happened.

So it is with Joe Biden and his errant son, Hunter.

A new book (“Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win“) by investigative researcher and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer makes a powerful case that the Biden family has profited handsomely from its cozy ties to China’s ruling Communist regime.

The book claims that, all in all, the Bidens raked in close to $31 million from deals in China with individuals having close ties to the Chinese government.

“In sum, each deal the Bidens secured in China was via a businessman with deep ties at the highest levels of Chinese intelligence. And in each case there appears to be little discernible business or professional service that was rendered in return for the money,” Schweizer notes.

Of particular interest is businessman Che Feng, dubbed “The Super Chairman,” by Hunter Biden. The younger Biden managed the Biden family interests while Joe remained active in politics.

As Breitbart describes him, “Che, the son of a PLA soldier, has been described in Western media as ‘a shadowy and discreet investor,’ whose father-in-law was the governor of the People’s Bank of China,” and whose business partner was the vice minister of State Security, a man by the name of Ma Jian.

Che, among the earliest of “contacts” for Hunter Biden and his partners, was key to the Bidens gaining access to the big-money deals with other influential Chinese “businessmen,” all of whom answer to Xi Jinping’s increasingly totalitarian communist regime. Indeed, Che was in effect the linchpin of the Biden network’s Chinese partners.

Eventually, partnering with a man named Henry Zhao, recommended by Che, Hunter Biden was able to forge an investment entity called Bohai Harvest RST. Though partly owned by the Bidens and their partners, Bohai received money from Chinese-government backed financial companies.

That troubling financial arrangement, Schweizer notes, “involved two financiers with ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence, (and) a billion-dollar private equity deal.”

The problem with such “arrangements” is obvious.

“The hazard of a Chinese businessman with close ties to the top ranks of Beijing’s spy agency conducting financial transactions with the son of the U.S. vice president cannot be overstated,” Schweizer writes in his book, as quoted by “How this did not set off national security or ethics alarm bells in Washington is a wonder in itself.”

It should be noted, Schweizer, known for meticulous financial research, isn’t just out to get the Bidens. Indeed, the Bidens are merely one part of this whole sordid story. But the examples above only scratch the surface of Biden involvement.

And there were others, many others.

In fact, Schweizer’s book goes into detail about how other members of the Washington and Silicon Valley elite — ranging from family members of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein to former President George W. Bush and multiple high-tech executives — have used their positions of power and influence to extract favorable deals from China that have helped build their own family fortunes.

The question begs asking: Can anyone so financially beholden to an overtly hostile foreign power be trusted to make decisions on the American people’s behalf? Or to run our economy and businesses? Of course not.

Equally troubling is that the left-biased American media, with a few notable exceptions, have essentially thrown a blanket over these revelations. Nothing to see here, move along.

We focus on the example of the Bidens because, along with the Clinton Family Foundation’s questionable financial practices, they are among the most glaring examples of this corruption. And, oh yes, Joe Biden now occupies the most powerful political office on Earth.

Yet, despite convincing evidence of the Bidens collecting millions of dollars in fees and payments from questionable sources tied to authoritarian governments in China, Russia and Ukraine, the mainstream media have done little to advance the narrative.

Nor have any of the so-called ethics watchdogs, congressional oversight groups or even the Justice Department had much to say about what looks to any honest, unbiased observer a lot like influence-peddling and, in some instances, even worse.

Accepting money and doing political favors on behalf of a potentially hostile foreign nation isn’t just wrong; it’s a felony. Worse, it’s a betrayal of the American people’s trust. If the big media truly care about repairing their low standing with average Americans, they might start by doing something they’ve failed to do so far: Their jobs.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Like the UK, if the press does not cozy up and support the Queen, they will not be invited to the next party. Challenging the ruling party may put you on the do-not-invite list.

    • Yes, access to parties is desired by the MSM, but that’s just a drop in the bucket regarding how the government has captured the MSM. I believe by “invites to the next party” you may also be implying thing s like access to inside the government information, access to anonymous leaks (supporting your political masters’ positions whether true or not), threats to withhold broadcast licenses, access to exclusive interviews, and let’s not forget very large amounts of ad spending on campaigns and also government advertisements/propaganda. Ask any old newspaper reporter, they don’t bite the hand that feeds them (i.e., they don’t write negative stories about advertisers).

  • The amazing thing to us all is that the right wing lunatic media like I&I has worked SO HARD to whip up some “business” dealings of the Biden family and the Clinton family with all sorts of nefarious characters. All of the evidence is contaminated – like the “laptop” that everyone had access to for a such a long time.

    Yet they eagerly accept the fantastic claims of the trump family that they had no business with Russia. We have many many photos of the trump family in Russia cozying up to various oligarchs, we have all kinds of records of trump attempts to get into the real estate business in Russia. We have records of many Russian gangsters and oligarchs buying condos or whatever in trump towers. We have people that trump hired, like Mike Flynn, supporting Russian claims and news outlets. We have the trump campaign meeting with Russians in trump tower – Paul Manafort, Jr, etc etc.

    We see that trump could run for President in 2024 with Vladimir Putin as Vice President and the right wing media would claim that there was no connection between trump and Russia.

    • BUUUUUTTTTTT TRRRUUUMMMMPPPP!!! Give it up. He has been investigated inside out,and they have nothing…which is why Nasty Nancy is trying to drag out some tidbit that she can impeach him again. Go back to sleep now.

    • The amazing thing to me, is a lot of Democrats still believe Democrat propaganda that’s proven false. Such as the Hunter laptop, that Mike Flynn was supporting Russians, etc., and still blaming it on the Russians. The Mueller report found nothing after spending $32 million to look for it.

      Meanwhile, you might want to check out some of Peter Schweitzer’s books on who and how our political leaders are selling out the US for pennies on the dollar, provided those billions of pennies go into their pockets, such as “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win”.

      You write “the evidence is contaminated like the laptop that everybody had access to for such a long time”. Please explain why the FBI refused to take it or look at it, while now most all the MSM admits it’s Biden’s laptop and the data on it (people got copies of the hard drive, not access to the laptop) belongs to Huner, as many of the emails have been validated. And, the Biden’s don’t deny it’s their laptop – why not?

      You seem like someone who wants to believe, what you want to believe in spite of the evidence.

      • yet another example of leftism as religion
        facts that do not align with dogma are automatically false

        “and yet it moves”

    • how do you claim quid pro joe’s comments IN PUBLIC about extorting a prosecutor of his son’s corrupt dealings?

  • The author, Mr. Peter Schweizer, would find abundant fertile besotten ground were he to examine Henry Kissinger’s firm Kissinger & Associates. Joe Biden’s $31,000,000.00 haul is nothing compared to what Henry ranked in whilst assuring American CEO’s that if they just but traded with China, the dictatorship in Beijing would modulate its most corrosive behavior and become a responsible actor on the world’s stage. It was not until 2012-2013, that Henry started to say “whoops”. By then he had hauled in hundreds of millions in “consulting fees”. Talk about having been played the fool.

  • Why do the media ignore Biden family corruption?
    Because they are even more corrupt than the Biden family.

  • The MSM will not cover The Biden Family ill gotten gain of $31,000,000.00 is simple!
    The MSM are an Arm of the Democrat Party of Death Degradation and Deviancy….
    I refer to it as The Evil UniParty!

  • As much as I would wish it to be otherwise, the USA has become Markedly More Third World and More Corrupt in recent decades. It was particularly evident in the late-1990s during the latter stages of Bill Clinton’s presidency (the GOP was too consumed with hate and too busy with their needless impeachment to take proper notice). The Clinton Foundation and Biden Family are just one manifestation of a larger trend, which has many players. The corruption of the mass media into a propaganda echo chamber seems purposefully designed to ensure the continued erosion of the USA. The weaponizing of the justice system (e.g. FBI, NY Attorney General, Pelosi congress) to pursue and persecute political enemies is really over-the-top –need one say more about the Clinton and Biden Get-Out-Jail-Free cards?

  • They investigated Trump constantly and didn’t find anything, so why bother poor old joe biden?

    • Because there IS something to investigate. He is corrupt as hell….just like the Clintons

      • EXACTLY if they were to investigate they would find something — a fate to be avoided at all costs

        innocent until proven conservative

  • Who cares if “Joe Biden” doesn’t sound the same as “Don Corleone?” He is guilty of the same mindset. He is as crooked as a snake and everyone knows it!

  • The big problem we have is that politicians are generally corrupt every where. They make the laws I must obey but they get a free ride. They also get to give themselves pay raises, the people should be deciding this. They generally leave office with a lot more money than they could earn honestly.

    They strongly support civil service and unions that result in even more corruption in government. The millions of “government workers” many times make the rules ands the rules to protect them selves.

    Read this: Iron Law of Bureaucracy[edit]
    Pournelle suggested several “laws”. His first use of the term “Pournelle’s law” appears to be for the expression “one user, one CPU.” He has also used “Pournelle’s law” to apply to the importance of checking cable connections when diagnosing computer problems. His best-known “law” is “Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy”:
    In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely.
    He “Pournelle” eventually restated it as:
    …in any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union representatives who work to protect any teacher including the most incompetent. The Iron Law states that in all cases, the second type of person will always gain control of the organization, and will always write the rules under which the organization functions.

    The government will always keep growing needlessly and never ever end programs they created. They will always steal from Peter to give free stuff to Paul.

    The list goes on.

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