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What We’re Reading: Climate Clowns, Bidenomics On The Rocks, Fauci Lies Exposed. . . And More

Some headlines that caught our eye.

COP-26: The Climate Travesty Begins

The Big Climate Summit Welcomed Up to 30,000 Officials Flying in on Planes — Jim Geraghty, National Review

COP26 And The Hubris Of Our Political Overlords — Manhattan Contrarian

Elites Are Using Climate Hysteria to Immiserate the Working Class — Joel Kotkin, Newsweek

How Climate Activists Caused the Global Energy Crisis — Michael Shellenberger,

The Secret Democrats Refuse To Acknowledge: America’s Emissions Are Dropping Faster Than Paris Targets — Larry Kudlow, New York Sun

Young Climate Cultists Travel To Glasgow To Say This Is “The Last Chance For Humanity” — The Pirate’s Cove

Bidenomics’ Big Fail

The wheels are coming off the Biden economy — Stephen Moore, Washington Examiner

The Biden Administration Makes Move on Gas Prices That Is Sure to Fail — Bonchie, Red State

Pete Buttigieg says supply chain disruptions won’t really go away until we ‘put the pandemic in the rearview mirror’ — Francis Augustin, Business Insider

The Revenge of Supply — John H. Cochrane, Project Syndicate

“It Is Chaotic”: Manufacturers Place Blame For Record Rising Prices On Biden Administration — Breitbart, via ZeroHedge

Biden bill on social welfare, climate change estimated to kill 103K jobs, raise taxes on 80% of U.S. — Haris Alic, Washington Times

Supreme Court

In Blow to Union Detractors, Supreme Court Declines to Hear Three Post-Janus Cases Over Dues Collection — The 74 Million

Gun rights showdown – Supreme Court case a potential big win for Second Amendment — Jonathan Turley, Fox News

‘Build Back Better’ Still A No-Go…

Manchin Is Still No on Reconciliation: ‘What I See Are Shell Games, Budget Gimmicks’ — Susan Jones, CNSNews

Biden Begs For Speedy Action On Build Back Better – Again — James Fite, Liberty Nation

Fauci’s Lies About Wuhan Lab Leak Exposed

Over 20 Fauci-Funded Researchers Have Served At the Chinese Communist-Run Wuhan Lab — Natalie Winters, The National Pulse

A new NIH letter reinforces the lab-leak hypothesis for the origins of Covid-19 — Joel Zinberg, City Journal

How Fauci Fooled America — Newsweek

Global Coronavirus Death Toll Reportedly Reaches Five Million — Patrick Goodenough, CNSNews

Social Media Running Scared?

Facebook axes controversial facial-recognition system that automatically tags users and will Delete faceprints of more than 1 bil users — U.K. Daily Mail, Associated Press

Cause And Effect?

Report: Joe Biden Releases More than Half a Million Border Crossers into U.S. — John Binder, Breitbart

Biden faces doubts about his ability to lead Democrats to victory as voter pessimism sets in — Katherine Doyle, Washington Examiner

Justice Department’s War On Parents

Where Are the Real Domestic Terrorists? — Julie Kelly, American Greatness

Sen. Grassley: Garland’s Refusal To Retract Bogus ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Memo Will Have ‘Chilling Effect’ On Parents’ Speech — Jordan Davidson, The Federalist

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