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The End Of America And Exceptionalism

Radical wokes in the Biden administration and the Democrat Congress are waging war against the moral and intellectual foundations of America and American exceptionalism.  If the woke aggressors continue to prevail and ultimately win, we will all lose the rights and liberties guaranteed to us in the Constitution that define us as a people and America as a nation.  Apparently, God is not on the woke agenda.  They never mention Him.  And men, especially white ones, are at the behest of the wokes already becoming outcasts. 

What a sad end for the Constitution, for America, for exceptionalism and for the once-magnificent American male, the now disparaged creature who, with preternatural skill and fortitude, created most of the American marvels that his critics now take for granted.  Having accomplished all that, but not yet done, he also fought and died all over the world defending his manifest handiworks, his loved ones, and his country.  When all the men are finally gone, banished and maligned, who will take their place?

In the sad-sack dystopian world of the wokes, reason and logic are scarce.  So is truth.  Merit is denigrated and achievement is suppressed.  Facts are erased and reality misstated.  The Enlightenment, Western Civilization, and America’s Judeo-Christian tradition are all disparaged.  Competence and integrity are trumped by gender and racial identity.  Many of the best and brightest are shunned, discriminated against because of race or gender, and shunted aside. 

The bizarre 2020 election handed over to the woke-influenced Democratic Party the full powers of the executive and legislative branches of the United States government.  Unless the Constitution’s limitations on the abuse of those enormous powers are strictly enforced, they can be used by triumphant wokes to transform America. 

The Bill of Rights and other constitutional protections that stand in the way of the woke agenda are revered parts of Americans’ foundational belief system.  But those protections are not self-enforcing.  Worse, woke people seem not to believe in them at all.

Constitutional protections restrain the abuse of government power only if the elected and appointed government officials, from the president on down, who hold those powers, believe in them and enforce them against themselves and their appointees.

When Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer gave the 2021 Scalia Lecture at Harvard Law School, he pointedly emphasized that the Court has no power to enforce its rulings against violators of the Constitution.  The Judicial branch relies on voluntary compliance by the executive and legislative branches, reinforced by the American people’s foundational belief that the rule of law must be used as a protection from oppression, not as an instrument of oppression.

The Biden administration is expanding the size and scope of the government so massively that its ever-larger economic and legal footprints may soon leave little room for private property and entrepreneurship or for individual liberties, such as those provided in the Bill of Rights.

The wokes want to use taxes, spending, regulations, executive orders and the in terrorem effects of power in a massive “rob Peter to pay Paul” redistribution scheme that will, over time, take from non-wokes – and give to wokes – their incomes, wealth, property, jobs, economic, social and academic status and political power.

Wokes are destroying America’s schools and students’ futures with critical race theory.  They are defining “educated” down.  Instead of teaching basic skills such as math, they teach self-hatred to white kids, vengeance to kids of color, and science and truth to neither.  Wokes are taking over the military, repurposing it as a woke police force and weeding out soldiers who test strongly positive for American patriotism.  Wokes are defunding the police who fight crime and replacing them with police who suppress speech, thought, religion, and all opposition to the Democratic Party and the Woke agenda.

Wokes are deliberately tearing apart the social compact that defines and holds America together.  They have cynically set about repopulating America with illegal immigrants whose goals, language and cultural, political and religious DNAs are different from and hostile to those of most “Americans” who now are and have long been essential to the compact.  In addition, they are trying to federalize and “fix” elections so as to almost guarantee the election of wokes – thereby effectively disenfranchising all non-woke citizens and destroying Americans’ nearly religious belief in the sanctity and integrity of elections.

If wokes were to gain and maintain themselves in control of the executive and legislative branches, unaccountable to the Supreme Court and, as a practical matter, almost unaccountable to the voters, not only would we Americans be “on the road to serfdom”, we would have already arrived there in nearly unbreakable chains.

The only way to pull America back from the abyss is for every eligible voter in America of every race, creed, age and gender, Republican, Democrat or independent, to prayerfully join hands and quietly and resolutely march to the polls and vote overwhelmingly against wokeism – now and forevermore.

E. S. Christian is a veteran Washington lawyer who served in the Treasury Department under President Ford, helped write and get enacted President Reagan’s historic tax reforms and today writes, lectures and advocates on behalf of pro-growth tax and budget reforms.

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