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Biden Inauguration Day: America’s Dark Winter Begins

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Joe Biden was sworn in as America’s 46th president on Wednesday. Far from being the start of an era of reconciliation, the ceremony will only accelerate the disunity that his party and its media division have whipped up. God, please have mercy on the United States of America.

A few days removed from the 2020 election, Biden warned, as the coronavirus count was nearing 10 million, that the country was “facing a very dark winter.” We don’t disagree. Bleak days are ahead. But we disagree on the reason. This winter, and at least the next two years, are going to be grim as the Democrats, with the eager support of the legacy media, are going to continue to rip the country apart.

There’s not much healing in our future when:

  • Biden less than two weeks ago compared Donald Trump and Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.
  • A Democratic member of the House is obviously pleased that “that Congress is looking into creating an investigative commission to ‘rein in’ the media,” meaning, of course, the few independent outlets that refuse to operate as the Democratic Party’s marketing department.
  • The inauguration will be infected by “a climate of fear and loathing” because the Democrats won’t stop feeding the narrative that Trump and his supporters are deplorable insurrectionists. 
  • The bright lights of the media want to know “how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump,” and are agitating for a “cleansing” of the Trump “movement.” 
  • A political analyst from Democratic Party favorite MSNBC says “MAGA terrorists” – largely those on the right with whom he disagrees – are “much more dangerous” than Al Qaeda after 9-11, in part since it “didn’t have cable news channels endorsing its worldview 24/7, spreading its hate-filled ideology and vicious, deluded conspiracy theories to millions of Americans.”
  • And a cybersecurity expert insists “we’re going to have to figure out the OANN and Newsmax problem,” referring to a pair of cable outlets that are alternatives to the hard-left cheerleading regularly seen on the broadcast networks, CNN, MSNBC, and others.

We have just been dragged through four years of “resistance,” that included a coup effort directed by the Democrats and stoked by the media, the “othering” of those who refused to conform to the left’s demands, and claims that all the Trump voters as well as those who simply refused to vote for Hillary Clinton are racists. The inauguration will not erase the raw feelings – it will only harden them. With evening in American fast approaching, flying the U.S. flag at half-staff Wednesday would not seem an inappropriate expression of mourning.

Americans, and we’d guess roughly half of them, are convinced, and for good reason, that, as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has said, “our liberties are being cancelled and our religions are under assault.” Institutions and businesses that have been co-opted by the Democratic Party have turned on this large group of Americans, siding with the radical Black Lives Matter, adopting “woke” positions, and tolerating Antifa.

How can this nation heal from these cuts and bruises while the Democrats are consolidating power to set up a single-party government they hope will rule, not govern under constitutional limits, in perpetuity?

There are few sunny days ahead when the party in power is madly lusting for investigations, is determined to purge its political rivals and their ideas and speech, and isn’t far from establishing a China-style “social credit” system, in which a person’s ability to participate in society is judged by his or her dedication to the ruling class and its directives.

We’re not saying another four years of Trump would have brought the country together. But at least a second term would not have been seen by his supporters in and out of Washington as an opportunity to re-educate the other side, carry out endless recriminations, and politicize even the most minute corners of our lives, driving us even further apart.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • I’ve been flying my flag at half-staff since Election Day. Just as I did when Obama won.

  • Worse than just Dark it will also be a long Winter. At least 2 years and possible permanent loss of our freedoms enjoyed by the bill of rights. So much to lose in such a short time.

  • “Americans, and we’d guess roughly half of them, are convinced, and for good reason, that, as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has said, “our liberties are being cancelled and our religions are under assault.””

    The reason that they believe that is because demagogues like Gingrich and Donald Trump keep repeating that whopper ad nauseam. Pull the other one.

    • Thank you Boris. Your Rubles are waiting for you in the usual place.

      The only reason people are worried about losing their freedoms is because when your dear leaders say they intend to take them, we actually believe them. Go figure.

  • This article has it right. I predict it will be worse than this article state. Give the treasonous Dems and their allies 12 to 18 months and we’ll have gulags and concentration camps. In some ways worse than the political repression will be what the Oligarchy pulling Biden’s puppet strings will do to the economy, military, and US strength in the world. We all know China owns them and they will surrender to China, Iran, N Korea, and Russia. The days of tell Vladimir I can be more flexible after the election are back. Democrats may play a word game, but the reality is they will gut our military, and appease our enemies, evenly openly sell out to them. Democrat economic policies are all JOB killers. They are starting out killing Keystone XL Pipeline which means tens of thousands of jobs lost in USA and Canada, and the start of the destruction of the energy industry, and killing of millions of jobs while the USA grows weaker & weaker as China, Russia, and the rest suck what little we have left dry via the Paris Accords. If any folks in PA were stupid enough to believe Biden wouldn’t kill coal they will soon learn. As jobs die, the economy fails, and its clear that the USA is in free fall Democrats will become ever more repressive. Illegitimate regimes that steal power have to rule by Repression, Fear, Force. As their incompetence leads the USA into disaster and rapid decline their only option to hold onto power will be Repression, Fear, Force. Watch!

  • Welcome to the USSA, kids. Of course there will be “healing,” all of the media will tell you so (as soon as they cancel all dissenting views).

    But here is an interesting thought for you. When up is down, left is right, and evil is good – shouldn’t we all embrace our evilness as righteousness?

    I’m done fighting for liberty. Too many Americans spit on it, they are no longer deserving. Get what pleasure you can from life before you, too, are cancelled.

  • This election might be the best thing for our country, hear me out. We have relinquished our education system to liberals so our kids have been indoctrinated with leftist view points, we have given up all our power to tech companies who are complete leftists and now we have the congress, senate and White House all held by far far left ideologues. They are going to crater the economy because they always do, remember Obama stating “these jobs are probably not coming back”? Trump turned the economy on a dime and it is not too far back in time where these kids won’t remember. Let these kids go through some poverty and the bleak future that only communists can provide and they will come around. The left screwed up, all these kids have had high tech communication all their lives, they have had a cushy economy due to President Trump and when the left tries to scale that back how do spoiled kids respond to the word no?
    As far as the democrats trying to turn this nation into a permanent communist hell, well, that is why the Forefathers gave us the 2nd amendment and I think the conservatives have been pushed enough where that is becoming more and more likely.

  • It’s not Biden I’m worried about, it’s the vulture sitting on his shoulder who is eagerly anticipating his demise.

  • Joe Biden has a four decade career as a political weather vane; Joe points wherever the liberal winds blow. The problem is exacerbated by progressive voices gaining ascendency among those who program ol’ Joe’s teleprompter, for that guy/gal is the ventriloquist and Joe, a frail croupier at the gaming table of American life, will just sing from the far left hymnal. I’m afraid, my friends, that the dice are loaded and the deck stacked for the coming rage against reality.

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