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The Trump-Hating Media Prepare For A Long Nap Under Biden

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Nearly all would agree that 2020 has been a miserable year. A major reason for that misery, apart from the Chinese COVID-19 pandemic, was the utter failure of the American media. Our information purveyors no longer tell the truth or deal in facts, but rather trade in bankrupt far-left theories of wokeness, political correctness and cancel culture.

And now that Joe Biden could be our next president, the big media’s soft gloves will go back on. No more tough questions, according to The Atlantic.

“As the White House beat became the biggest story in the world, once-obscure correspondents were recast in the popular imagination as resistance heroes fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. They were showered with book deals, speaking gigs, and hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers,” wrote McKay Coppins in a piece titled: “The Resistance’s Breakup With the Media Is at Hand.” He goes on to wonder what those who “got famous fighting with (President Donald) Trump” will do next?

The answer appears to be “coast.”

“I don’t think the press should be trying to whip up the Biden presidency and turn it into must-see TV in a contrived way,” CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta told The Atlantic.

His CNN colleague, Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper, meanwhile, told CNN host Brian Stelter during “Reliable Sources” Sunday night that he doesn’t expect to have to dedicate as much time aggressively fact-checking the Biden administration as he did for Mr. Trump,” the Washington Times reported.

Don’t be surprised at this. It’s not just CNN. It’s the bell cow for the media herd’s madness. The national media are, by virtually any recognized metric, now collectively far to the left on the political spectrum. They hate Trump, capitalism, America’s history and culture, and all the blue-collar, hard-working, tax-paying schlubs out there who make it all possible.

The media began the year in COVID-19 denial, pretending, along with leading Democrats, that the fast-spreading virus was nothing to worry about. They quickly did an about-face after realizing that virus could be weaponized politically against Trump.

Since then, Americans have been subjected to non-stop propaganda on everything from vaccines and hydroxychloroquine to lockdowns and mandatory masks. The goal: weaken Trump, and turn Americans into terrified “yes” people, subservient to bureaucrat-scientists such as Anthony Fauci.

That’s what’s also behind the media campaign to blame Trump, not the communist Chinese, for the novel coronavirus. No sooner had the virus emerged than the media were reporting that Trump had “slashed” Centers for Disease Control spending, implying he had left us vulnerable. Wrong. His budgets increased CDC spending every year.

Meanwhile, media outlets as diverse as the New York Times, Bloomberg, National Public Radio, NBC and too many others to name uncritically reported unfiltered Chinese government propaganda, including its denials that it was the source of the virus, its assertion that it had “zero” new cases, and even calling the gone-rogue communist regime a “global leader.”

The same media outlets also excused the deadly incompetence of lefty Democratic state governors, in particular New York’s Andrew Cuomo and California’s Gavin Newsom, who destroyed their state economies through lockdowns even as thousands of people died from their foolish policies. Cuomo, who presided over the needless death of thousands of elderly nursing-home patients, even won a special Emmy for his “leadership.”

COVID-19 wasn’t the only sustained media lie in 2020.

Clear signs of Biden’s age-related mental deterioration, painfully apparent to all who watched any time he spoke, were ignored by the media. So those who didn’t watch what few remarks he made during the campaign had no idea they were voting for someone mentally impaired.

The revelation that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden ran “family businesses” that took money from questionable regimes in Russia, Ukraine and, most of all, China got little or not coverage at all by America’s big media outlets. And Big Tech giants Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all choked off coverage of what should have been the scandal of this century.

But why? Simple. Revelation of the sleaze and corruption of the Biden family would have handed Trump a clear victory. And the media were prepared to do anything to prevent that, just as they’re now covering up massive signs of voter fraud in major swing states during the election.

Claims that Trump had been helped by Russian interference (again) in the election proved also false. But the media neither apologized for that nor the three-year smear campaign they engaged in during Trump’s term.

Instead, as Sharyl Attkisson reported in her highly useful “definitive list” of media mistakes:

The New York Times and multiple other news outlets report on a secret briefing to Congress that supposedly told lawmakers that Russia is interfering to try to get Trump reelected in 2020. The report is later followed up by stories indicating that the warnings may have been ‘overstated.’ In fact, officials told CNN the U.S. ‘does not have evidence that Russia’s interference this cycle is aimed at reelecting Trump.’

When riots pushed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa tore up major American cities, the death and damage were largely overlooked by the media, which lionized the violent Marxists marching in the streets, from Portland, Oregon, and Ferguson, Missouri, to Atlanta and New York.

Of course, we could go on and on.

After all, Attkisson’s list alone has 23 major (perhaps intentional) media errors for 2020 alone, and the count goes just to October. The media’s lies and distortions this year have been extraordinary, worthy of a Soviet propaganda campaign.

As PJ Media’s wry Morning Briefing columnist Stephen Kruiser wondered this week: “Will the Left Media Ever Pay for Trump-Era Malpractice?”

Sadly, the likely answer is no. The point is, the media have taken every opportunity this year to smear Trump, his policies and his followers, heedless of truth or consequences. Their misconduct made this one of the worst years on record. Tonight, we’ll raise a hopeful toast to 2021. But we’ll do so knowing full well that the media will do their worst to make this New Year just as bad as 2020.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • When you read up on the efforts China has made to infiltrate and sway the unctuous media, it’s no surprise what happened when Trump dared to punch back against China. The same thing happened with the misnamed intelligence community. Chuckie Schumer warned Trump against attacking them and he proved to be right. They alphabet agencies went after Trump, with a vengeance not seen since the 1970s, when we had the Church Committee looking into the spook agencies.

  • Donald the Disrupter dabbles in a rich chaos of error which, much to the amazement of the legacy media, does him little harm. He is ground-zero for comics from coast-to-coast, for all those who prefer chilled Chardonnay to warm beer, for editorial writers at the vast majority of our celebrated media and for academics, ivy-covered and otherwise. He sails right through their best shots, however, those right to the gut and even those beneath the belt. Oh, dear, what to do about this misfit who feels none of our pain?

    The elite who grow on my family tree found reaffirmation, as if any were needed, every time a major liberal source of media wisdom bottom-lined their own thoughts during Trump time. Brown shirts as proper attire for federal agents protecting federal property in rioting cities – roger that. The ends justify the means with Republican Supreme Court confirmations – copy. Wholesale revision of American history at its founding – check. Even when the Trump economy doubled their pension fund balances, they caviled; after all, there were too many left behind and the president must be to blame. Yes, I told those who shared my virtual holiday table, President Trump is a compulsive braggart with a china shop in his mouth, but look at how he has reordered our foreign policy in the Middle East and at NATO for the better, and how he has braced China for a multitude of sins prior administrations have left to fester, aren’t those good things? But, they averred, he is so very common, not at all debonair, smooth and sophisticated like his predecessor. And, they claimed, he has taken us out of the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear agreement, and that just isn’t done, my dear. And don’t forget, cousin, it was the Russians who put him in office, Adam Schiff says so and Robert Mueller, well, he is so frail now. After four years of resistance, they now cheer Sen. Chuck Schumer’s battle cry, “Today Georgia, tomorrow the world”. I am left to wonder how that will go as I scoop crumbs from the table.

    Well, sir, perhaps there is an insight to be gleaned from our distress. Perhaps we should calmly analyze just why so many good people in the flatlands find his brand of smash mouth politics attractive, especially when contrasted to decades of hyperbolic hypocrisy from political glitterati and their media echoes. Perhaps guns and Bibles are not the culture corrupters we make them out to be. After all, are we a democracy where every voice counts or an elitist group of extended-pinkies? I’m tired of discounting the tens of millions who voted for him and am simply trying to clear space for a more measured politics, one focused on policy and results rather than style.

  • “The same media outlets also excused the deadly incompetence of lefty Democratic state governors, in particular New York’s Andrew Cuomo and California’s Gavin Newsom, who destroyed their state economies through lockdowns even as thousands of people died from their foolish policies. Cuomo, who presided over the needless death of thousands of elderly nursing-home patients, even won a special Emmy for his “leadership.” “ I&I

    A very naive interpretation, in an otherwise excellent editorial. It was not incompetence. It was a necessary prelude to the election coup. The merchant class (small business) is historically at the forefront of freedom, and destroying them is necessary for a totalitarian state (e.g. socialist, communist) to take root (success is measured in terms of ideological goals, not economics). Two, the nursing home deaths in Seattle, NY and elsewhere were necessary to boost the death statistics into the 100,000s for the media to trumpet relentlessly; very important for the political arm of the party to assist the media/propaganda arm of the party.

    Hiding the Biden mental deterioration and crime family material: this foreshadows what is next. It is the raw material for the conservative press to “win” and later remove Biden for “president-elect Harris” in phase II. Trojan horse is what Trump correctly called it. Biden, if he actually takes office, will be known as the Trojan Horse President. Instead of the destruction of Troy…

    Let me share with you my personal experience with Facebook (FB). Friend sent me a private FB message with an election fraud video link that I clicked. After a long preamble, the video started getting into election fraud specifics at minute 3, when FB stopped transmission & announced the lock-down of my account. FB used pretense of my account being hacked to stop video, had me change my password & asked if I wanted to delete my posts & private messages (which were presented for my review). I declined (clicked “skip”) deletions & declined follow-up demand of mandatory questioning by FB security team to restore my account. I am now effectively or de facto banned. FB = FBI. FB sent an email saying that all my posts and messages had been quarantined like a virus, and were invisible to others on their platform. For my protection, they said, and given the current climate it likely is better to be invisible. Apparently common:

    I personally think Lou Dobbs & Sidney Powell have it got right: massive voter fraud of which voting machines with software linked to Internet played a big role. But that narrative & Scytel Dominion server seized in Germany has to be suppressed, likely because USA/CIA also uses it against other countries (e.g. Macedonia). Georgia Dec 30 hearings (Lou Dobbs twitter feed, Gateway Pundit) quite illuminating, worth reading & watching. 5-hour Georgia hearing video, amazing. Pulitzer got permission to audit ballots, and ballots got trucked away beforehand. Pulitzer also used wi-fi to hack into Georgia machines as voters voting on machines for Senate runoff, proving voting machines connected to Internet despite assurances that it is otherwise. Massive fraud: 93% of ballots in one county could not be read by machine, and had to be “ajudicated;” and Georgia hearings further showed video of how county supervisor could radically change ballots with no visible county record and nobody watching. Massive electoral fraud via voting machines –yet complete eradication of that narrative from the news.

  • Combative against Trump and protective for Biden. That pretty much explains what we have and can expect.

  • The MSM will continue covering Trump with the same vehemence and alacrity as today. It will be all about the damage they claim he’s done and about the scads of criminal cases the spiteful Democrats bring against him.

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