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Biden: If I Lose It’s Because Trump Stole The Election

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Joe Biden is leading in the polls by wide margins, but he’s already making excuses should he lose to Donald Trump in November. Namely, he’s saying the president is planning to somehow steal the election.

Back in June, Biden told “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah that “It’s my greatest concern, my single greatest concern: This president is going to steal this election. This is a guy who said all mail-in ballots are fraudulent, direct voting by mail, while he sits behind a desk in the Oval Office and writes his mail-in ballot to vote in the primary.”

Earlier this month, Biden announced that he would deploy 600 lawyers and 10,000 volunteers to fight against election “chicanery.”

Then last week, Biden predicted that Trump was “going to try to indirectly steal the election by arguing that mail-in ballots don’t work. They’re not real. They’re not fair.”

Trump’s complaint is that states are using the pandemic to rush through universal mail-in voting schemes and that this will make voter fraud easier.

Trump is right to worry. After all, look who’s pushing these all-mail voting schemes. Democrats tried to force every state to adopt universal mail-in voting for this November through a provision tucked into the CARES Act, which also would have waived basic security requirements such as witness signatures and official postmarks. Republicans blocked these efforts.

So now leftist groups are busy filing state lawsuits across the country — more than 150 so far — to achieve through the courts what they couldn’t get through Congress.

Democrats and their media allies repeatedly claim that there’s no evidence mail-in elections will invite voter fraud and that all Trump is doing is trying to do is make excuses for when he loses.


Just last week, a former Democratic congressman, Michael “Ozzie” Myers, was charged with ballot stuffing, bribery, and obstruction of justice in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Democratic primaries.

Then there’s the West Virginia mail carrier who pleaded guilty earlier in the month to attempted election fraud by altering ballot request forms.

In June, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal filed voter fraud charges involving absentee ballots against four individuals, including a Paterson city councilman, in the May 12 municipal election, which local officials had changed to all-mail voting.

The Heritage Foundation’s election expert Hans von Spakovsky recently detailed four elections that had been stolen using absentee ballots.

In a separate article, he pointed out that relying on the mail is problematic for reasons aside from fraud, including the unreliability of the U.S. Postal Service.

A USPS inspector general investigation of the April 7 Wisconsin primary, for example, found that more than 3,500 absentee ballots never made it to voters, and there were no postmarks on hundreds of submitted ballots, making it impossible to know when they were actually mailed.

Another investigation found that more than 2 million absentee ballots were delivered to the wrong addresses by the USPS in the past four federal elections, and the fate of 28 million ballots was “unknown.”

Yet Biden claims that merely by raising the specter of widespread fraud brought on by these Democratic voting schemes, Trump is trying to steal the election.

Of course, what Biden is really doing – by accusing Trump of trying to steal an election that is still more than three months away – is laying the groundwork to declare a Trump victory as illegitimate, throwing the country into four more years of turmoil and acrimony.

The question is why is Biden making such a fuss about Trump stealing an election that, at the moment, looks like Biden’s to lose? Could it be that he and his advisers are deeply concerned that Trump actually has a good chance of winning in November?

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Joe Biden is only setting the narrative of a stolen election so when Trump wins and should the Democrats keep the House or take the Senate, we the people, get to watch another four years of Democrat obstruction, endless investigations, and wasted money on Democrat antics.

    • This is why we must take back the House and keep or gain in the Senate. Vote straight Republican in November and we’ll finally be able to drain the swamp!

  • Either: Projection on the part of the Commiecrats (they plan to steal the election) OR they know it’s gonna be a Trump Landslide. Pays your money and takes your chances.

  • Translation: While Democrats are already claiming Trump won’t accept the election results if he doesn’t win, it’s actually the Democrats who won’t accept the election results if they lose.

  • Brain dead incompetent blames Trump for his own incompetence! Aside from that, this comment makes me think Biden expects to lose!

  • Riots and Mayhem …The Campaign Message the Democrats are sending is ‘Vote for Joe Biden or
    We’ll Kill You’

  • Sounds, from the headline, that they’ve found some mad scientist to swap Biden’s brain for Hillary’s! LOL!

  • Now, REALLY; Why in the world would a man who is burying his opponent in HIS polls speculate on the root cause of his loss to him. Hmmmmmm? Looks to me that a flash of some sort has managed to penetrate the stenotic intertices of his miniscule brain which has given him some pause regarding his belief in their significance.

  • If you lose, Sloppy Joe Biden, it’s because you can’t form a sentence or a thought without stumbling over yourself. If you lose, Sloppy Joe Biden, it’s because you’re pandering to everyone to the point that you can’t pick a VP because you’re going to alienate one of your groups. If you lose, Sloppy Joe, it’s because the American people have spoken, and they have determined that for the third time that you are not qualified to be President.

  • Biden and the Dems are trotting this nonsense out a little early….that shows me they know they are going to lose.

  • From a loser of a loser party who’s loser still can’t accept that she was so inept and lost and are now projecting another huge failure on their part.

  • That’s funny stuff. The democrats are still saying President Trump stole the election in 2016. Hillary is still explaining why she lost and even wrote a book promoting this BS. After November Biden can write his own book ‘What Happened II’.

  • Hey Joe, you lose, but it’s not because Trump stole the election, I did. I refused to vote for you or any democrat.

  • Joe Biden is a danger to democracy and if Trump doesn’t get off his backside and arrest the whole lot of them the US is finished.

  • Sorry Biden, if you lose, it is because of millions witnessing your dementia. Besides the fact you have no backbone, are corrupt, and will say what ever others want to hear.

  • You have been a Democrap Loser for 40 years….aren’t you used to it yet ?

    Good grief !

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