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Michigan Democratic State Rep. Karen Whitsett publicly thanked President Trump for helping her survive COVID-19. She's now under fire from the Democratic Party. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Who Is Out Of Touch With Reality?

Never let the truth get in the way if the subject is President Donald Trump.  As a Republican, I have become accustomed to regularly being accused of ignoring the facts, putting party ahead of country, and willingly supporting policies that will harm, if not outright kill, my fellow Americans. Recently, that shoe was put squarely on the other foot. Democrats have taken partisanship and disdain for the president to a new level.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Ct., asserted “the reason that we’re in this crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did, is not because of anything the World Health Organization did. It’s because of what President Trump did.”

That the coronavirus originated in China is beyond dispute. That China has repeatedly not been forthright and honest – particularly in the crucial, early stages of the outbreak – is accepted fact even among the most anti-Trump members of the mainstream media.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has stated multiple times that Trump has accepted his counsel at every turn.  Despite attempts to rewrite history and create the appearance that the president ignored the advice of “experts” and delayed taking action, the truth is that is not what happened.

Why is it so important for Democrats to place the blame at the feet of the president? Pure politics and nothing else. For too many Democrats all that counts is putting the president in the worst light possible. If that means inventing facts, no problem. 

If that means expressing a view that essentially says the Chinese communists are the good guys, well that is better than praising the president for anything. Remind me again, which party is it that is not tethered to anything other than politics?

What Murphy said is outrageous and obviously not accurate. However, that is not the worst of it.  No, what is even more wrong is that fully 60% of Democrats polled agreed with the senator. Let that sink in. Well over half of Democrats believe the president is more to blame for our situation than the Chinese. This is unhinged thinking. This truly does meet the test of putting party ahead of anything else.

An even more recent Washington Post poll gives further credence that it is the Democrats who are out of touch. When asked if the restrictions put in place were appropriate, 66% said they were, including 62% of Republicans. On the other hand, when the question concerned a temporary halt on most immigration, 65% of Americans agreed we should do it, but only 49% of Democrats thought so.

Pity the poor Democratic elected official who dares to not toe the Party line when it comes to criticizing Trump non-stop.

Michigan Democratic State Rep. Karen Whitsett, an African American, gave credit to the president for saving her life. She was given hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. Her reward?  The 13th Congressional District Party Organization is seeking to censure her, and has already barred her from getting an endorsement and prohibited her from taking part in activities with the group for two years.

In Georgia, another African American Democrat state representative, Vernon Jones, endorsed the president. He was met with widespread condemnation by his party. At one point Jones announced his resignation, a decision he later reversed.

This sort of thing should be roundly condemned. Instead, it goes virtually unreported. The public is sick and tired of political bickering. It’s demanding our leaders work together to solve the twin challenges of protecting public health and avoiding long-term economic disaster for millions. 

What we are getting from the Democrats is not good enough. It is time to think of things as Americans and not partisans. Surely, this is not too much to ask.

Jessica Curtis is executive director for GOPAC.

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