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What We’re Reading Today: The Dems’ ‘Preposterous’ Economic Message And Their War On Small Businesses, The Electoral College Goes To Court … And More

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Some headlines that caught our eye.


New aircraft carrier to be named after first black American who received Navy Cross for valor — The Hill

The Intellectual Roots of Martin Luther King Jr. — Intellectual Takeout

An Open Letter To All Those Attending Virginia’s Lobby Day — Bearing Arms

Election 2020

The Democrats’ Economic Message Is Preposterous — David Harsanyi, Creators/RealClearPolitics

Supreme Court takes up presidential Electoral College dispute — Reuters

Koch network plans its biggest election-year effort in 2020 — CNN

Bernie Supporters To Boycott Election If Biden is Nominee, ‘People Will Sit At Home’ — PJ Media

Matters Of Faith

Trump Is Promising ‘Big Action’ on School Prayer to Rally Evangelical Voters — Time

Flipping The Script: Sunday Reflection — Hot Air

The Fine-Tuning Of The Universe Is Best Explained By God Or Chance? — HillFaith


Gov. Northam: ‘Virginia Will Be Kept Comfortable While Lawmakers Debate Whether To Kill It’ — Babylon Bee

Republican Senators Maintain They’ll Weigh All Evidence Before Carrying Trump Out On Shoulders — The Onion

Pentagon upgrades computers to Windows 95 — Duffel Blog

Couple offer to reduce environmental impact by giving back third child — The Daily Mash


Democrats move to crush small business — American Thinker

A Perverse Way To ‘Solve’ California’s Housing Crisis: People Are Leaving The Golden State — Hoover Institution

Capitalism works imperfectly, socialism doesn’t work at all — James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute

Climate ‘religion’ is fueling Australia’s wildfires — Rupert Darwall, The Hill

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