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What We’re Reading Today: Liz Warren’s ‘Patriotism,’ Medicare for All’s Rising Costs, A Billionaire Blows It … And More

Some headlines that caught our eye.

Election 2020

Elizabeth Warren’s Pitch For ‘Economic Patriotism’ Is Full Of Intellectual Dishonesty And Economic Fallacies — Reason

2020 Democrats abandon Trump impeachment push — Washington Times

Trump slams Fox News for 2020 coverage — USA Today

Dems Fear Trump Outplaying Them in Key Battlegrounds — The Daily Beast

Sen. Gillibrand Says She’s Ending 2020 Presidential Bid — Associated Press

Democratic Billionaire Steyer Blows $325,000 A Day On Ads, Gets Nothing In Return — ZeroHedge

Real Scandals

U.S. Intel Gatekeeper Said to Drag Feet on Trump-Russia Files — Paul Sperry, Real Clear Investigations

DOJ Inspector General Has Done Separate Report on James Comey — Washington Examiner

Economic Worries

New Recession Warning: The Rich Aren’t Spending — CNBC

Interest Rates Aren’t As Low As They Appear — Market Watch


“Take the Land”: Trump Wants Border Wall, and Wants It by Election Day — MSN


Queen Approves Johnson Request to Suspend Parliament Ahead of Brexit — NBC News

Electric Car Myths

Electric Cars Hardly Guaranteed To Beat Oil — Forbes

New Report: Electric Cars Have ‘Higher CO2 Emissions’ — Global Warming Policy Forum

Survey Details Top Reasons Consumers Avoid Electric Cars — CNET

Real Income Inequality

Study Finds America’s Poorest 20% Consume More Than National Averages Of Most European And OECD Nations — American Thinker

Big Tech

Silicon Valley Building a Chinese-Style Social Credit System — Fast Company


Seven Quotations That Reveal The Racist Origins Of Minimum Wage Laws — Foundation for Economic Education

Suing Big Pharma Is No Answer To The Opioid Crisis — Jacob Sullum, New York Post

How To Destroy A School System — City Journal

Georgia GOP Sen. Isakson To Resign At End Of 2019 — United Press International

How The Media Help To Destroy Rational Climate Debate — Roy Spencer, University of Alabama-Huntsville

The Costs Of Medicare For All Are Rising Already — E21

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